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Which Mother for Midori in Conquest?

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So I am on my second play through of Conquest, this time on Hard/casual. I don't remember every mission and what type of enemies are prevalent in CQ, so those might influence my decision on marriages.

Because I really like Midori (who doesn't?), I'm struggling with who should be Midori's mother. I think I did Beruka in my last CQ play based on an "optimized marriages" list, and I don't remember her being good at anything. This time around, I'd like to have either Azura or Effie be Midori's mom, and keep Midori either a Master Ninja or maybe even play around with General. The only thing about Azura is that I'm hoping to save her for Kinshi Knight Soleil.

What do you guys think?

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I've generally found Midori inadequate due to mediocre speed (which is really weird considering who her father is) so I'd think the you'd want a mother who salvages that. Azura, Charlotte, Selena, Camilla?

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I'd like to answer, but I'd like to know your other plans as well

I have a female Avatar, +Spd/-Lck, Samurai talent (which actually might have been a waste since there are no Katanas in this game, sigh).

My plan so far is:

Effie!Midori as General or Master Ninja

Nyx!Dwyer as Strategist (or is there a way I can make him Dark Knight?)


Charlotte!Siegbert as Berserker

Felicia!Forrest as Sorcerer (possibly Dark Knight, though I'll have to see how usable his Str will be)

Peri!Ignatius as General

Camilla!Velouria, S-rank Shigure to Kinshi Knight


Azura!Soleil as Kinshi Knight or Master Ninja


Elise!Ophelia as Sorcerer/Witch

Mozu!Nina as Merchant


I'm not deadset on any of these, and I don't have some classes planned. There are lots of variables, like I could swap Nyx and Mozu to get a more magical-bent Nina, which would be fine and I wouldn't need a magical-bent Dwyer. I also know the wonders of Charlotte!Soleil, so I'm not adverse to that. I always lament having a slow Percy, but there's nothing I can do here, at least I don't think I can. Children I don't really care for are Sophie, Shigure, and Dwyer, so feel free to suggest different parents for them. Finally, I could totally have a different father for Kana, especially since Charlotte's hair color doesn't look that great on Male Kana, haha.

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I'd reccomend giving her a mom that boosts up her Speed Growth. Azura, Charlotte, Effie, Mozu and Selena all work well (the former 4 also give her good offense, while Selena gives Bow Knight for a little more versatility.). The Effie!Midori you have planned should work well, so don't feel obligated to change your set up of you don't want too.

I've never tried Master Ninja for Midori myself (I've mostly stuck to Mechanist), but if you recruit her late enough (21+), she can avoid the E Rank slog, which is helpful. If you want her earlier, definitely save a Heart Seal (and possibly an Arm Scroll), so you can start to increase her Hidden Weapon rank asap.

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