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How I can recruit Zelgius with the gecko codes?

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Hi, I want to recruit Zelgius in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with the "Make all enemies player controlled" but I don't know how.

I saw a video of someone that used that code and the end chapter code in Endgame Rebirth 2 on the Black Knight but I don't know how that person "Transformed" the Black Knight into Zelgius.

I have all the codes working and I recruited Sephiran, Dheginsea and Ashera, but I don't know how exactly I have to do to recruit Zelgius.

Anyone can tell me how to recruit Zelgius?

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Are you using PAL codes? If so I'd be interested in knowing this too, I don't believe there are any character transformation codes available for the PAL version yet.

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Yes, I'm using PAL codes (I used the NTSC version of the game before, but none of the codes works so I decided to change to the PAL version that at least, the codes that I really wanted are working) but the person in the video uses the NTSC-US version so I don't think that the characters transformation codes are available for the PAL version.

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So, I don't know what the codes are for the PAL version, as I use the NA version of Radiant Dawn, but the process is still the same. Here's how I would figure out:

First, you must find the Player-Controlled code of anyone, preferably one of the hero units. Typically it's best to try and find Nolan, since he's usually first in the game's memory.
Then, take out the calculator app, and set it to programming. Each new player controlled code should be +3F0 apart. For example:

Jill's player controlled code (NA version): 048861B4 8066B830. If you add +3F0 to the first part (the bolded part), you get Zihark's code, 048865A4 8066B830. So, keep adding +3F0 until you find the player-controlled code for one enemy. Doesn't matter who.

It'll take a long while to find someone's player-controlled code, but it'll eventually happen.

When you find the player controlled code, take away 8 (in hex), from their PC code, that'll give you the model modifier code. You'll want it something like this:

808C55EC Zelgius [This is his NA model code, not sure what it is in PAL]

The X's are what Zelgius' model is. Again, I can't provide the PAL version of the code, since I use NA.

Now you'll need Zelgius' class. For the NA, it's this:
6780 - Marshal - Zelgius

So, if all of that makes sense, you should have a Player-Controlled code, Model Code, and Class code. But it's not done, there are still two more things you gotta do. First, is... weapon class. I'm not used to adding weapon classes, but you do need to find it. Depending on what unit you change - I'd suggest either a Sword or Lance enemy - you'll need to give a weapon rank for the opposite rank. If you change a Lance enemy into Zelgius, you'll need to give the character a rank in Swords. If you change a Sword enemy, you'd have to give the character a ranking in Lances.

So if you can figure out how to give weapon rankings to the new Zelgius, you have one more thing to do. Skills.

From the player controlled code, if you add +58 (hex), you should find typically the fourth code slot.
Code slots are 8 hex away from each other. +8 for the next skill, -8 for the previous. Play around with skills until you find the top of this character/Zelgius' skill list. There are 18 skill slots total.

These are Zelgius' skills. You'll have to add all of them, replacing some of the pre-existing skills the enemy once had.

Boss Unit
3rd Class Unit

Hopefully that all makes sense. Changing just one character takes a lot of time, so good luck.

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