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On 10/26/2018 at 9:40 PM, Interdimensional Observer said:

@Rex Glacies Sorry I didn't notice your question sooner.

Creature from another dimension, particularly known for its strangeness. A very difficult creature to study as it’s habitat is not of this world.

Its name is Gnosis, Greek for "insight" and the root of the term "gnosticism". Although it has nothing to do with gnosticism, and everything with being a little reference to the Gnosis enemies of Xenosaga.

Why the reference? Because it is from Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, which Monolith Soft also made at this time (BK was released after Xenosaga Episode I, but before Episode II). 

Basically, the heroes in BK are en route to the island of Mira (not the same Xenoblade Chronicles X's Mira), which happens to be dimensionally unstable, with the sky around it being a spatial anomaly. Baten Kaitos: Origins even says Mira sometimes fades out of accessibility from the rest of the world, swapping places with the Endmost Bethel (which doesn't have a strong spatial anomaly around it when it's present in the sky).

To reach Mira, one passes through the psychedelic Trail of Souls, and as the heroes do, they get knocked out of the "tunnel" into the area around it, a boundary between the BK dimension and another, which is more or less pitch black- The Portal to an Outer Dimension. To get back into the Trail of Souls, they end up having to kill this interdimensional creature and then hop through the portal it was halfway in during the entire battle, which somehow brings them back on track.

Aha, I see. I was simply curious as to what it was, but I didn't realize it was Monolith Soft, hm. That's cool.

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