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Topaz Light

Any FE1 (and/or FE2) hacking documentation out there?

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I was wondering if there was any documentation out there for FE1/FE2 hacking. I haven't seen any resources whatsoever available for either of those games, and I'm sorta interested in tinkering with them.

Anything would be helpful!

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Hey, thanks!

This is actually super useful to me and exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I've played around with some stuff to learn more about the game is structured, and here are my findings:

  • The unused enemy character, Wylar, does not have a portrait; not even that generic enemy commander one used by a ton of throwaway bosses.
  • Apparently there's an unused character entry among the enemy units for a "King Grust". I haven't played around with that at all, but I do plan to.
  • Marth's special properties are all tied to his character ID, not the Lord class. Marth as a General could still wield Rapiers, Seize, and visit villages, while Jagen as a Lord could do none of those things. Also, I changed the enemy Thief in Chapter 1 to a Lord, killed him, and didn't get Game Over.
  • Unsurprisingly, Lords have a base EXP yield of 0, although that may already be on the site.
  • Freelancers/Chameleons apparently only transform the user into the target's class in FE1; they don't copy all their attributes. Either that or the dev team thought of everything and made Freelancers attempting to transform into other Freelancers do literally nothing.
  • Lena, Maria, and Elice use a special battle sprite (hooded, with hair) as Clerics, while Wrys and enemy Clerics use the default (bald). Caeda, as well as the unused (male) recruitable character Saber, both used the default bald sprite, so whatever causes them to use the special one with a hood and hair is only applied to the characters to whom it's relevant in the vanilla game. It seems to be determined by character ID, near as I can tell.
  • Whatever determines a unit's map sprite color and controllability is separate from what determines which units can target each other, apparently. After editing Wylar onto the starting player team, he turned red as soon as I selected him and couldn't be controlled, but nor could I attack him, and he didn't seem interested in attacking any of my units, either. He just kinda sat there where he started, doing nothing at all.
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