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Need help with custom animations [FE7] (i'm a total noob)

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So, i'm a complete noob at hacking and i'm currently testing a "custom" animation for FE7. At first, i decided to just edit an existing sprite to see if it would work. I chose the beta Lyn Durandal animation and started editing few of the frames.

I used paint.net and it worked fine. I got a few frames ready and i wanted to test them before doing any more of them.

However, i'm having problems with editing the script. As i said, i just started and don't know that much about hacking.

I've got the "standing" sprite working fine, but only 1-2 of the frames i made work. If i put any of the others into the script, FEditor Adv will just say "Unexpected error loading or reading the script."

I have checked the sprites i use. They have the correct size, file type and the palette should have less than 16 colours.

I don't know if the problem is in the script i've used. I got the example one from the Ultimate Tutorial, but i don't fully understand it and i don't know where to put all of the frames.

I know this sounds stupid, but everyone has problems when they start... i hope someone can help me.

Here's a link to the script, so you can see if i made a mistake:


Also, here's a few screenshots so you can see that a few frames work.



And if you need the sprites to see if there's any errors, here they are:



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When FEditor runs into errors reading scripts, it usually says the last frame it tried to parse in that output textbox. That should help clue you in on what frame it's barfing on.

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