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I search answers for these questions:

- Ways to unlock the unobtainable holy weapons or holy blood

- + How to aqurie/hack and use siege tomes and dark magic

Thanks for answering

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nightmare editor can do these things and more, check it out and play around with it and its editors


I also have additional editors available in my signature topic

nightmare 2.0 may also be in your interest

I did the changes on unedited ROM, 2 times, 1 for NIghtmare 1.0 and second for NIghtmare 2.0.

Before changes for the ROM I applied Translation patch

I used SNES9X

Also I noticed that on item list there was no dark magic tomes and siege tomes, why?

So, today I decided to checkout Nightmare 1 and 2

I got in to "1st generation editor"

I decide to use Noish as my rat lab

And then I saw.

From when Noish is mountain thief?

And from when he has Holy blood?

Anyways, I decided to edit his Holy Blood to major Loptosou, which gave a error, then I decided to give him the Balmung, whic didnt give me a error.

I started up the game, apllying and saving these changes beforehand, and I got to 1st chapter, or prologue and nothing was changed, do you know why?

Then I decided to use NIghtmare 2.0, and it even didn't allow me to change holy blood.

After doing the same changes as in NIghtmare 1.0 with Noish, it didn't give me any changes in game, I saved and apllied the changes before I started the game.



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player characters use the 'player item list' which is contained in the player weapon editor, you define the player item list by choosing what's in the list

as a rule, don't change around the inventory numbers of characters. if you change noish's weapon to be 0x28, that would make it the same number as the weapon that shanan gets in chapter 7. meanwhile, the number that noish gets would not be used

so instead, change whatever noish's item is in the player weapon editor

when you use nightmare, you APPLY changes first, then SAVE after, and then LOAD the game in the ROM last

also, if you change a player character's class, they will only appear as that class on the first time they load into the game, so you must restart the game before the point that they appear on the map every time if you change their class

another problem is that the nightmare modules may not be compatible with that patch (I haven't used it)

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Update #3

Today I was tooying with NIghtmare for 2 hours, on a fresh ROM, and I saw the same thing like on translated one, I propably toyed with anything that has to do with holy blood and items, I applied changes and saved rom, yet nothing was changed.

And also there was no black magic, Loptyr and siege tomes on any of the lists.

Dont minding that I dont know "000x000" stuff. I am very green at that.

So if you ever changed holy blood or swapped items, how did you do that?

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