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Need help with skillsets

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Hi, I'm doing a Conquest Lunatc/Classic run. I need help with my skillsets.

My pairs are:














MU: Nohr Noble

Soleil: Nohr Noble

Odin: Sorcerer

Arthur: Hero

Xander: Paladin

Leo: Dark Knight

Felicia: Maid

Camilla: Malig Knight

Effie: Great Knight

Elise: Strategist

Keaton: Wolfssenger

Selena: Hero

Kaze: Master Ninja

Charlotte: Hero

Laslow: Hero

Peri: Great Knight

Kana: Nohr Noble

Shigure: Falcon Knight

Niles: Bow Knight

Azura: Songstress

Nina: Adventurer

Silas: Paladin

Mozu: Dread Fighter

Sophie: Paladin

Forrest: Strategist

Ophelia: Sorcerer

Percy: Wyvern Knight

Benny: General

Ignatius: General

Siegbert: Paladin

Midori: Merchant

Velouria: Wolfssenger

Flora: Maid

Beruka: Wyvern Knight

Nyx: Dark Knight

Gunter: Great Knight


Jakob: Butler

Izana: Onmyoji

Dwyer: Strategist

Do include skills that you can obtain from My Castles and DLC Skills.

Also, include skillsets for the children aswell.

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Soleil can't be reclassed to a Nohr Noble if you marry her, she'll get your talent instead.

For your skill sets, try to design something that goes well with your units niches. Like Kaze, he's a good debuffer and anti mage so something like Duelist's Blow, Poison Strike, Shurikenfaire (with two other skills s), should work.

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- I don't think it's realistic to get every last child on a no-grind Lunatic run. How much do you plan on grinding? Is DLC available?

- Who do you want as the core of your team? What roles do you need to fill?

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Soleil is a Nohr Noble because Powersaves. For the core of my team, I would like to have the royals, MU, Soleil, Kana, Azura, Shigure and Kaze as they are my more favourited units. As for roles, I would like a utility unit of some sorts so I guess Kaze fits that role already, someone who can lay down debuffs and unlock chests. I would like for my MU and Soleil to run a more offensive set and Kana more of a well rounder. Azura will be staying as a Songstress and then the rest is mostly what the units are good for and what skills go with that.

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