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Topaz Light

Reimplementing FE7's Story selection screen, adding new Affinities in FE8?

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Heya, I've got two questions!

  1. Would it be possible to reimplement the Tale selection screen from FE7? That is, the screen from which you choose whether to play Lyn's, Eliwood's, or Hector's Story when starting a new file (and where you choose which out of Eliwood's and Hector's to proceed down after completing Lyn's)? I wanted to allow for a choice of which character to follow at the beginning of my hack, and it'd be lovely if I could use that screen for it instead of a boring ol' pure-text menu.
  2. How feasible would it be to add new Affinities? I'm talking about increasing the total number of Affinities in the game, not just changing the icons and properties of existing Affinities. It was my plan to add in Tellius' Water, Earth, and Heaven Affinities, each with their own unique sets of bonuses, for a total of 10 different Affinity types. How might one go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!

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Ahhh, thanks for this!

Out of curiosity, would it be more feasible to just port branching promotions back to FE7? Having the traversible world map isn't really important to me and in fact the game might actually work better without it, but I would really like to have the branching promotions if possible... although, again, I guess it's not really a necessity.

EDIT: ...I ask foolishly, before googling it. Nevermind that!

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