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Roll to dodge

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I was lazy and this text from this website ( http://rpgcode.ultimaterpg.org/t3-roll-to-dodge-rules ) explains the rules Better then I could:

The GM (Game Master) posts a situation the players are in. The players then post their actions, according to the conditions GM sets. The GM then rolls for the actions' results, and writes them out in his post. Then the players post actions again, ad infinitum.

The action results are defined by a six-sided die roll:

[1]: Epic Fail. Your efforts only worsened your situation.

[2]: Fail. Your skills or luck were insufficient.

[3]: Meager success: The situation didn't improve by as much as you have intended.

[4]: Success: Your efforts were sufficient to achieve your goal.

[5]: Epic Success: Your skills and luck have combined to ensure your success.

[6]: Overshot: Your efforts were more than required for the goal's completion, and your luck is such that unfortunate side-effects are inevitable.

If at any time something threatens a player, that player may make a roll to avoid the threat.

For each action, any number of rolls may be made, as determined by the GM.

Primary causes for multiple rolls include, but are not limited to:

* Actions explicitly composed of multiple actions

* Actions that imply other actions that are not declared free

For every dodge roll, any number of additional rolls may be made, as determined by the circumstances, and any skills or special effects applied to the player" end website quote (i edited some part of the website text out here because I didn't agree with It)

The goal of the game is to kill the other players. Everyone starts out with 100 Hp. I will probably accept 8 players for the first round but that could change if I get a lot of interest. Here is an example action: " I shoot an ak-47 at player x" This person would not be able to perform this action without having a ak-47 (they would have to use an action to try to pick one up or summon one) but if they did have an ak-47, I would roll a die for the person doing the action to determine the result. If the roll was a success, then I roll a dice for player x to see if x dodges the attack. You can make alliances during the game. If you have any questions you may ask me.

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