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How to swap classes and give items in FE 6, 7 and 8

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Does anyone know how to change/swap classes and give items?

I tried in Army editor for FE 6 and chapter unit editor for FE 7

Nothing works

I want to change for example, Roy to manakete enemy edition with firestone, Lillina manakete Fa edition with divinestone, Perceval to king with brave sword and Eckeash and Karel to the dark dragon with dark breath or this secret dark dragon stone. Idoun, Idoun edition, Eirkia to manakete myrhh edition with dragonstone and Ephraim to manakete Morva edition with wretched air and Eliwood to fire dragon with fire stone and Canas to dark Druid with Erekshigal, and also adding these S ranked tomes earlier in FE 7, adding the enemy only weapons to playable characters in FE 6.

And editing the stats buff that weapons gives, like Duranadal give +5 strenght

And making weapons ubreakable.

Does anyone know how to that?

I remember applying changes and saving rom.

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