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FE12 H2 0% growths, with commentary

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Here are in-depth explanations of the topics that Mekkah and I talked about:

DSFE mechanics

Mekkah and I discuss reclassing, forging, and weapon ranks in our FE11 introduction: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56675

FE12-specific mechanics

Merged male class sets

Back in FE11, male characters belonged to 1 of 2 class sets depending on their starting class. Units could only reclass within their class set.

Class set A (unpromoted): cavalier, archer, myrmidon, mage, curate/cleric
Class set A (promoted): dracoknight, paladin, sniper, swordmaster, sage, bishop

Class set B (unpromoted): knight, mercenary, fighter, hunter, pirate, dark mage
Class set B (promoted): general, hero, warrior, horseman, berserker, sorceror

In FE12, after completing the game once on any hard mode difficulty, male characters gain the ability to reclass to any class. So once this feature has been unlocked, units starting as sniper can reclass into horsemen and vice versa.

It’s also worth noting that female units in FE12 received a small expansion to their class set. However, their available classes are still far more limited than those of male units.

F class set (unpromoted): pegasus knight, cavalier, archer, myrmidon, mage, curate/cleric
F class set A (promoted): general, dracoknight, paladin, sniper, swordmaster, sage, bishop

Lunatic-clear stat boosters

Like its predecessor, FE12 features an armory that is accessible from the preparations menu. This armory normally sells basic weapons. After completing the game once on H3, this armory will also sell 3 copies of each stat booster, which can be purchased at any time starting in chapter 1. These stat boosters sell for their normal price of 2500 G and cannot be purchased at a discount with the Silver Card.


The base armory. The wares include the standard basic weapons in addition to the stat boosters.

Downloadable content

FE11 featured basic online capabilities such as multiplayer and an online shop. FE12 expanded this feature with some DLC. The DLC includes 3 extra chapters and 3 special items which can be applied to any save file beyond the prologue. The items are important to this playthrough.


FE12 DLC bonus content. On the left are 3 bonus maps; on the right are the 3 bonus items.

maturity-drop.pngMaturity Drop - permanently increases user’s HP growth by 20% and all other growths by 10%

As this is a 0% growths playthrough, the Maturity Drop will not be used. In a regular playthrough, the best recipient of this item is Marth, especially on higher difficulties where he is essentially required to defeat the final boss and gets ORKO’d without maxed spd.

bond-drop.pngBond Drop - raises user’s support rank from all possible partners to the maximum rank

Like in FE11, supports are not necessarily 2-way. The Bond Drop affects only supports that the user receives, not gives. Therefore, it is best used on a unit who receives supports from lots of partners that join early and are likely to be used in the long-term.

rainbow-potion.pngRainbow Potion - raises user’s non-HP stats by 2 for 1 chapter; 77 uses

FE12 introduced tonics to the series, which are familiar items to FE14 players. The Rainbow Potion is like a tonic that applies to all non-HP stats. It can be used 77 times during the entire campaign and as many times as necessary on unique units in any given chapter.

Hard mode differences

Similar to FE11, FE12 offers multiple degrees of hard mode difficulty, although not as many as the 5 hard modes that were in FE11. They each have their own name - hard, maniac, lunatic, and lunatic reverse - and are truncated to H1 through H4. Lunatic reverse is also referred to as lunatic’ (lunatic-prime). It is only unlocked after successfully clearing H3.


In FE12, there are 5 key differences that distinguish each difficulty:

  1. HM enemies get a sizable stat bonus compared to their NM counterparts.
  2. HM enemies have a minimum weapon rank regardless of what weapon they have equipped, whereas NM enemies always have the minimum necessary weapon rank. H2 enemies will always have at least B in all of their weapon ranks.
  3. HM enemies tend to have better weaponry; H2 enemies progress quickly from iron > steel > silver, and weapons that don't follow that progression may be forged later in the game.
  4. On progressively harder difficulties, many maps may feature enemies that don’t exist on lower difficulties.
  5. Some items become unobtainable on higher difficulties. For example, the Silence staff is not obtainable on H2 and the Warp staff is not obtainable on H3.

Like previous games in the series, HM bonuses appear to be generated by applying extra hidden level ups to all enemy units. The magnitude of these extra level ups have not been investigated. HM bonuses are not applied to def or res with the specific exceptions of 3 major bosses.

About this playthrough

This playthrough operates under the following conditions:

  • Player units have 0% growths in all stats.
  • It recruits all possible units and ends with them alive (there are 77 player units in a playthrough).
  • It aims for the lowest possible turncount.
  • It aims for a low play time on the game clock.

Videos of each chapter will be uploaded, with audio commentary from Mekkah and me. An explanatory write-up will accompany chapters to express my thoughts that can’t be fit into the commentary.

Also, shoutouts to PKL for being the first person to do FE12 H2 0% growths.

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yay time to see the exploits of marysue and his adventures of getting everyone to love him

Oh wait, no growths... Marth gets his spotlight back? Anyway, seeing Maniac getting split in two is gonna be fun.

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Wow a pro FE12 run that isn't run by PKL for once :P:

My thoughts exactly. I'm hype for some of the late game Gaiden maps in particular.

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Who initially created the 0% growths patch? Ruadath needs the memory addresses of character growth rates for reverse engineering the RNG formula. Once put into a lua script, it would probably be a great help to your run too :D

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Damn, that really sucks!

I would highly recommend that you put all your files onto dropbox or google drive from now on so that your data isn't tied to a single machine. This is incredibly useful if you own more than one computer since any file change is synced across devices, and you can even check files on your phone. As an added layer of protection, you can push your Fire Emblem notes & scripts to Github. That's what I've started to do with my GBA_FE script since it receives enough changes to benefit from version control and potential collaborators.

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Holy mother of christ, this is horrible.

Dondon, would you be opposed to donations or anything of the like, to help with recovery of at least a new laptop for yourself, so you can continue playing games that you enjoy?

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Cheers, man. It's a pretty huge blow to lose all of that time that you invested into this run, to say nothing of the actual losses from getting robbed.

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Very sorry to hear this dd151 :(

I hope the people get arrested and you'll be allowed to kick their @... (am I allowed to say this?).

Nothing can take away this feeling, to bad your videos die with that laptop.

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Yikes... Thats horrible, i'm so sorry to hear that.

Wish I had the means to help you get any of it back, but alas...

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I've had the same thing happen to me in the past and I know it's a terrible feeling; the stolen sense of security as much as the stolen items. While I doubt you'll get your stuff back I hope you're able to keep your spirits up. My condolences.

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