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Well-loved games that you couldn't get into


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I don't really care for the mainline Dark Souls series. However I do adore Bloodborne.

Zelda and Mario games generally are ones that I can't "get into", but Final Fantasy VIII I specifically loathe - even if it has more of a polarising opinion.

it's fine man, i wasn't big on ffviii either

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Inadvertently I mentioned in the reverse thread of this that I couldn't get into FF6. Actually, I have a hard time getting into any traditional turn-based (J)RPG because I'm not that into managing equipment, spells, grinding, and such. Also, random battles usually rub me the wrong way. Chrono Trigger is an exception as I enjoyed it very much, and another exception is Sweet Home, because it actually is a survival horror with light RPG mechanics. I don't know if I should say this, but I never got into Pokemon either.

- I hated Majora's Mask, but loved Ocarina of Time. I didn't like the dungeons and found most of the side-quests and the backtracking very annoying, although I must say I'm not very experienced with Zelda games in general.

- I'm not a fan of FE4, but I can't say I hate it. I love its story, but dislike its gameplay.

- Metroid Fusion. I found it too restrictive and bland. Super Metroid on the other hand blew my mind away.

- Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Not sure about why, they just didn't click with me.

- Metal Gear Solid, as I don't like stealth-based games.

- most of shooters, fighting games and sports games, because I always sucked at them.

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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Still can't force myself to beat the first temple of MM.

Also Super Mario 64. I just find it pretty hyped up just because it's nostalgic. It's pretty boring for me.

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oh yeah other posts in this thread reminded me

i don't like pokemon

i like emerald and fire red a bit despite never finishing the latter

i kinda enjoyed soul silver a little too

the rest i played were just sort of boring to me

diamond and pearl were super slow and i have 0 desire to ever play them again

alpha sapphire i sort of enjoyed but only because it was a remake of a game that i thought was fun. the actual remake i thought was pretty awful and added almost nothing interesting (and it even didn't include some stuff from emerald including the battle frontier which is ???????)

white 2 i think i might've enjoyed the absolute least for many reasons but a big one was the way the leveling system was changed what the fuck was going on with that

i also played final fantasy tactics a bit and stopped because i wasn't enjoying it

although honestly i think part of the reason for that might just be because you press o to select stuff instead of x which is immensely off-putting to me

even ff7 let you switch the buttons like come on

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I find this thread problematic because you are talking about games we "couldn't get into" when referring to the opposite of Rachel's thread. When the opposite of her thread would "Games you hate that everyone else likes".

Not getting into a game =/= Hating a game.

Anywho, games that couldn't get into is Mario games in general. They look fun enough, but they are just not my cup of tea.

As for games I "hate"... hate is a strong word, but I will say I'm not too fond of Sacred Stones and Radiant Dawn (but i feel like Radiant Dawn is more polarizing as far as games being liked than Sacred Stones is)

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Assassins Creed: Master of absolutely nothing I do not understand the appeal of the games, seriously they're not good steath games they're not good open world games are not good action games they not good platform as they excel at literally nothing. I also have a personal grudge against the series for superseding Prince of Persia.

The Ubisoft sandbox game and it's contemporaries: I can't believe this is a genre... Why have the large bulk of action games devolved into entirely this genre, back in the day action adventure games didn't have to have open worlds stapled onto them to the detriment of the game play I love open explain expiration as much as the next man but if it's not a necessary part of your games is but you should spend more time making the actual game part of your game fun as exemplified by Assassins Creed. I consistently find the action games with these type of open world are more shallow for it. I have enjoyed some of them such as infamous 2 and the first two Batman games but I am so sick of it now. Because these games don't excel at either being a open world or a action game and kind of half ass both. Also can Batman's combat system not find its way into every single action game I remember when action games had variety now they're all just Batman or shallow third person shooters.

Halo 4 & 5 : I don't like the direction 343 has taken the Games, the campaigns of become distinctly a memorable and super duper linear in level design I haven't played 5 but it doesn't look any better than 4 in this regard. Halo died with Bungie...

Destiny: Your next game just had to be an MMO didn't Bungie... I didn't play destiny but it is sad to me that their next game wasnt interesting to me considering my love for Halo 1-Reach.

Dragon Age: I tried, I tried so hard to like it I but did not like the combat of inquisition one bit it was so boring I hate the game.

GTA and all of its kin (Saints Row, Watchdogs, Mafia, etc.): I have zero interest in this genre, The best thing I played that's kind of close to it was Destroy all Humans but that was uniquely awesome.

Also anything Rockstar makes: since all of them are pretty much GTA, or they don't interest me like Max Payne and LA Noire.

Gears of War: don't know what anyone sees this boring snore fest of a third person shooter but yeah it's just kind a basic.

Sports Sim Games (like FIFA, Madden and the like)

All Moba's: We are taking the most boring part of a RTS and making it into an entire genre why wouldn't I be bored.

Fighting games not named Smash: You know my favorite thing in gaming is arbitrary barriers to entries like long hard to pull off button combos because nothing is as great is punishing a person with a bad reaction time and memory, so I end up just button mashing.

DMC, God of War, Platinum's entire catalog and so forth for similar reasons to fighting games... I just end up button mashing, among other things.

Any game such as Ninja Gaiden and Doom 2016 that too gory for me to physically play (I become ill once the gore reaches a certain level of persistence and intensity).

Free to play games: there has never been a free to play game that's held my attention for more than a week (though when I was a kid I did put some time into some flash and browser games) in my mind if you aren't willing to give a price tag to your game it's not worth my time.

MMO's: I like my games to end thank you very much, I do not have time for a game that doesn't.

Dungeon Crawlers: Welcome to a more boring version of 2D Zelda that are basically grinding simulators I played all the way for Diablo 3 and at the end I thought to myself why do people like these games?

Musou's all of them, I played Dynasty Warriors once and it was mind-boggling Boring, slapping Zelda on one did raise my eyebrow though, but I decided against it.

Monster Hunter: I tried I could not do it too much griding, too much bullcrap, to little actually interesting going on in it world.

Persona/Tokyo Mirage Session's: Tokyo Mirage Sessions made me realize that a overly linear turn based RPG's is not for me.

Pokémon X & Y: I like all the Pokémon games except for this one (never played ORAS) it's so boring, way too easy, I'm having a far more positive experience with Sun right now.

Luigi's mansion dark moon & Pikmin 2: I bound these two together because there two games that I dislike for the same reason they turn their more explorative first games into Linear challenge games.

I have yet to really give a chance to dark souls and final fantasy though I generally avoid them i've only gone into most JRPG's recently and I have very mixed feelings about the genre as a whole. Final fantasy because I have a lot of RPG's on my plate and I just don't need another RPG to play and dark souls because I have a bad reaction time and I'm afraid that I won't be able to execute actions well enough in the game, but I am thinking I'll give it a chance at some point. Though there is likely more than this but that's all I can think of for now.

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Most platformers (with notable exceptions). I have horrible reflexes that make platformers really hard to enjoy. Exceptions include easy ones, like kirby, and "steam world dig" in which you excavate your own platforms and can take the game at your own pace.

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Everyone here knows my opinion, but screw it, I'm gonna beat that dead horse some more. Fire Emblem 4. Considered the holy grail of the Fire Emblem series and no matter what I do, I find it to be terrible and boring.

Dark Souls as well because everyone lauds it as an incredible game with great combat mechanics and I tried it, I REALLY REALLY wanted to like it, but the game feels like it's breaking my arms and one of my legs and then telling me to go up against uninjured medieval knights. There's a difference between difficult and unfair. I shouldn't have to get used to what I feel is terrible combat mechanics and I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for that, but the combat is slow and clunky for the player in Dark Souls 1 and I shouldn't have to get used to that in order to defeat opponents that are far faster than I am and that hit a lot harder.

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Let's see... Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto. I've tried them all and just didn't really enjoy them. They're not shit, they're just nothing special to me. Overhyped in my opinion.

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The Soul Calibur series. I've tried many of them and just can't see why they are so loved. If I wanna play a Bandai Namco fighter, I'd rather pick up a Tekken game. Also on the topic of fighting games, I pretty much hate everything Netherrealm makes. Especially Mortal Kombat.

Mario games just don't do it for me, maybe it's because I grew up with Sonic and just gotta go fast haha.

I'm also glad to see that a lot of you share my opinion of FFVIII, it has to be my least favorite game in the series.

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Darkest Dungeon gets a lot of praise but I dislike how completely at the mercy of the RNG you are. Plus the heavy grinding (that can easily be undone by a few bad rolls) and bleak setting and story doesn't really appeal to me.

To parrot some of the other opinions here I also don't really enjoy Gen 3 Pokemon and FE4. I only find a few designs appealing in the former and the latter feels like a tedious broken mess.

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The Halo Covenant Trilogy.

It's not that I really dislike them as a whole, but there's just a lot to dislike about them that's kept me from really "getting" them as much as the other titles. Combat Evolved has an overall janky and dated feeling to it (the 8th campaign mission is literally the 5th one, at night, backwards. And then there's the seventh... The Library is painful to play through). 2 isn't much better, with it being inherently half a game and campaign missions starting to open up... but not having any waypoint system (laugh all you want, hardcore gamers from the NES days, but there are several points in the campaign of 2 where I always get lost). Even 3, whose campaign is the most fun, still has its issues.

I just like Reach, 4, and 5 better as games (though I haven't played a ton of 5 online, due to personal burnout on the series and outside factors keeping me from the Xbox). The lore of Halo was what largely got me into it, and the fact that Bungie pretty much never acknowledged the universe they created really rubbed me the wrong way. Of course, you could easily argue 343 went in the opposite direction; Halo 4 in particular relies heavily on the lore, to the point where your knowledge of it dictates whether the main antagonist is one-dimensional and with out motivation or a tragic figure who's been broken and is lashing out in pure anger.

But I'd sooner take that over "The Master Chief is the last Spartan II... and here he is between games with the rest of Blue Team who are Spartan IIs... the Master Chief is the last Spartan II."

Also, Bungie couldn't balance a game to save their lives. Every Halo title they worked on had one or two weapons that made everything else look lame in comparision. 4 had its issues at launch, but they were nowhere near as bad as the Covenant Trilogy's and- more importantly -were fixed. 5 is incredibly well balanced, with virtually every weapon fulfilling its own niche and feeling powerful in its own right.

Oh, and Pokemon X and Y. Sun and Moon have their issues, but to me they're a far cry above 6th gen and are my second favorite games in the series.

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Xenoblade Chronicles. I have no idea where the 92 Metascore came from. I played to Sword Valley, which might be halfway through the game, although it seemed like it was the end. I guess that's JRPGs for ya. I might finish it next summer, but the gameplay did not impress me...

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Xenoblade Chronicles. I have no idea where the 92 Metascore came from. I played to Sword Valley, which might be halfway through the game, although it seemed like it was the end. I guess that's JRPGs for ya. I might finish it next summer, but the gameplay did not impress me...

This too

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Final Fantasy 6 and the entire series

I hate random encounters and one certain bossfight pissed me so off that I stopped with this game.

Also the Touhou series because this main games are too fast for me. My reaction time isn't the best anymore.

Only still (try to) play it because of the music.

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Currently playing Chrono Cross and it just isn't clicking for me. I went into this game expecting to like it, I know there's a lot of polarized opinions out there but I assumed the people that didn't like it immediately hated it for not being Chrono Trigger. I'm finding the story very bland and directionless so far. I think having a silent protagonist accompanied by a Fire Emblem sized cast really leads to a lacking of personal involvement. I'll give it that the combat is good with the elemental system and the ability to attack like twenty times a turn but the fact that you seemingly only level up from bosses and new encounters really discourages me from actually getting into combat.

Another game I really wanted to love but just didn't like is Final Fantasy Tactics. I thought there were some good ideas with the combat but it felt like the game was just being cheap with how it played every single chapter and the balance was completely off. It's basically just finding the right attacks and spamming the ever loving hell out of them. And fundamentally, as a strategy game, it's completely asinine to give you the ability to deploy your characters in a certain way but leave you completely blind as to how the map is laid out. The story seems like it's good but it failed to pull me in at the beginning and that was a critical mistake. Characters are constantly referencing other families and locations pretty much expecting you to know who they're talking about without a proper introduction. It really needed those pre chapter narrations Fire EMblem used to have. The fact that the framing device of the story is that of a historical document makes it mind boggling that they didn't do that more.

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I find this thread problematic because you are talking about games we "couldn't get into" when referring to the opposite of Rachel's thread. When the opposite of her thread would "Games you hate that everyone else likes".

Not getting into a game =/= Hating a game.

This thread would become a car fire because I, as OP, would have literally encouraged people to bash games rather than just talking about what they didn't like about it on a more level-headed tone. 'Problematic', smh.

Also yeah, Metroid doesn't appeal at all.

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A lot of classic RPGs i can't seem to get into, Live A Live, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden

There's never really anything i dislike about them i guess they just don't hook me enough to keep going

even something like Zestiria that i found bad i had a much easier time to play in its entirety

Virtue's last reward was so bad with that stupid ass twist at the end jesus

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Fire Emblem 4

It's tedious, AND easy. At least FE1, sacred stones, blazing sword, and path of radiance make plowing through weaklings relatively fun.

The mainline Kirby Games

I kind of like some of the art styles, especially when compared within its own generation (NES and SNES kirby especially) and I really love most kirby soundtrack. Just hate the dumbed down gameplay- I really wish the near infinite flying were removed, or that the powerups and puzzles became as important as in wario land 2&3.

Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, etc

Kind of gets drawn out.

Starcraft: Brood War, Supreme Commander, Command and Conquer. etc

I just suck at base management and tech trees.

Sonic Colors

It's supposed to be a "return to form" for the sonic series, but honestly I find some of it's levels have multiple routes in name only, and also some of the Sonic Adventure -esque levels lend themselves to being "one and done with" and I had no motivation to replay them. Also the humor was too much... I honestly prefer some of the experimental sonic games or even the overly safe ones to Colors.


Somehow, Roller Coaster Tycoon did the same thing for me, and I just didn't like trying to make giant buildings and landforms in the minecraft engine.

Kind of iffy, but Psychonauts.

I love it now, but the first TWO times I bought it and traded it back in to the local gamestore before reaching agent nein (basically world 2). I don't remember the details but I think I had the volume on too high during the voiced cutscenes.

Jet Set Radio

Played the hell out of the neversoft era Tony Hawk, and bought this game in 2013 or so, but it just wasn't the same experience. I did have fun with how over the top the enemies were though.

Borderlands 2

I've gone in depth about this on a few sites, but the main thing is that it simply closer to being an RPG than an FPS, and difficulty is relatively Gear and not accuracy, or health management dependent. Also general lack of quality of life stuff- having to play through TVHM on all new characters to get to the meat of the game, the shallowness of the game on low difficulty modes, the shallowness of the game on high difficulty once you have proper gear, etc.

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This thread would become a car fire because I, as OP, would have literally encouraged people to bash games rather than just talking about what they didn't like about it on a more level-headed tone.

Ahhh. I see. My bad.

'Problematic', smh.

did you seriously think I was serious when I said that? That was a joke.
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Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest, for the same reason

toriyama's art style is one of my least favorite's from any game artists ever. just seeing the sea of generic goku ripoff characters is annoying to me

I find this to be a pretty odd complaint given how his art style doesn't translate at all into sprite form. He basically just chose what each character was wearing and what colour their hair was.

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