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Glaceon Mage

Favorite Pokémon of each type?

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So, I was thinking of making this some time, so... yeah.

For me:

Normal: Eevee (HM: Lillipup line, Glameow line, and Litleo line)

Fire: Volcarona (HM: Flareon, Fennekin, Vulpix line, Litleo line)

Water: Vaporeon (HM: Oshawott line, Keldeo)

Grass: Leafeon (HM: Cottonee line, Petelil line, Budew line, Virizion)

Electric: Shinx (HM: Jolteon, Pachirisu, Joltik line)

Ice: Glaceon (HM: Froslass, Vanillite line, Kyurem, Alolan Vulpix line)

Psychic: Espeon (HM: Gallade)

Dragon: Goomy (HM: Kyurem)

Dark: Umbreon (HM: Zorua line, Purrloin line)

Fairy: Xerneas (HM: Mimikyu, Alolan Ninetales)

Fighting: Gallade (HM: Swords of Justice, Riolu line)

Ground: Excadrill or something in Sandile line I guess?

Rock: Rockruff (HM: Lycanroc Midday)

Bug: Volcarona (HM: Scizor, Genesect, Yanmega, Ribombee)

Ghost: Mimikyu (HM: Froslass)

Poison: Roserade

Flying: Yanmega

Steel: Lucario (HM: Cobalion)

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Normal: uhh? Linoone, maybe?

Fire: Typhlosion

Water: Rotom-W

Grass: Serperior

Electric: Rotom-W again

Ice: Articuno

Psychic: Latios and Latias

Dragon: Garchomp

Dark: Sneasel

Fairy: Tapu Bulu

Fighting: Kommo-O, I guess

Ground: Garchomp again

Rock: Tyranitar

Bug: Scyther

Ghost: Gengar

Poison: Gengar again

Flying: Articuno, hehe

Steel: Excadrill

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We've had a thread like this before, I'm pretty sure, but it was ages ago, so it's nice to see it again. Anyway! :P

Grass: Bellossom, it's super cute and its shiny form is even nicer! (HM: Sawsbuck, Leafeon)

Fire: Rapidash, no question. It's a fire horse! Well, technically unicorn since it has a horn on its head, but it's called the Fire Horse Pokemon, so I can still call it a horse too. :P Horses are my thing and the Fire type is my favorite, so it's a perfect combo for me! (HM: Flareon)

Water: It's tough to choose between Keldeo and Primarina now, they're both so amazing. :P Keldeo for being a super cute pony and Primarina because it's gorgeous and also Fairy type. (HM: Lumineon)

Electric: Zebstrika! An electric zebra was my biggest want for gen 5 and hot damn we got it! And it looks even better than the design I came up with some time before! (HM: Luxray)

Normal: Lopunny. Not for THAT reason, no. I just think it's a damn cute bunny! Same with Buneary! (HM: Sawsbuck again since it's also Normal type)

Flying: I can't choose between Talonflame or Ho-Oh (yes, more Fire types lol)! They're both awesome fire birds. (HM: Crobat, Braviary)

Bug: Scizor, definitely! It's just awesome, and who'd have thunk that we'd get a steel bug?

Fighting: Does Mega Lopunny count? lol If not, then I'll say Keldeo again since it's also Fighting. lol (HM: Infernape)

Psychic: Mew, for being again really cute! (HM: Gallade)

Ghost: Giratina is just amazing. (HM: Chandelure, Aegislash)

Dark: Houndoom for being awesome and of course another Fire type. lol (HM: Mightyena, Umbreon)

Rock: Rockruff and Lycanroc Midday. They're just awesome-looking! (HM: Aggron)

Ground: Mudsdale, of course! To continue my horse trend here. lol (HM: Garchomp)

Steel: Aggron for being super cool-looking and a big badass. (HM: Scizor)

Poison: Crobat, it looks so slick and that speed is just nuts. (HM: Toxicroak)

Ice: Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales are beautiful! (HM: Amaura and Aurorus)

Dragon: Garchomp for being super cool and also used by the awesome Cynthia. (HM: Giratina)

Fairy: Sylveon and of course, Primarina! lol Sylveon is adorable and pretty at the same time! (HM: Alolan Ninetales)

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You beat me to it...I was thinking about doing this as well. So guess I'll answer it then.

Normal: Kanghaskan

Fire: Chandelure evolution line

Water: Suicune

Grass: Lilligant

Electric: Shinx line for me too

Ice: Froslass (Glaceon is a super close second)

Psychic: Chimeco ( It's mostly due to me sweeping a team with Bella the Chimeco)

Dragon: Haxorus

Dark: Houndoom (Zoroark almost took this spot)

Fairy: Granbull (Always loved Granbull as a kid)

Fighting: Gallade ( Gallade used to be my favorite Pokemon for like 3 years)

Ground: Gliscor (Love Gliscor sooooo much)

Rock: Rockruff ( I never really liked Rock Types but I really like Rockruff)

Bug: Leavanny

Ghost: Gengar ( I always loved Gengar and have used one in every game)

Poison: Crobat

Flying: Honchkrow

Steel: ME! Mawile ( This one was VERY tough since I like most Steel Types

Those are my favorite Pokemon of every type

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Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Alolan Marowak
Water: Mareanie (it's adorable)
Grass: Serperior
Electric: Cosplay Pikachu Belle? Does that count?
Ice: Kyurem
Psychic: Latias
Dragon: Latias
Dark: Greninja
Fairy: Either Floette or Mimikyu
Fighting: Cobalion
Ground: Zygarde 10%
Rock: Nihilego
Bug: Beedril (it was my first shiny so sentimental value and all that)
Ghost: Banette
Poison: Nihilego
Flying: Swellow
Steel: Cobalion

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Normal: Lopunny (On the contrary, I don't think it looks like a Playboy Bunny or is sexualized. Surprising, right?)

Fire: Infernape (Because I like being able to nickname it "Sun Wukong." That's literally what puts it above Darmanitan for me.)

Water: Swampert (I mean, technically it's Water/Ground, but Water is its primary so . . .)

Grass: Roserade (Design is awesome. A pretty good competitive 'mon as well.)

Electric: Electivire (Again, it's design is on point. Plus, the anime made me like the image of a cruel Electivire.)

Ice: Snorunt (Because it is so cute!)

Psychic: Espeon (Design. Able to get Magic Bounce. And I can call it Hermit Purple with cause.)

Dragon: Haxorus (It's strong, cool and has Mold Breaker.)

Dark: Bisharp (I like being able to nickname it "Ippatsuman." Again, nickname beats out all requirements.)

Fairy: Florges (My favorite Sp. Def. and support 'mon.)

Fighting: Medicham (Just a really awesome 'mon with an even more awesome Mega Evolution.)

Ground: Golurk (Design. Again. Plus, it's half-Ghost.)

Rock: Solrock (I always liked Solrock, even when I figured out Lunatone didn't evolve into it.)

Bug: Volcarona (A very unique 'mon that seems not to get very much attention. I always really liked it for some reason.)

Ghost: Banette (I always thought it was really cute as a kid. I still do.)

Poison: Weezing (One of the best 'mon to soak up a physical hit. It's design makes me giggle sometimes, too.)

Flying: Noivern (I really, really love this 'mon! Its design! Its stats! Its abilities! I love it!)

Steel: Aggron (I love all Steel-types, but I have a history with this 'mon. Plus, it looks cool and it's awesome.)

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Normal: Spinda, HM to Lopunny.
Fire: I'm gonna trigger people and go with Incineroar.
Water: Milotic, HM to Whiscash.
Grass: Tsareena or Caturne, HM to Lilligant.
Electric: Normal Raichu.
Ice: Avalugg if we're going by primary type, Weavile overall though.
Psychic: Gardevoir, HM to Mew.
Dragon: Dragonair.
Dark: Zorua, obviously, HM to Umbreon, and pretty much everything else tbh.
Fairy: Uh... Comfey?
Fighting: Mienshao I guess.
Ground: Rhydon, HM to Mudsdale.
Rock: Sudowoodo, HM to Probopass.
Bug: Leavanny.
Ghost: Bannette.
Poison: Muk, HM to Arbok.
Flying: Mandibuzz, HM to Gliscor.
Steel: Mawile, HM to Aggron.

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Psychic: Mew

Normal: Eevee

Rock: Aerodactyl

Fire: This one is a tie between Ninetails and Arcanine

Water: Suicune

Ice: Articuno

Flying: Lugia

Dark: Espeon

Grass: Leafeon





Ground: Tyranitar, probably.

Poison: Nidoking/queen

Ghost: Hunter


Dragon: Dragonite

I'm not familiar with the majority of the pokemon and pokemon types, so I didn't feel like listing stuff down just for the sake of completion.

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Like most others I'm listing pokemon only by what I think of as their "primary" type so I don't list anyone twice. I also tend to list pokemon by their final stage out of force of habit, though in some cases if you pushed me I'd probably prefer earlier stages for design reasons.

Normal: Persian was the first thing that came to mind. I don't have many favourites here overall.
Fire: Delphox. This used to be Ninetales, so I just like foxes I guess.
Water: Starmie. Favourite pokemon; it's a total badass and I like sea stars.
Grass: I like a lot of these... I'll say Sceptile today.
Electric: Gonna be generic as heck and say Pikachu(/Raichu); there's a reason it became as big as it did.
Ice: Articuno. I just wish they'd expand his movepool so he wouldn't be so bad in competitive, but yeesh, he was god in-game in RBY.
Psychic: Mewtwo; I have a soft spot for the original uber.
Dragon: Garchomp, the mighty land shark.
Dark: Houndoom. Could argue this one as fire, but hey, it's got some neat design el
Fairy: I didn't say Gardevoir as psychic and it's a close second, so hey let's use it here although I wouldn't really call it fairy primary.
Fighting: Hawlucha; bird with a unique and neat attack.
Ground: Hippowdon; hippo fan here.
Rock: Golem probably, Geodudes are an effective iconic design to me.
Bug: Scizor, great in so many ways and I've always liked its buffing abilities in particular.
Ghost: Haunter (specifically Haunter, not the line). This is the only pokemon I've ever deliberately kept unevolved purely for design reasons. (At least Eviolite makes this not a completely terrible plan.)
Poison: Crobat. An annoyer who's also actually a good fighter and is randomly faster than almost anything, what's not to love?
Flying: Dodrio; I dig the wicked three-headed bird look and it destroyed things with Hyper Beam back in gen 1 before they decided that move needed to be useless.
Steel: Bronzong. The ultimate little annoyer with its only one (variable!) weakness (prior to gen 6) and a bunch of status moves.

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Normal: Sylvally/Porygon Z (I like weird things) (HM: Pyroar)

Fire: Volcarona (HM: Houndoom, Charizard, Chandelure, Flareon)

Fighting: Lucario (HM: Gallade, Blaziken)

Water: Azumarill (HM: Swampert, Kingdra, Vaporeon, Gyarados)

Flying: If we're talking about proper flying pokemon with actual flying skills, the answer is Pidgeot, otherwise the answer is Masquerain (HM: Salamence, Charizard, Togekiss, Honchkrow)

Grass: Bellossom (HM: Sceptile, Vileplume, Shiftry, Whimsicott, Decidueye)

Poison: Dragalge (HM: Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Gengar)

Electric: Raichu (HM: Vikavolt, Galvantula, Rotom, Luxray, Jolteon)

Ground: Swampert (HM: Flygon, Golurk, Mamoswine)

Psychic: Gardevoir (HM: Gallade, Alakazam, Metagross)

Rock: Tyranitar (HM: Aggron, Gigalith, Lycanroc)

Ice: Alola Ninetales (HM: Aurorus, Weavile, Lapras, Mamoswine, Glaceon)

Bug: Masquerain (Again) (HM: Ninjask, Accelgor, Scizor, Galvantula, Vikavolt, Volcarona, Golisopod)

Dragon: Salamence/Hydreigon (I'm unsure which I like more) (HM: Goodra, Flygon, Dragalge)

Ghost: Gengar (HM: Chandelure, Mismagius, Cofagrigus, Golurk, Aegislash, Rotom)

Dark: Hydreigon (HM: Houndoom, Absol, Zoroark, Honchkrow, Incineroar)

Steel: Metagross (HM: Aggron, Magnezone, Aegislash, Mawile, Lucario)

Fairy: Azumarill (again) (HM: Whimsicott, Togekiss, Gardevoir, Mawile)

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Normal: Silvally

Fire: Sakazzke

Water: Feraligatr

Grass: Sceptile

Electric: Raichu

Ice: Kyurem-B

Psychic: Reuniclus

Dragon: Haxorus

Dark: Hyreigon

Fairy: Mimikkyu

Fighting: Keldeo (runner up is Mega Lopunny)

Ground: Flygon

Rock: Tyranitar

Bug: Scolipede

Ghost: Lunala/Aegislash

Poison: Nihilego

Flying: Noivern

Steel: Celesteela

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Normal: Snorlax
Fire: Charizard
Water: tie between Blastoise and Feraligatr
Grass: Sceptile
Electric: Raichu
Ice: Beartic
Psychic: Alakazam
Dragon: Dragonite
Dark: Mightyena
Fairy: Clefable or Wigglytuff
Fighting: Lucario or Pangoro
Ground: Krookodile
Rock: Lycanroc (Midday form)
Bug: Butterfree or Golisopod
Ghost: Gengar
Poison: Nidoking
Flying: Pidgeot
Steel: Aggron

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Normal: Snorlax

Water: Milotic

Electric: Vikavolt

Dragon: Dragonite

Fighting: Conkeldurr

Psychic: Alakazam

Ice: Jynx

Bug: Genesect

Dark: Zoroar

Rock: Rockruff


Steel: Lucario

Ghost: Alolan Marowak

Fire: Arcanine

Fairy: Alolan Ninetails

Grass: Venasaur

Poison: Salazzle

Flying: Mantine

This list is subject to change at a moments notice. There is far too many pokemon i like to know exactly which ones are my favorite of a particular type. I like too many damn pokemon, or rather I play this thing too much!

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Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Volcarona
Water: Suicune
Grass: Exeggutor
Electric: Rotom-W
Ice: Weavile
Fighting: Gallade
Flying: Dodrio
Poison: Roserade
Rock: Minior
Ground: Flygon
Bug: Heracross
Psychic: Latios
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Altaria
Dark: Umbreon
Steel: Metagross
Fairy: Magearna

These tend to change, depending on my mood and what I want to use.

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For the sake of this list, I'll put aside the Eeveelution and Eevee itself since it's kinda obvious that I like them xD.

Normal​: Teddiusa and Ursaring, I like bear and adorable (HM: Stufful and Bewear, also bear and adorable)

​Fighting​: Tyrogue line (HM: Poliwrath, Gallade)

​Fire: Magmortar, (Houndoom line, Litten and Torracat, less for Incineroar)

Water​: Poliwag line, Totodile line, Wishiwashi (Starmie, Corsola, Popplio line)

​Grass​: Bellossom, Carnivine, Bounsweet and Stinee (Oddish line aside from Gloom, Deerling only)

Poison: Arbok (Salandit line)

​Steel: ​HM: Aggron, Togemaru, Steelix, Scizor

Electric: Raichu (both), Shinx line, Plusle and Minun

Flying: ​euhh... Crobat and Charizard?

​Dark: ​Absol, Liepard (HM: Pangoro)

Psychic: ​Mew, only Spoink, (HM: Metagross, Latias, Nebby,)

Rock: Onix, Cranidos line (HM: Tyrantrum line)

Ground: ​Sandshrew line (HM: Excadrill)

Ghost: Banette (HM; Gengar, Rotom, Mimikyu, Froslass)

Bug: Pinsir (HM: Butterfree, Scyther, Vespiquenn, Heracross)

Ice: Beartic (HM: Alola Vulpix line Amaura

Dragon: ​Haxorus, Dragonite line, Goomy line (HM: Salamance, Garchomp)

Fairy: ... Gardevoir, Tapu Koko, Lele, and Finn

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Grass: Rosarade, Lilligant, Deceideye, Tsareena for being some of the utmost adorable Pokemon and that they are fun to use for being some waifu Pokemon. As well as Breloom that is said below in the fighting section.

Fire: Blazaken, duh. It can leap 30 story buildings in a single bound. Braxien for being yet another waifu Pokemon and further attracting furries. Incineroar for being one of the utmost vulgar Pokemon next to Persian, Meowth, Sneasel, Weavile, Raticate, Sableye, Honchkrow, Hydreigon, and can tell excely what it says by it's expressions. Salazzle for being an este lauter Pokemon that makes perfumes and being female Haxorus.

Water: Milotic for being another adorable Pokemon and is opposite of Gyarados in every way possible since they both start off pathetic until they evolve. Primerina for being a mermaid and both adorable and tanky. :D Dewpider and Araquanid explained below to the bug section.

Electric: Mareep and Tapu Koko. Mareep for being adorable and being Lyra's favorite in the anime and Tapu Koko for being the only key Pokemon to the story whenever evil's afoot.

Normal: Snorlax, Blissey, Oranguru. Snoralx for being boss, Blissey for being adorable and can wall special attacks. Oranguru for looking like King Garon's return.

Flying: Braivery, Yveltal, Toucannon, Gliscor, Togikiss. Braivery for being the brave bird of the men in blue and strongly resembling Phoenix Wright's character. Yveltal as said below in Dark. Toucannon for being the very first discovered and caught Pokemon for me and that it's very cool that it wakes people up sometimes in the morning and spitting Bullet Seeds on top of trees. It eats Bounsweets keeping mine away from my Toucannon. Don't worry, he won't eat ya. -.- Gliscor for being Ash's choice in the Sinnoh anime and being a great competitor Poke thanks to it's Poison Heal and Toxic Orb abuse. Togikiss for being most adorable and being one of Dawn's best Pokemon in the anime.

Bug: Genesect, duh. It's the coolest looking Pokemon in any franchise (Also only one of the few Ubers that I ever heavily use as commonly as everyone else.) along with Araquanid/Dewpider for inventing them from a Star Wars film and Ribombee which will be explained in the fairy section. ...And Butterfree for it being so cute that I'd like it to surround me wherever I go.

Fighting: For being one of my utmost favorite types next to Grass and Hitmochan resembling a Boxer. Blazaken as said in the fire section. Breloom for being a number one proboxer and takes more EXP than anyone else to level up. ...And is a heavily used Pokemon in competitions. Hariyama for being a bane for Snorlax and getting the same bulk as him. Hawlucha for being a pro wrestler and being one of Ash's choices in the anime. Crabrawler/Crabomidable as said in the Ice section already. Buzzwole for resembling a super hero. Plus husbando Pokemon. :3

Psychic: Jynx, Mew, Espeon, Gardevoir, Cresselia, Gothitelle, Reunclious, Meloetta, Tapu Lele, Cosmog, Cosmoneum, Sogelao, Lunala and Necrozma. Jynx for being the ice princess. Mew for being the ancestor of all Pokemon and can transform into them at will. Espeon for being adorable and powerful at the same time. Cresselia for being the moon princess. Gothitelle for being yet another waifu Pokemon. Reunclious for probably being comfortable to sleep on. ^_^ Meloetta for being another singer and waifu Pokemon. Tapu Lele for being adorable and being a deity of the isle. Nebby's forms thanks to Lillie. Necrozma for being the coolest looking Pokemon next to Genesect and Dewpider and Aracnaquid.

Ghost: Giratina of course as well as Froslass. Girtina because he's Satan in the Pokemon universe with Arceus being Jesus. ...And Froslass for being Candices favorite in the anime and being another waifu Pokemon.

Dark: Pangoro and Yveltal. Pangoro for looking boss along with Yveltal having one of the coolest looking moves in any Pokemon game.


Oblivion Wing Also only one of the few Ubers that I ever heavily use as commonly as everyone else.

Rock: Nihilego. For spoilers of this game. ...And being very adorable especially with it's shiny coloring.

Ground: Excadrill. For being one of Clay's top choices as well as in competing. Plus having Mold Breaker makes it allow to hit levitators with Eqrthquake and preventing Sturdy from activating plus all of this.

Steel: Magearna, Kartana, Solgaleo, Klefki, Genesect, Excadrill, Magnazone, Registeel, and of course, Scizor. Magearna for being another attracting to furries and being most adorable steel.


It would absolutely be mad to make a machine that is cute and does that. Earthbound, anyone?!

Kartana resembling a Katana. Solgelao already said. Klefki for being keys from a prison cell and downright are one of the best competitors. Genesect already said. Excadrill already said. Magnazone for resembling a UFO and even says that it is one in the Pokedex entry in the Sun version. Registeel for being a great competitor and having it's body hardened for extreme pressue underground for thousands of years. Plus being top choice in the Battle Frontier season 9 in the anime.

Poison: Rosarade as is already said. Sazzle as already said. And Nihilago as already said.

Ice: Jynx, Alolan Vulpix, Crabomidable. Up till now only Jynx has been my favorite and only Ice type that I ever use. Alolan Vulpix because adorable and makes a great pet to have at your home. ^_^ Crabomidable for being a Boxing champ of the snowy alps and loves a good feasting on berries as Crabrawler.

Dragon: Giratina. Because as was said in the Ghost section. =] ...Annnd Haxrous for being most boss looking.

Fairy: Ribombee, Alolan Ninetails, Marill/Azumarill, Gardevoir, Sylveon, Klefki, Diancie, Primerina, Shiinotic, Tapu Koko and Lele and Magearna. Ribombee for being a resemblance to Lilymon in Digimon and looking like a really small gurl with snow gear on. :D Alolan Ninetails for as said for Vulpix. Marill/Azumarill for this...


being loved by many rich people like her and all around adorable. Gardevoir as already said in the Psychic section, Sylveon for being most adorable and is a great competitor. Klefki as said in the steel section. Diancie for being the only Rock aside from Nihilgo that I like using. Plus both are only adorable rock types. ...And Diancie for being yet another waifu Pokemon. Primerina as said in the Water section. Shiinotic for resembling Lillie and is overally pretty tanky with Rain Dish and Leftovers. Tapu Koko as said in the Electric section. Tapu Lele as already said in the Psychic section. Magearna as already said in the Steel section.

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Tie between Porygon and lickilicky. When I was little, me and my sister always called porygon "PRAGGLY" based on the noise it made when it came out of the door in the n64 super smash bros, and given how it would send you flying, we thought it was the funniest pokemon ever for the longest time. Then there's Lickilicky, who was my introduction to my favorite item in pokemon- the custap berry- The comedy value of having a fast pokemon think it's safe to finish you off, and then suddenly get exploded on never gets old. It helps that he has a silly pompadour and emotionally gets to share lickitung's credit as having the best pokemon stadium minigame.


Lugia- I like gyarados/honchkrow more, but I don't think of them in terms of being flying type. Lugia on the other hand was in my favorite pokemon movie, and carried me through pokemon stadium 2's prime cup and gym leader castle, and anyway I liked aeroblast a lot as a kid. Also I bent over backwards on gen 4 and 5 uber teams to include him even though I didn't play stall.


Starmie, Swampert, Gyarados, Suicune. Blastoise, Slowbro. poliwhirl, octillery, jellicent, remoraid, chinchou, carracosta, kabutops, omastar, relicanth, wailord, Manaphy. Cloyster. Qwillfish, Octillery, Empoleon. Crawdaunt. Feraligatr. Sharpedo. slowbro. At this point I've made had so much playtime with water types that almost all of them have silly, or clutch replays associated with them. While this goes for other types, water stands out. I can reasonbly narrow it down to starmie/swampert/gyarados/suicune/manaphy, because each in their own way, they forever shaped the way I designed my teams for the simulator. Of that elite group, starmie, gyarados, suicune stand out. From there- starmie has been a defining mon since even playing as a kid- I remember misty more than any other gym leader, and pokemon stadium 2's trainers ran it with thunderbolt, making it seem even more amazing. In comp terms I used it heavily in gen 4 and gen 6, although I don't like it as much gen 5 and 7. Gyarados I considered the most reliable pokemon of gen4, although not strictly the best, and mega gyarados is by far my most used mega in both gen 6 and 7, and strictly speaking probbably my most used pokemon of all time as well. Finally there is suicune- I used it a lot in gen 4 but cooled off, then I used it in lower tiers and other metagames in every following gen as what I saw as a sick joke. I'm very critical of suicune's viability, but I enjoy using it in non-OU settings. With suicune it's all about your opponet's play and not your own. Depending on my mood, I appreciate success being determined by teambuilding skill vs teambuilding skill instead of play, but other times I think it's either embarrasing or shameful to depend on oppponets.


Typhlosion. Fire is probbably my least favorite type. Typhlosion, Ho-oh, and Camerupt are the only fire types I ever used in the RPGs. Typhlosion pulled double duty as my partner in mystery dungeon red though, and my love for obscure status effects and the "became a whiffer" text of smokescreen put him on top.There's four other mons that came close to beating him though: Arcanine, Moltres, Camerupt, infernape. Arcanine and Moltres stand out for me, just because I used them religously in 4th gen UU, and I found their sets to be unique compared to anything in UU or OU. Infernape was the lead mon on my go-to DPP team, and I also had fun with his gimmick sets and I started using him at the same time I got into Journey to the West so the monkey theme was great. I also really like his sprites and even his cry. Camerupt was the last fire-type I ever used in the RPG, and I liked how unique he felt due to learning magnitude at such a low level. Also he probably has my 3rd favorite design of any pokemon.


Celebi represents everything that was right with competitive pokemon, I'll keep this short though- I did consider Shaymin because I had someone draw me a hilarious picture of one forever ago that I ended up framing.

Poison, Nidoking-

I remember him most because I did not know how he evolved as a kid and I actually trained one to level 55 before finally asking for help! Afterwards I fed him enough tms for ridiculous coverage, and beat pokemon stadium's gym leader castle with him at the helm. I would go on to use him on occasion in competitive to have fun with sheer force in lower tiers, and during my revisit of R/B I had a lot of fun with Leer+Thrash, which pretty much demolishes anything resistant or not ingame, and is fun to use. X accuracy shenanigans is icing on the cake.

Bug, Golipsopod. I didn't expect it, but I quickly fell in love with it because of its ability. Before him my favorites were venomoth/heracross, but he passed them in no time.


Zapdos I pretty much regarded him as the perfect pokemon until I got into competitive. He came off as more dangerous than his brethren in the lugia movie, and in the context of pokemon stadium 1&2, he had few downsides. I even had a basic set zapdos card, and since I only collected cards and didn't play them, he was my prized one. In gen 3 he was one of the few event pokemon I ever got. I also like like electrode for his comedy value in other media (smash bros and the anime).And the crazy way his eyes stick out when he faints in pokemon stadium! He doesn't really affect me the way zapdos does.

Ground, Gliscor. It was fun while it lasted.


Graveler. I had to replay red/blue because I finally decided to take on Pokemon Stadium's round 2, and rental pokemon were not welcome. As a kid I never used rock types, because I saw what squirtle did to them in rock's gym, and I rolled my eyes at them. But the geodude family is actually a lot of fun to use ingame in the first two generations. This is partly because so many of the enemy traiers use level up moves only and get stuck with only normal attacks even on Pokemon that would eat him for breakfeast in a human's hands. It's just hilarious watching him tank things in the original games, and while his strong physical attacks aren't the easiest to get (snorlax/nidoking) he is probbably in a solid fourth, since due to his survivabilty, he doesn't really suffer while waiting to learn that one crucial move. It doesn't even matter that you may not be able to evolve him. I prefer graveler's design to golem, and anyway his rental mon was more useful than rental golem.


Deoxys-Defense and Kadabra. Deoxys-D was my brutalizer of choice while it was legal. It's ban alone got me interested in the Other Metagame scene, since I needed more Deo-D in my life, and many of the OM leaders did not realize its potential; some of them still don't to this day... heheh... I always thought of kadabra as a creepy pokemon because of the sabrina episode. I never trained one as a kid though. During the revisit, I picked one up, and, well everything about gen1 was true- Kadabra is such a god that evolving him isn't even necessary for him to be one of the best pokemon (in an ingame context). Thanks to him I got to victory road with such a low level team that repels didn't work. It didn't matter though, because despite a nominal 10+ level disadvantage, he could one shot everything. Also as far as I'm concerned he's a sub-boss since the hardest trainer in pokemon stadium 1 used him. Starmie/Celebi would hi-jack this slot, but I don't play them strictly as psychic types.

Fighting, Machamp. DPP Dynamic Punch leads. Nuff Said.


Gengar. Rotom. Gourgeist. I've thought of gengar as the one true ghost for just about for ever, and have had fun with dozens of sets- from subsplit and mystic gar, to scarf and 3+dbond to wisp and taunt sets. I also associate some of my favorite animations in pokemon with it (Pokemon stadium 1's night shade, and pokemon stadium 2's curse and pain split). And unlike many evolution lines, all three in his family have great designs. Also that tongue! Then there's rotom- I remember him best from gen4, when he kept his typing, and was an easy pick for any team archetype because defog didn't exist. Plus I liked that he took on traditional poltergeist moving furniture motif. And the washing machine in particular was a Banjo Kazzoie callout... well to me anyway. Finally gourgeist- I love him entirely based on "battle personalitly" long and short, I saw someone hyping him up, and I tried him for a while, and he actually became my favorite mega altaria check. The combination of 2 damage ticks in leech/wisp, the completely unprepared phsyical bulk (how many other ghosts could tank Bisharp), and even the frisk ability all made it feel GOOD. Unjustifiable for an OU slot, but I mean it was gen6><

Ice, 5 way tie.

Dewgong,Frosslass, Lapras, Mamoswine, Piloswine. I like dewgong because once upon a time, I managed to PP stall somebodies zapdos with a gimmick stockpile set. Granted that was silly, but it made the pokemon memorable to me for sure! I also associate the really ridiculous aurora beam animation from pokemon stadium with dewgong, so he gets comedy points. Lapras was simply planned well. You obtain it in R/B like 15 levels under, but if you train it it turns out really solid. It's kind of an est like that and the effect is honestly a little illusionary- but that's just how the game is structured. As long as the payoff feels high you don't question it. In my case, it was the first water type I found out could learn electric attacks The swine are great because they are pigs. Piloswine having his fur hang over his eyes reminds me of snuffaluffagus from sesame street, his animations in pokemon stadium 2 are hilarious, and mamoswine is just a god on the simulator. Finally frosslass spikes, t waves, taunts, and d-bonds, is fast, and although it can be worked around it was one of my favorite leads before defog and team preview were introduced to the game. I also appreciate that they didn't go too far with the design as far as the japanese legend of that ice maiden goes. It could have been awkward.


Palkia, In retrospect, he's kind of a forgettable mon, but I loved his typing, and I remember him fondly since Pearl was the last pokemon RPG I ever finished before switching to strict simulator play. I also want to give dishonorable mention to the lati twins, because i just hate their designs.


Steelix. Because of Borat. I use steel pokemon a lot, but it's because a team that covers the metagame is more elegant than one that doesn't. I honestly have a really neutral stance on the type.


Honchkrow, Mandibuzz. I like honchkrow because it's such a gangster- It has my favorite DPP and BW sprite. Also it's my go to mon when I think of pursuit trapping, even though it's a waste of his full potential. Playing Wifom with pursuit/sucker punch is just too fun for me to use his good sets. I like Mandibuzz because I was an early adopter of it- When I saw a freak bird mon tank a CB close combat, I just had to have one. My interest in it waned after it got an ability buff and it became more widely recognized though. I really love his BW sprite too.


Whimsicott. Whimsicott let me channel my occasional desire to use jumpluff to troll people in a slightly more productive way. Also I kind of like Sheep in general, favorite weapon in worms, some of my favorite american cartoons, etc. It helps that using the viable, highly splash-able fairy mons makes me feel dirty.

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For the sake of diversity, I won't repeat a pokemon in 2 sections if it has two types (for example, Metagross would take the spot for Psychic and Steel types, but I'll only put it in Steel)

Normal: Staraptor

Fire: Chandelure

Water: Empoleon

Grass: Sceptile

Electric: Luxray

Ice: Articuno

Psychic: Espeon

Dragon: Zekrom

Dark: Umbreon

Fairy: Gardevoir

Fighting: Gallade

Ground: Gliscor

Rock: Aggron

Bug: Volcarona

Ghost: Decidueye

Poison: Crobat

Flying: Talonflame

Steel: Metagross

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Normal: Porygon-Z

Fire: Volcarona

Water: Sharpedo

Grass: Breloom

Electric: Magnezone

Ice: Cloyster

Psychic: Metagross

Dragon: Hydreigon

Dark: Honchkrow

Fairy: Diancie

Fighting: Toxicroak

Ground: Sandslash

Rock: Aerodactyl

Bug: Yanmega

Ghost: Sableye

Poison: Crobat

Flying: Staraptor

Steel: Genesect

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Normal: Type:Null
Fire: Charizard
Water: Greninja
Grass: Decidueye
Electric: Jolteon
Ice: Froslass
Psychic: Lugia
Dragon: Salamence
Dark: Hydreigon
Fairy: Mimikyu
Fighting: Breloom
Ground: Flygon
Rock: Tyranitar
Bug: Ribombee
Ghost: Chandelure
Poison: Muk (Both International and Alolan)
Flying: Staraptor
Steel: Metagross
Edited by Smog

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Normal: Meloetta

Fire: Chandelure

Water: Greninja

Grass: Lurantis

Electric: Luxray

Flying: Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Psychic: Gallade

Fighting: Gallade

Poison: Roserade

Rock: Lycanroc (Midday Form)

Ground: Swampert

Bug: Scizor

Ice: Glaceon

Ghost: Aegislash

Dragon: Dialga

Dark: Greninja

Steel: Aegislash

Fairy: Primarina

Some Pokemon appear twice, but that's because I like them for both of their respective types.


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Normal: BIDOOF!

Fire: Infernape

Water: Araquanid

Grass: Lurantis

Electric: Xurkitree

Ice: Frosslass

Psychic: Espeon

Dargon: Alolan Exeggutor

Dark: Sableye

Fairy: Klefki

Fighting: Gallade

Ground: Krookodile

Rock: Minior

Bug: Scizor

Ghost: Chandelure

Poison: Salazzle

Flying: Staraptor

Steel: aegislash

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Okay, here we go.

Normal: Snorlax, because he is the only normal type I ever liked to actually use in normal playthroughs.

Fire: Ninetales, he is my favourite Pokémon above everyone else.

Grass: Torterra. Best starter, too.

Water: Suicune, he is just elegant and beautiful, as a water type has to be.

Electric: Rotom, the fact he can control electrical appliances is just fun.

Psychic: Gallade, because of his design. So edgy.

Ice: Glaceon. Elegant. Soft. Ice.

Dragon: Dragonite. Fat dragon rulez mah boi.

Dark: Darkrai cause Shadows of Almia and everything.

Fairy: Alolan Vulpix, cause I love Ninetales, but Vulpix is a lot cuter.

Fighting: Lucario. I hate fighting types, he and Gallade are the only ones I like.

Flying: Staraptor, he was my first shiny.

Poison: ...Venusaur is the only one I don't hate, so I guess he is my fav?

Rock: Rhyperior, aka Pokémon's Oswin.

Ground: Nidoking, just kingly.

Bug: Araquanid. I have entomophobia, I hate insects, even in this game. He is the only one I can accept, but just because he is strong. A lot.

Ghost: Giratina, I love his shiny colors.

Steel: Dialga, cause Mystery Dungeon 2.

It's the first time I chose a Pokémon for each type, I feel like some of them are here just to have one of each type while others should be here but aren't.

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Normal: Cinccino

Fire: Charizard

Grass: Tie between Serperior and Lilligant

Water: Milotic

Electric: Electivire

Psychic: Gallade

Ice: Vanilluxe

Dragon: Reshiram

Dark: Hydreigon

Fairy: Gardevoir

Fighting: Lucario duh

Flying: Togekiss

Poison: Roserade

Rock: Nihilego

Ground: Garchomp

Bug: Escavalier

Ghost: Giratina

Steel: Dialga

...I just noticed that almost all the Pokemon on this list are either from Sinnoh or Unova. Wow.

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Normal: Eevee, because it's so cute and can turn into many other good (and not good, mind you) Pokemon. I'd have Arceus here, but it can be any type, so I feel it doesn't count.
Grass: Grovyle, because of PMD bias. Other than it, Serperior, as it is an epic grass snake, and Decidueye for being an epic archer.
Fire: Difficult mach between Infernape, Ninetails, and Chandelure, but I think I'll go with Chandelure due to high special attack and interesting concept.
Water: Fan favorite Greninja, because the ninja theme is great.
Electric: Magneton and Rotom are neat, but I like Magneton better.
Ice: Weavile, as it is my all time top favorite. But other than this, Glaceon.
Fighting: Lucario. Always a favorite.
Flying: Rayquaza. Braviary and Lugia are close.
Poison: The Gastly line. Drapion and Dragalge are honorable mentions.
Rock: Dwebble, because it's a hermit crab.
Ground: Indisputably Garchomp, an unstoppable dragon lord.
Bug: Scizor, who is surprisingly competitively viable despite a 4x weakness to Fire.
Psychic: Gardevoir. It's Mega Evolution is a beast. Honorable mentions are Metagross, [email protected], Reuniclus, and many others.
Ghost: I'd pick the Gastly line, but I've mentioned it before, so Aegislash, then Golurk.
Dragon: Impossible to choose one. Rayquaza, Garchomp, Palkia, Giratina, the entire Tao Trio, and many others.
Dark: Weavile, though because I already chose it, Darkrai.
Steel: Metagross, as he is only an honorable mention for Psychic.
Fairy: Since I already chose Gardevoir, Xerneas. When it uses Geomancy with the Power Herb, *shutters at the power.* Mimikyu is also great.

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