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AttilaGaming Presents: Fire Emblem Sacred Stones: Pick My Edits Edition

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I'm gonna go ahead and jump right into the chase, some of you know me, some of you don't. I used to be an immature shit named Matt Custov, now I've dropped the alias, and I don't plan on picking it up again. I'm doing a Pick My Edits run of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. Basically, comment on the video linked below, and whenever I finish one of my ongoing projects (Pokemon Silver Ranomized or Final Fantasy I) I'll get all of that set up, and play through the rom you guys want to see me play through

Announcement video




Fire Emblem: Eternal Night/Book of Nekros (Patch v1.0) *COMPLETE*

Fire Emblem: The Grand Archipelago (Patch v1.1) *COMPLETE*

Pokemon Silver Randomized Nuclocke *ONGOING*

Pokemon Blue Randomized Nuzlocke *FAILED*

Final Fantasy I (NES) *ONGOING*


Edited by Attila

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