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Cipher Sai 2017 - Event & Merch Info Revealed!

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Both websites for Cipher Sai have now been fully updated with event information and a merchandise listing!

Main Site

Merchandise List & Images

Here's a text list of what all will be available:

  • S1-S7 Artbooks (S7 is new)
  • 2 new playmats (1 is a mystery)
  • 2 binders (brown is new, blue is from Caravan)
  • 3 new clear files
  • 2 ballpoint pens (sisters is new, dot art is from Caravan)
  • Jugdral can badge set (originally from C91)
  • 4 sets of sleeves (originally in player boxes from C91, now sold separately)

In addition, there are some special marker cards that will be available at the event itself featuring art of a bunch of lords, Risen King Chrom, and Seliph. There will also be a concert, draft tournaments, and other events.

Cipher Sai will have two events, one in Osaka on February 19th, and one in Tokyo on February 26th.


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Nice. Another chance to get the blue card binder. Maybe. Oh, who am I kidding.

Also, the little sisters ballpoint pen is amazing.

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Gonna try to make this event.  Hopefully I can blunder through with my minimal Japanese.  Those binders look super nice, and wouldn't mind getting my hands on the artbooks. 

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