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Interesting consequence of hacking the game...


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So recently I hacked my Revelation file.

Nothing too nefarious, just gave myself 99 Dread Scrolls, Ebon Wings, and other items that you can only get from DLC that uses units besides your own, to save myself the hassle, and put Aptitude on some of the amiibo and capturable units to make postgame grinding easier.

But I also decided that I wanted to have every character in the game in one file. Resurrecting Scarlet was a cinch, and to get Izana and Yukimura I simply bought Logbook Einherjar of them from my Birthright file, then "de-Einherjared" them. They have no supports, like Gunter, but they can actually appear around My Castle, have lines, can be invited to My Room, ect.

However, I used a male Corrin this file and married Beruka, leaving one guy (Hayato) a bachelor and thus making me unable to get Rhajat. So I did the same thing, imported a logbook Rhajat then purified her. And it worked fine.

But here is where things get weird. See, in the Birthright file I imported her from, Hayato had married Felicia. In this Revelation file, Hayato's a bachelor and Felicia instead married Hinata. The game recognizes Felicia as Rhajat's mother still, though, meaning Felicia has two children with two different men. So my hacking inadvertently turned Felicia into a heartless adulteress who cheated on Hinata with Hayato:


But even weirder still, and the reason I made this thread, is that the game actually recognizes that Hisame and Rhajat are half-siblings, and gave them a sibling support:


It's textless, of course, but it's there. Note that they do not have an S-support, either.

It's just interesting. I thought that the sibling mechanic was just hardcoded to Shigure and Kana since they're the only units who can legally have variable siblings, but it seems the game actually checks to see which two units share a mother and assigns supports that way.

For bonus points, Rhajat was actually married to Hisame in Birthright. Guess incest is a recurring theme in this game even when I'm taking matters into my own hands.

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