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Is there a way to randomize custom classes?

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Hi! I've been attempting to make a fun little romhack where I basically just dick around, changing people's classes and making dumb "Balance changes" to make the game (FE7) a little more fun for myself. In the process, I "added" (edited the peer and others) the female myrmidon, female mercenary, female brigand and a nifty little mage class and gave it to a few of the characters. My thing is that should I ever feel like randomizing this for extra fun, these classes are never going to be randomized themselves (keep in mind that I'm using the universal gba fe randomizer). Given that my knowledge of romhacking extends to Nightmare, FEditor and changing palettes, I would have no idea if it is possible to randomize them and if so, how I would go about doing it.

I was thinking that perhaps there was a particular attribute in nightmare that the "usual" classes have that the others (like the peer) do not have but I noticed nothing of note.

The one thing I did notice was a certain ***UNKNOWN*** attribute that most classes had a value on but stuff like the peer had a 0 value on it. However, while the mercenary (F) also had the 0x00 value attibuted to it, the female myrmidon, shaman and druid (all of which are unrandomizable as well) had actual values on them, so I guess that's not it. Plus, the values were going up with every different class so it didn't appear to be related to that at all.

I'm asking this because Klokinator made a "fixpatch" for fe7  for a different randomizer and now he made one for fe8 for the universal randomizer that apparently make those classes randomizable (as long as he edits them in a specific way) but I don't think he's done that to his FE8 fix patch yet and I'm pretty sure after a several tries that the normal fe7 fix patch does not work on the universal randomizer. Any thoughts?

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