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Got a -Atk Saul from the Seasonal freebie. I don't mind because he has excellent fodder, although it's a bit annoying that you need 2 copies of the guy to get everything sans the Duel skill. Now he's going to rot in my barracks while I debate between giving Return+ or Odd Recovery to my 12!Nanna. 

For the Hero Fest I got a -Spd Bridal Catria and a Brave Roy so far. I'll keep going until I get Plumeria, and if have some luck maybe get rid of the -Spd on Catria. 

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Free Red special hero is... uh... wait what's the title given to the Jugdral Festival units? Cause it's Julia from that.
+Spd -Def isn't bad at all. And hey if I decide I don't want her, she has an inheritable tome!

Also got Yuri and HarmonicCatria in the same session with a ticket. Not good assets mind you, but they do have some fodder skill options...

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I guess I'm joining the "I got a demote on my guaranteed 5-star pull" club with Valentine Alfonse.


43 minutes ago, Xenomata said:

Free Red special hero is... uh... wait what's the title given to the Jugdral Festival units? Cause it's Julia from that.

"Fluffy Hat".

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Free summon unit was Artur, was going to go colorless, but wasn’t given 1

Off the tickets and other red orbs, I got Priam, Larcie, and Plumeria, which is good, but continued my odd off focus pull luck from the New Years tickets

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Well, I spent some orbs (I think 13) on the mythic banner since the odds are good that I'll get something I want if I pull green. I already decided, though, that I'd only pull until I get a focus unit. I got Fjorm. Well, at least I got another floret from this, but I wanted Otr the most, followed by Eitri. Oh well. I can't really complain. Better luck next time, I guess.

I got Ninja Corrin for my free special unit this year. I wanted Pirate Surtr or Summer Ogma (I'm pretty sure I already had Ninja Corrin.) Oh well. Not the worst pull I've had. Still, I noticed Summer Ogma was on the double special banner, and spent some orbs there and actually managed to pull him! So, I'm satisfied.

Edit: Ah, I also got a +atk Dimitri from the hero fest banner, so that's cool.

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I picked colorless since I did not want a 4* Special Heroes. I got Vika: Sea-Dark Wing. Well, at least I did not have her before.

- - - - - - -

Fucking finally got my fourth Elimine. I also managed to get enough copies and then some to get Claude: King of Unification to +10, and Ashera to at least +5. I am debating whether I should merge him or slaughter him to my cavalry and flier nukes. I lean towards the former, but since he passed me off so much, I do kind of want to just sacrifice him.

And of course, because my favorite house leader and waifu is Edelgard: Flame Emperor, she is still at +0, whereas the other two I do not care about are at +10. Although that being said, I did not pull on green Mythics much so she did not have much of a chance to pity break me.

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Got the Plumeria I was looking for after 21 summons. -Atk because of course she'd be, but as a dancer it's not that big of a deal. 

I bought another month of Feh pass to spark a 2nd Harmonic Azura, although in hindsight I don't really know what are the benefits of having 2 H!Azuras outside of 1 turn memeing Abyssal maps, so I may go ahead and spark from the Hero Fest banner too. Most likely for a second Bride Catria, or Yuri if I manage to get a Catria before reaching the spark.

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Time to make the Special Hero Summon for this year. Red ideally, green if not.

  1. 5* Winter!Artur: I'm disappointed. Not that he's bad, but I already have him. +HP/-Atk is mediocre, so I'll merge him into my neutral copy from his banner.

Now green for the Ground Orders banner.

  1. 3* Sakura: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 8.

  1. 3* Mercedes: No.

Red for the TT banner.

  1. 3* Fir: No.

As for Hero Fest, blue ideally, grey if not.

  1. 4* Sothe: No.
  2. 4* Donnel: No.
  3. 4* Jagen: No.
  4. 4* Gordin: No.
  5. 3* Femui: No.
  6. 3* Oboro: No.
  7. 4* Reinhardt: No.
  8. 4* Tatiana: No.
  9. 5* L!Dimitri: I was starting to wonder if I'd get anything at all! +Atk/-Def is pretty good.
  10. 3* Lena: No
  11. 5* Shinon: Huh, nice. +Res/-HP is trash, but he can merge into my pre-existing +Res/-Atk copy.

That went nicely. Now back to Elimine's Mythic banner with a 9.5% rate. 218 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* M!Morgan: No.
  2. 3* Stahl: No.
  3. 4* Clair: No.
  4. 4* Rath: No.
  5. 4* Lucius: No.

Disappointing. 198 orbs left.

  1. 4* Erk: No.
  2. 5* B!Roy: A nice 4* Special. +Def/-Res is bad, but a nice merge for my +1 +HP copy.
  3. 3* Silas: Reposition fodder.
  4. 4* Seteth: No.
  5. 4* Balthus: No.

Irritating. 178 orbs left.

  1. 5* Lene: Thanks for the new unit, 4* Special rate. Full neutral is fine.
  2. 4* Palla: No.
  3. 5* Ascendant!Fjorm: Twice off one banner. +Atk/-HP is good, but I'll keep my current +1 +Spd copy.
  4. 3* Titania: No.
  5. 3* Linhardt: No.

This banner was not very kind to me. 8 full circles gave me just 2 merges for Ascendant!Fjorm and three 4* Specials. No Elimine, no Volke, no Constance...

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Free seasonal is...baby twins! Just a little miffed they're the freebie after throwing 200+ orbs at them on their debut...but it's fine. They made up for it by being +Atk. 

Got two Plumeria and an off Catria for the Hero fest. Legendary banner netted me 2 Otr, 1 Eitri (pity breaker that she has been), 3 Claude, 1 Ashera, 1 Seliph, and 1 Elimine. Not too bad overall. 

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With the mythic/legendary banner going away, I caved in and tried getting Otr again. I'm at 9.5% or so now, but I didn't want to dip past 100 orbs, so I'm on the fence about what to do. I kind of wish I'd just kept waiting for the new banner. No telling when Chrom and his nephew will show up for me.

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I managed to pull a 5* Owain! He doesn't have the best nature, being +def I think, but I'm going to focus on trying to get his uncle now.

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Shockingly good luck on the Valentines banner. Within 12 pulls i had Robin and Chrom, and by the spark i had three 4* Owain, a second Chrom, and an Ingrid and B!eirika who joined for fun it seems. Sparked Lucina, then pulled 4 more times and got a second one, also neutral IVs.



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With my very first free summon ticket, I pulled the Chrom + Robin Valentine Duo. And with the second, I got...Male Fallen Corrin, because I can't go a banner without getting at least one off-focus pull, haha. But, hey, Chrom + Robin on literally my first ticket! I'll take it!

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Awakening Valentine's banner is turning into another "lol, no focus units (including and especially the 4* focus)" situation for me. So far (25 pulls in) it's been:

Two 4* Specials: Helbindi and his boss man (Surtr, +Atk/-Spd)
Two Pitybreakers: the peg knight money whore (Farina) and CYL Lysithea

Between this and drunk professor being my Special Hero freebie, I'm not exactly having a good time lately. At least Elimine's banner treated me decently with a free pull Ashera, a Hapi merge, Eitri and Elimine (spark).

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Well, I got Valentine's Chrom! Even though he doesn't have the best boon/bane, I'm done with the banner now. I'm just glad I got all the ones I really wanted. ^_^

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Not going to pull from the Valentine's banner until I know what the next New Heroes has to offer, so for now I'll start with blue on the New Power banner.

  1. 4* Mathilda: No.

Red for the L/M remix.

  1. 3* Frederick: I guess not.

Grey for Weekly Revival 9.

  1. 4* Kaze: No.

Red for Weekly Revival 42.

  1. 5* Idunn: Nice! She's even +Atk/-Spd, which is as near perfect as makes no difference.

Alright, a good day today. Another new unit added to the barracks without any orbs spent.

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Went all the way to spark on the Hero Fest banner, got a second Catria, a Yuri and an Ingrid merge on the way. I chose Plumeria for the spark because having 2 of her seems like a good idea for more offensive teams. 

For the Valentine's banner I got Lucina and F!Robin. Lucina is neutral and Robin is +Hp -Def. I'm kinda tempted to use Trait Fruits on Robin, but at the same time I don't think I'm going to use her all that much when I have A!Fjorm and Henriette for Far Save duties. 

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