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Tried my luck on either Flame Lyn or Halloween Corrin on the free Special Heroes banner so that I could lower the number of things to pull on the Engage AHR banner, but I got Duo Laegjarn instead, which is still quite good as a consolation prize.

She's already +10, so that's a free Seal Def 4 that I can give to someone with a Brave weapon. Now just to figure out who.

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Hero Fest Tickets gave me a Eitri and a Shinon.

Free Special Hero gave me Young Ike.

Not bad. I am planning to skip the Valentines, and summon for Peony now. I hope she shares with Chrom and not Julia.

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I pulled colorless on the free special hero banner. I wanted anything but Summer Micaiah. (Even a double would have been fine, but I was especially hoping for Summer Nifl or Flame Tribe Muspell.) Guess who I pulled. Oh well. Trying not to be upset about it, but DANG those odds...

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I'm dumb and forgot the Hero Fest spark is exclusive to FEH Pass, which means I have to do it by this time next week at the latest. I spent orbs elsewhere (mainly AHR, which doesn't require FEH Pass) so I'm probably going to have to farm up some orbs pretty extensively.

That said, I got a start doing it now, and did two full circles of Hero Fest. The second circle today (and third overall) gave me two Eitris, one +Def -Spd and the other +Res -Spd. I don't know if her Rein skill is worth foddering off to be honest, might just merge them together, and that's all I care to see of her.

So that's five 5-stars out of 15 pulls so far. Time to stop doing full rounds, given I have 12 tickets left (once I do the quests) I can get to the spark by just opening barely over one extra orb per ticket round. So my plan would therefore be to go in on Blue and Grey for now. I want one Idunn, mostly for the Florete, and one Lysithea, to fix my -Spd one.

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Even more banners this week. Starting with green on the BHB banner since my Kaden's +1 while Selkie and Velouria are +2.

  1. 4* Vyland: No.

Red for the Time's Pulse banner.

  1. 3* Mustafa: Or not.

Grey for Hero Fest since Lysithea and Lute need a merge.

  1. 5* Ascendant!Idunn: Not my initial goal, but nice to have! +Def/-Res is decent.
  2. 4* Gaius: No.
  3. 4* Priscilla: No.
  4. 3* Brady: No.
  5. 3* Matthew: No.
  6. 4* Kaze: No.
  7. 4* Bantu: No.
  8. 3* Forrest: No.
  9. 3* Kagero: No.
  10. 4* Elice: Meh. +Def/-HP isn't a good master copy.
  11. 4* Palla: No.

Well, I got something good out of those tickets. Green for the Hatari banner.

  1. 3* F!Shez: No.

Red for the Plegia banner.

  1. 4* Marth: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 7.

  1. 3* Nyna: No.

Red for Weekly Revival 50.

  1. 4* M!Morgan: No.

Grey for the TT banner.

  1. 4* Clarine: No.

As for the free 5* Special Hero, I'm hoping for green.

  1. 5* Harmonic!Roy: Alright. I would have preferred a new unit since I already have them at +1 +Spd, but a merge for a Harmonic is never wasted.

And lastly the weekly Arena ticket.

  1. 5* Claude: Eh. +Res/-Spd is awful, but I already have a +1 +Atk copy to merge into.

Not a bad session. Ascendant!Idunn is a nice addition to the barracks.

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Got 5 Elises from 400 orbs, so decent luck, 4 were +def and the other +res, but I've been patient with fruit.

Only got 2 off focus units so the new feature had no effect this time.

Was hoping for a stray summon of Leo/Takumi, but got neither.

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After the five early 5-stars in the first three circles, a whole lot of nothing until pull 33 on Hero Fest, which gave me an +Def -Atk Anna, then a +Res -HP Kiria to finish up the spark. Went with Neutral Winter Lysithea over Idunn despite the fact I already have Lysithea, mainly because of Idunn's common pool availability and because looking at my old copy's Spd bane causes me physical pain. I still have five tickets actually, and depending on how things go, I may pull some excess blues over the next 22 days Hero Fest remains active.

I then decided enough was enough and took my seasonal freebie. I decided blue over green because I liked the blue units better despite worse odds overall, but the game decided otherwise, only giving me two greens and three reds. So +Spd -Def Valentine's Lucina it is. I'm not super interested in her, but she's new so it's an acceptable outcome.

Down to zero orbs, so not doing any summons on the Valentine's banner just yet. I only intend to do one circle pulling only greys, maaaaybe green anyway. However before that happens, I still need to pull two more full rounds of the Engage AHR banner to get to the spark. Plan remains the same, in that I intend to free pull Roy and Corrin, unless one of them turns up randomly before then (less likely now that the freebie above was Lucina).

Oh, and finally no greys once again on the weekly Arena freebie, so green it is.

1. Veronica
2. Mamori
3. Sad Tiki
4. Innes
5. Katarina
6. Green Olwen
7. Lyn
8. Peganino
9. Kinoka
10. Dorcas

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Did a few more pulls from the Double Mythic Heroes banner, but am taking another break because my barracks is now down to fewer than 10 open slots and I really need to actually do some cleaning for real this time. Hopefully, I'll have the time and motivation to clean my barracks out before the banner ends because doing a few hundred pulls with only 10 open slots is hell.

50 more pulls:

  • 0 Gotoh
  • 3 Fomortiis
  • 0 Arval

Well, I guess I found where all of my Fomortiis pulls went.

Current total 112 pulls:

  • 2 Gotoh (+1 spark)
  • 3 Fomortiis
  • 3 Arval

Currently sitting at a 7.1% focus rate, which is now below average by more than 1 full pull. Bleh.


The first Arena ticket of the new SR pool gets me Sigurd.

  1. Brave Veronica (A)
  2. Leila
  3. Luke
  4. Leila
  5. Innes
  6. Flying Olivia
  7. Mareeta
  8. Phina
  9. Gray
  10. Sigurd (B)


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My goodness the Double Mythic banner hates me. I got a single Monica and THREE Legendary Dimitris, but not a single sighting of Fomortiis or Gotoh. Anyway, weekly Arena ticket:

  • Week 1: Horse Chrom
  • Week 2: Luke
  • Week 3: Lewyn
  • Week 4: Maribelle
  • Week 5: Velouria
  • Week 6: Takumi
  • Week 7: Nah
  • Week 8: Mareeta
  • Week 9: Brave Veronica
  • Week 10: Laegjarn
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Wow, I fucking hate this Valentine's banner. The only thing I've gotten so far is a duplicate Erinys. I also don't have a spark so I can't guarantee either Takumi or Leo. Feels like my banner's been pretty shit since just before anniversary.

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Finished off the spark for the Engage AHR with the final two full circles, the latter of which yielded me Harmonic Roy. Since I was planning to spark/free-pull him, this is a good thing, but his +HP -Spd nature is disappointing. Oh well, he'll still do a job in Resonant Battles. First thing's first though, and that's to summon Halloween Corrin as one of the two free units. Then, after some deliberation, I went with Scion Leif over Summer Eirika for the other freebie, mostly on the strength of being a Harmonic, despite being an older unit.

All in all I have to be content. Sure I'd have liked to naturally pull more than three units on the way to the spark. Eight full circles makes for a relatively cheap investment though, plus two of my top three targets (Lyn and Roy) appeared during those pulls which is rather improbable given there are twelve focus units. The one duplicate unit in CYL Byleth improved on my base copy too, so that's three wins, plus the two freebies.

So yeah, thanks Engage for the five good units (Lyn, Byleth, Roy, Corrin, Leif). I haven't decided on whether I'll even buy the game, but I appreciate that I didn't have to in order to get the rewards (including, surprisingly, the five orbs).

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It’s times like these where I’m glad I’ve been mostly ignoring this game to play Engage instead. Little good that focus charge thing does when you aren’t even lucky enough to pull off focus 5*s.

Oh, and my free seasonal was a 4* focus character for the second year in a row. I’m not even gonna say which one it was because I don’t care.

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Having spent a few days not cleaning out my barracks and contemplating my budget, I've decided I'll pull on the AHR and Valentine banners first and then use whatever I have left of this month's budget (ends on the 14th) on the Double Mythic Heroes banner. Even if I'd have liked to have gotten more merges for Gotoh and Fomortiis, +2 on both is good enough for Aether Raids, and Gotoh will be rerun extremely soon anyways. Hero Fest is going to stay for a while, so I'll hold off pulling on that for the time being.

And that was probably a good idea because my luck on the AHR banner was not great. 116 pulls:

  • 3 Lyn (+1 spark)
  • 1 Corrin
  • 0 Lucina (+1 freebie)
  • 1 Roy
  • 1 Byleth
  • 1 Micaiah

6.0% focus rate is garbage. Yes, sniping blue should result in a focus rate of about 5.5% including the pity bonus, but without accounting for off-color pulls, so it should be higher than 5.5% with off-color pulls, but not when 3 of my 7 focus pulls were off-color.

Though to be fair, the Lyn rate was 2.6%, which is actually effectively average (about 2.8%), so I probably shouldn't complain too much since all the desire sensor actually denied me was 2 copies of Corrin.

Lyn is now +10 with one spare to give to Ganglot for Godlike Reflexes duplication. Corrin is now +1 with the exact same mediocre Asset as the first one. Roy is now +8. Micaiah is now +6. Lucina is my 12th copy and will go to Rearmed Grima for Savvy Fighter duplication. I already have too many Byleths and nothing to do with them because his fodder is useless.


Decided to spark Elise so I could at least get a guaranteed neutral copy and wouldn't have to pull for her, but ended up getting a couple of copies of her when there wasn't any other color to pull on (after getting Takumi and Leo), which was nice (and was definitely the right decision because neutral was better than any of the copies I pulled). I also specifically pulled colorless when I had the pity charge maxed out and lucked out getting her instead of Hana.

161 pulls:

  • 3 Elise (+1 spark)
  • 1 Takumi
  • 1 Leo
  • 2 5-star Hana
  • 9 4-star Hana
  • 3 pity breakers
    • Brave Marth
    • Ascended Mareeta
    • Galzus

4.3% focus rate is good, especially since the 3.1% non-Hana-focus rate is actually right about average, so the copies of Hana effectively didn't actually cost me anything. 6.2% total 5-star rate is below average by less than a pull, which is good.

Leo is an excellent [+Atk, -Spd]. Takumi is a not-so-great [+Res, -Spd].


5 pulls on the Hatari desert banner gets me another copy of Desert Karla. Nothing from any of the other reruns.


Bought an orb pack for the Double Mythic Heroes banner and watched my pity rate go up from 9.5% to 13.0% and decided I was done with this banner. I ended up grabbing a few free orbs from my piggy bank of unfinished story maps and finally pulled Gotoh at a 13.5% pity rate with no other 5-stars in the session. Yeah, I'm done with this banner.

46 pulls:

  • 1 Gotoh
  • 0 Fomortiis
  • 0 Arval

Final total of 158 pulls:

  • 3 Gotoh (+1 spark)
  • 3 Fomortiis
  • 3 Arval

5.7% focus rate is complete garbage and is below average by 4 pulls.

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Now free of the burden of sparks and whatnot, no real pressure to budget orbs for any single purpose.

The freebie on New Heroes and the two greys on the Valentine's banner produced nothing.

Back then to the Hero Fest. Spark is already done but I have five tickets left. Idunn's the only one left I don't have so sniping blue makes sense, although I broke that immediately to open a grey to pump my rate up to 9% on my first circle today. Second circle yielded +HP -Def Ascended Idunn, so I have the full house now. The other blue orb yielded nothing and then I had the decision with just six orbs on hand on whether to open one of the two greys or the one red. Picked the red and hey, it's my third Ascended Mareeta (+HP -Res) of the banner, and fifth overall. With three tickets left I'm done spending orbs here so just did three single-pull rounds with them, got nothing but I'm glad to be done with Hero Fest now.

I think that makes it 53 pulls total on Hero Fest. 3x Mareeta, 2x Eitri, 1x Idunn, 1x Charlotte, 1x Anna (who annoyingly got demoted to 4*SR during the event) and one 4*SR in Kiria. That plus the spark for Lysithea. Well worth it in the end.

Edited by Humanoid
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My luck on the Valentine's banner is currently abysmal, but I free pulled NY!Lethe earlier. That made me pretty happy because I didn't have her before. Let's just say that she showed up for the Lunar New Year (yes I know that was over two weeks ago, shhh).

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Eyy, free CYL Dimmi. +HP -Atk is unfortunate but a merge for my neutral one. The biggest upside though is that now that one will be merged and the other not, I will finally be able to tell the CYL version apart from the Legendary one.

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First things first, 5 tickets from the Hero Fest that I apparently forgot to get before.

  1. 3* Matthew: No.
  2. 4* Sothe: No.
  3. 3* Forrest: No.
  4. 3* Legault: No.
  5. 3* Kagero: No.

That was terrible. Blue for the New Power banner.

  1. 4* Catria: Not quite.

Grey for Weekly Revival 8.

  1. 4* Lachesis: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 65.

  1. 4* Matthew: No.

Red for the Valentines banner. I'm not really eager for anyone in particular, so I'll just see if I can get Hana for free.

  1. 4* A!Tiki: No.

I guess not. Blue for Remix 1.

  1. 3* Silas: Reposition fodder.

As for Remix 2 I'm going to snipe blues until the spark. L!Chrom is the only unit here I'm missing, and L!Julia needs just 3 more merges to reach +10. 182 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Mae: No.
  2. 3* Altena: No.
  3. 4* Clair: No.

Disappointing. 174 orbs left.

  1. 4* Florina: No.

169 orbs left.

  1. 5* L!Chrom: Nice. +Res/-Spd is pretty good, so I'm happy with this.

One goal down, three to go. 164 orbs left.

  1. 3* Roshea: No.
  2. 4* Femui: No.

155 orbs left.

  1. 3* Robin: No.
  2. 3* Femui: No.
  3. 4* Abel: No.

142 orbs left.

  1. 3* Mathilda: No.

137 orbs left.

  1. 3* Shigure: No.
  2. 3* Subaki: No.
  3. 4* Roshea: No.

124 orbs left.

  1. 3* Seteth: No.

119 orbs left.

  1. 4* Cordelia: No.

114 orbs left.

  1. 3* Felicia: No.

109 orbs left.

  1. 3* Shanna: Desperation fodder.

104 orbs left.

  1. 4* Roderick: No.

99 orbs left.

  1. 4* Gwendolyn: No.

94 orbs left.

  1. 3* Karin: No.
  2. 4* Femui: No.

85 orbs left.

  1. 3* Oboro: No.
  2. 3* Mordecai: No.
  3. 3* Karin: No.
  4. 3* Gwendolyn: No.
  5. 4* Henry: No.

That was ridiculous. 65 orbs left.

  1. 3* Benny: No.
  2. 4* Sully: No.

56 orbs left.

  1. 3* Clair: No.

Up to an 8.5% pity rate now. 51 orbs left.

  1. 3* Est: No.
  2. 3* Gwendolyn: No.

19 3*s compared to 12 4*s. This is the opposite of what the odds are supposed to be... 42 orbs left.

  1. 4* Thea: No.
  2. 4* Shigure: No.

33 orbs left.

  1. 3* Robin: No.
  2. 5* L!Chrom: This took twice as long as it should have. Neutral is fine for a merge copy. I'll take the rest of the circle since my pity rate is dead.
  3. 4* Catria: No.
  4. 4* Jeorge: No.
  5. 5* B!Byleth: Alright, a nice consolation pull. +HP/-Res is mediocre, but my current copy is +Atk/-Spd and would love a merge.

13 orbs left with one more pull needed for the spark.

  1. 4* Benny: No.
  2. 3* Robin: No.

I'm down to 4 orbs and aside from sparking for Julia (+8 now) I got two copies of Chrom and a merge for B!Byleth. I was hoping for at least one extra merge for Julia, but as is I feel like I got my orbs' worth. Lastly, the weekly Arena ticket.

  1. 5* Azura: How worthless. +Spd/-Res is good, but she's just so out of date. I might as well just merge her into my +2 +Res copy to make numbers go up.
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Weekly arena freebie is CYL Camilla +Spd -Atk, which is one of the main reasons I'm prioritising grey for these. Oldest CYL unit I'm missing I believe.


1. Veronica
2. Mamori
3. Sad Tiki
4. Innes
5. Katarina
6. Green Olwen
7. Lyn
8. Peganino
9. Kinoka
10. Dorcas
11. CYL Camilla

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I don't think my game knows what a focus unit is.

I've gotten Duessel, Astrid, Larum, and Fallen Female Corrin in 30 pulls. And one -atk Bastian. Seriously? -_-

EDIT: Because no one posted after me. Free-pulled Maribelle today, whom I've been trying to get for a very long time. And also got Geoffrey on my last circle. Gonna spark Elincia.

Edited by Sunwoo
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