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2 minutes ago, Vaximillian said:


You are not Ayra nor Eldigan! However, you are still very welcome here, even with Def/Spd.

Ah, the person I wanted to get but instead ended up with Sanaki. Thank you for bringing back those dark memories of the Crimean banner... even if Sanaki is kinda nice to have. If I hadn't already promoted my Caeda, this post would've definitely convinced me to do it.


I was foolish and spent all my orbs on a full summon from the new banner, and ended up with absolutely nothing. Except my second +Atk 4-star Cherche, which keep appearing with banes that aren't -Res, to taunt me for still having a 3-star +Atk/-Res Cherche. And a +Def Lucius, which gave me a good laugh before I threw him away for feathers. I kinda wanted to try for Ayra or Eldigan, but I won't be able to get many orbs before it's over, so I might just do full summons on the new banner until I get a 5-star.

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Uh, wrong topic.

But anyway, pulled a 4-star Mae as free summon from Halloween banner. Not going to summon anymore there.

I also did not get PA!Azura, but again, I can't be mad. I got the other three. Just wish the game didn't give me a summoning session with no greens ... followed by a session with two greens when I could pull only one. And Camilla is starting to show up too much.

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Tonight's Pulls:

Halloween Banner - 72 orbs spent.

3* Clarine
4* Eirika
3* Arthur
3* Azama
4* Male Corrin
5* Lucius (+Spd/-HP)  I knew a 5* healer would show up.  I already have him at 5*, so good thing I didn't have a high pity rate for him to break.
4* Maria
4* Clarine
3* Cherche
5* Rebecca (+HP/-Spd)  Oh, she's new!  I'm fine with this.
3* Serra
4* Gunter
4* Jakob
3* Fir
4* Wrys
4* Olivia
5* Witch Nowi (+Spd/-Def)  Nice!
3* Gordin

Good results tonight. 

I am still hoping for Kitty Sakura and at least 1 of the armour dudes.  :]

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Pulled three rounds sniping for greens. Went through 4 greens until I found what I was looking for. 
4*Fredrick, 3*Fredrick, 4* Gunter and then 5* Henry (+Spd, -Res) continued to pull because there where some colourless and I felt lucky and 5* Mist 

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Finally got Halloween Nowi after around 120 orbs. Was hoping to get one of the armour dudes as well but I'm not going to pull in this banner anymore. Nowi is + def/-res which is fine and is the same nature as my Summer Corrin. Spent 20k feathers giving Corrin Blarblade+ so I just need to wait to Friday to train up Nowi and then my flier team will be complete!

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Went on the flier banner with 17 orbs and pulled on everything but the red. Got a +atk -HP Clair! She's not new, but my previous one was +atk -spd, so I think the new one will be better.

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60 orbs on the Halloween banner pulling red. 

Nothing but some SI fodder (2x Tharja, 1x Fae, 2x Laslow, 1x Caeda, 1 Seth and some other I don't remember) aaaand 5* Karel who broke my pity rate with the penultimate Orb. At least its my first Karel, not that I need him ... 

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Free pull on my main account was 3 star Palla. I'm going to wait until the next banner is announced before I decide whether or not to hunt for Henry. 

I'm going all in on my secondary account. I spent about 70 orbs and haven't gotten a focus unit yet, but I'll continue until I get at least one of the Halloween characters. 

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One full pull on the Halloween banner. Nothing of note. Well... except-



Well, isn't that a surprise? Looks like I'll be running armor emblem in Arena the next few weeks. Awesome. +DEF/-RES which is basically neutral so it's a huge win. He and Nowi were my most wanted units so this is a huge step forward. I can pull Red and colorless only noew. Really just red if I can help it.

No more pulls on this banner until the next new heroes banner pops up so I can grab a tempest unit or whatever. But we're good here.

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Birthday pull? Birthday pull.

3 Colourless, 1 each Blue, Green

4* Fae (Oh nice, I haven't pulled her in a long while! +HP/-Att, Renewal fodder's nice.),  4* Priscilla (Well, at least she has Rehabilitate. +Res/-HP), 4* Clair (Well, +Res/-Spd. Definitely a fodder unit.), 4* Lissa (Hey, another Rehab unit. +Spd/-Att, is it worth replacing my -Spd Lissa?), 3* Setsuna (Hey, useful fodder. Shame she's 3*)

Better luck than usual.

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This banner hated me. My good luck ran dry. I only ever seemed to get one colourless and nearly no greens per session. Reds and blues were rampant. I do NOT want you, Nowi! Bog off!

220 orbs and all fodder - some good, most sadly not good >.< Did get one Setsuna and two Kleins, which were appreciated :)

Then Jakob, my lovely, beautiful, armoury Jakob finally broke my streak. Man, I love you, Jakob <3

A few pulls after him, a very odd Henry showed up. I thought he was cosplaying as a vampire with a coffin, not a purple haired witch :O

And then a few more pulls after that, the vampire Henry showed up, too. Three 5*'s in less than ten pulls is very lucky... if it hasn't happened after 220 orbs v.v

I was going to go for Sakura but I'm done on this banner for sure.

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3 hours ago, Vaximillian said:


You are not Ayra nor Eldigan! However, you are still very welcome here, even with Def/Spd.

@SatsumaFSoysoy @GuiltyLove @DefaultBeep @Arcanite @phineas81707

EDIT: Hey, and you are Eldigan!


Def/Atk, so merge fodder for my current Res/Spd. The game trying to apologise for no Deirdre?

Looks like your luck almost turned around! I would like another Elincia :D

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In my free pull, I got Halloween Jakob!

Then, after 182+some orbs I bought (around 60) I got 
Halloween Henry
Halloween Sakura 

Plus a bunch of SI fodder...and Fir. 

Now to build up orbs and see who the new units are in the middle of the month before trying to get Halloween Nowi again. 

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Todays lucky pulls are brought to you by insomnia, if you don't sleep well, you'll probably get something good!



But yea anyways, i got what I wanted here. First Nowi was -Atk, being greedy and wanting better for one of my favorites I tried for a 2nd, and ended up with neutral.
Had to sift through some Firs but we're here.
Got more Roys for TA fodder and a Cain for... something.
@Rezzy I've escaped your curse this time.

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I originally only wanted to use my free summon but I've been hoarding orbs for a while so I figured why not. Spent 24 orbs in total with the following units to show:

3* Saizo (+HP/-RES) - Feathers.
3* Laslow (+RES/-ATK) - Feathers.
4* Shanna (+HP/-ATK) - Not necessarily needed since I do have a lot of Shannas but Desperation/Iceberg fodder is always appreciated.
4* Frederick (+SPD/-RES) - I already have a +ATK/-SPD one and +SPD is questionable on Fred. I did actually need Luna fodder though, so this is great.
4* Barte (+SPD/-RES) - Again, I have a +ATK/-RES one which is better. Probably Fury 2 fodder since I can't pull Hinata to save my life.
5* Halloween Henry (+ATK/-RES) - YASSS, jackpot! I desperately needed a good green mage and B!Lyn/Reinhardt check. Those IVs look pretty damn good as well. Not sure if +ATK or +SPD is ideal but should be good either way. I don't mind the -RES either since he's got a fuckton of it anyway.
4* Serra (+SPD/-RES) - My Serra with the best IVs so far. Keeping this one for now.

Super stoked with my pulls. Even though I'm still sitting on 102 orbs, I doubt I'll summon again since none of the other focus units interest me too much. Maybe Jakob since I could actually build an armor emblem team now but fuck braving colorless hell.

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I drop some cash on the game, have a bit over 200 orbs, and what do I get for my troubles? A 5* Roy and Halloween Jakob. The Roy is garbage (+Def -Atk) and since I almost never use my first Roy he’ll likely be TA3 fodder rather than merged. Jakob is neutral, which I’m satisfied with, though he was my least desired unit of the four banner units. Salty...

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In my summon today I got Cecilia, Caeda, Barte, Olivia, Chrom, 2 Berukas, Henry (the wrong one), 2 Sheenas, Lonqu, Hana, 2 Hinatas,  Gunther, Eliwood, Oboro, Sophia, Soren, Cherche, Camilla, Fir, Laslow, Frederick, mCorrin, and Tailtiu  with the highlights being a +atk,-spd Lilina and a +atk,-res Henry, +atk,-spd Henry and a +atk-def Henry(the right one). Looks like the @Rezzy curse did not touch me.

Next up the my witch academia cosplayer,  for next month.

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