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Will my horrendous luck from the last legendary banner continue? We shall see. Doing a full round, then sniping greys until I get one of anybody, then that's it.

4* Eliwood
3* Clair
3* Ogma
4* Sully
4* Camilla
4* Kagero
3* Kaze
3* Wrys
4* Lilina
4* Lissa
3* Virion
3* Matthew
4* Olivia
4* Kaze
4* Wrys
3* Gordin
4* Clarine
3* Rebecca
3* Kagero
4* Setsuna
3* Legault
3* Wrys
3* Gaius
3* Kagero
4* Maria
4* Felicia
4* Kaze
3* Klein
3* Kagero
5* Leanne +Res -Atk
4* Niles
3* Cordelia
4* Marth
4* Nino

Yeah, that's another 140ish orbs for one 5-star, following on from 300+ orbs for two 5-stars last time out. I don't think these banners like me. Still, at least it was Leanne and not Eirika, or any number of off-colour pitybreakers, the only ones of which I want would be Nailah and maaaaybe Sue.


Not sure how many orbs I'll invest into Hero Fest. Maybe a full round of CYL2, and whatever greens and greys appear on CYL1.

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Did a full pull on the legendary banner and got +Atk/-Spd Legendary Marth who is new to my collection, nice! I think I'll pass on the banner past this. I am missing two out of three units for blue green and grey colors, and now none of the reds, but sniping colors rarely turns out well for me and my orb stockpile isn't as full as it typically is.

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I didn't even get a chance at Alm with my free pull (aka: there was precisely zero colorless stones), but I can't complain about what I did get:



No more -Spd on legendary Marth (free pull) and Nailah (though with an unfortunate +Res/-Atk)? Yes, please and thank you for this nice refresher after the very bitter taste I left the Gallia banner with. 


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Oh my Naga, my Alm luck is still rolling after all! First session and only circle, there are three colorless orbs. Free pull was a 3* Gaius, second was a Leanne merge, and third was a +Atk/-HP L!Alm! I'm officially done with the banner now~!

Edit: finished out the circle not expecting much, got a 4* Subaki and Nailah! Yeah, I'm done ?

Edited by silverserpent

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Scrounged up whatever quest orbs were available and did a full summon on CYL2.

4* Seth
4* Odin
5* Veronica +Res -Def
4* Seth
4* Olivia

Well, that makes me feel a little better today. I already have a copy, and +Spd -Res at that, so I guess it'll be a merge since I can't figure out a way to get good value out of her inheritance.

Down to 3 orbs now so any further summons on either CYL banner will have to wait. What I think though is that I'll just go Green + Grey on CYL1 (for dragon fodder and merges respectively), and Blue+Green in CYL2, until I get one Hector or two Ephraims, at which point I'll stop on that colour. I say that because I have one (free pick) Hector and no Ephraim. On the very off-chance I meet both goals, I'll go for Celica, but to be honest I have no real interest in getting her.

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Got a couple of the free tickets and ended up with a +Atk/-Res B!Ike >.< I...I can't bring myself to fodder that kind of IV set! I'll keep using my tickets on green in the hopes of pulling another one for Steady Breath fodder. Or Reyson merges.

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Yay, legendary banner time. Going to take the first set, then reds and greys. 201 orbs to start.

  1. 4* Thea: Huh. Well, I'll think about what to do with you.
  2. 4* Wendy: Feathers.
  3. 3* Mae: Draw Back fodder.
  4. 3* Gunter: Meh.
  5. 4* Gunter: Really?

Not a good start. 186 orbs left.

  1. 4* Saizo: Garbage.
  2. 4* Eirika: Haven't seen you in a long time.

That's not a good sign. Let's hope I'm wrong. 177 orbs left.

  1. 3* Kaze: Eh.
  2. 4* Saizo: Really?
  3. 4* Sophia: Feathers.
  4. 4* Lilina: No need for you.

Well, this is going badly. 160 orbs left.

  1. 4* Clarine: Bleh.
  2. 3* Sothe: Ugh.
  3. 4* Henry: Ridiculous.

This is going really, really badly. 147 orbs left.

  1. 3* Hinata: More Fury fodder.
  2. 4* Eirika: Again?
  3. 3* Ares: Good SI fodder.
  4. 3* Stahl: Trash.

Oh what the hell is this? 130 orbs left.

  1. 3* Sothe: So many damn duplicates.
  2. 3* Virion: Trash.
  3. 3* Lon'qu: Even more trash.
  4. 4* Eirika: I don't see you for at least a year, and now you won't go away.

I must have done something to piss Feh off. 113 orbs left.

  1. 3* Clarine: Worthless.
  2. 4* Sothe: Screw you.
  3. 3* Nanna: Good SI fodder.

Up to a 10.5% pity rate. 100 orbs left.

  1. 3* Nanna: Duplicates for days.
  2. 4* Serra: Completely worthless.

Unbelievable. 91 orbs left.

  1. 4* Legault: Eh.
  2. 4* Soleil: Drive Res might be useful.
  3. 3* Palla: Ugh.

11% pity rate now. 78 orbs left.

  1. 4* Serra: Another duplicate.
  2. 3* Athena: Bleh.
  3. 4* Lilina: And another duplicate.

33 units pulled, 18 of them are duplicates. Absolutely fantastic. 65 orbs left.

  1. 4* Gaius: Haven't seen you a while either.
  2. 3* Olivia: Worthless.

11.5% pity rate. 56 orbs left.

  1. 4* Virion: Another duplicate.
  2. 3* Lon'qu: This is BS.
  3. 3* Lon'qu: Now the game is just taunting me outright.

The way things have gone, I wouldn't be surprised if literally every orb I didn't take had a 5*. 43 orbs left.

  1. 4* Stahl: Duplicate again.
  2. 5* L!Roy: Took Feh long enough. +HP/-Atk, but he's just a merge for my +Atk/-Spd copy anyway.
  3. 5* Sue: Awesome! She's neutral, but I like my current copy just fine.
  4. 3* Gunter: Go away.
  5. 3* Nino: Bleh.

I pulled 43 units, 20 of them were 3*. So much for the displayed percentages. Going to try one more time. 23 orbs left.

  1. 5* Leanne: Alright. The grey I wanted least, but another flying dancer is alway handy.
  2. 4* Legault: Meh.
  3. 4* Niles: Iceberg fodder.
  4. 3* Mamui: Useless.
  5. 4* Robin: Bonfire fodder.

I was hoping that this banner would go well. Guess that's off the table. It seems like any banner with L!Marth on it just loves to go badly for me. Anyway, now to spend a ticket on the CYL-1 banner. Going to aim for a Lyn merge.

  1. 4* Legault: Duplicate again on the free summon. Now the ticket.
  2. 4* Oscar: Lancebreaker fodder.

207 orbs for 3 5*s, only one of whom I was actually aiming for. Fortunately there's a ton of orbs coming on right now, so hopefully I can get a few more.

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Used all available tickets, redeems and spent 50 orbs for blue and grey on the legendary banner.

I got one 4 star and the rest was all 3 stars, 24 in a row.

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Well this banner has angered me a bit.

Four Alms, all +Def. How am I supposed to run with that??? By the time I got him +Atk, I had gotten two Roys, four Marths, one each of Nailah/Fjorm/Hector/Fae, nine Leannes (when the Leanne I own was already +8), and just barely enough Eirikas to +10 her as well (so I +10ed both Christmas Renais Siblings in the end...)

Goddamn... it sometimes feels like the new unit in each Legendary/Mythic banner is elusive as hell, but is easy to get once it's not their banner...

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I'm going to focus on the Legendary banner, let all those tickets build up.

I may also want Alm. I'm not going to lie.

4 Colourless, 1 Blue

4* Wendy (Ah Optimism, leading you to think a real good unit's there. +HP/-Def), 4* Azama (Oh look, it's asshat. +HP/-Atk), 4* Leon (Man he's disappointing fodder. +Spd/-Res), 3* Saizo (Saino the fifth? +HP/-Def), 4* Maria (I mean, why would I want this? +Def/-HP)


3 Red, 2 Green

3* Frederick (Luna. +Def/-Res), 4* Arthur (Hapless indeed. +Res/-Atk)

2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless

4* Virion (Seriously, I want a way to exclude units IS. +Atk/-Spd), 3* Cherche (I wasn't searching for this. +Def/-HP), 3* Lon'qu (It's not Raigh. +Res/-Atk), 4* Ares (Yes. +Atk/-Spd)


5 Blue (Fuck.)

4* Reinhardt (Relief at seeing this guy. Strange. +Atk/-Spd)

4 Green, 1 Blue

4* Frederick (It's another Luna. +Spd/-Res), 4* Libra (Actually good fodder. +Res/-Spd), 3* Soren (Noren. +HP/-Def), 3* Beruka (Glimmer. +Atk/-HP)


2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Blue

3* Legault (Odd seeing him at 3*. +HP/-Atk), 4* Legault (Legault, stop this. +Spd/-HP), 4* Camilla (Camillnah. +HP/-Atk), 3* Camilla (SERIOUSLY, DOUBLE DUPE? +Atk/-Res)


3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue (Come on now...)

5* Leanne (I'm not mad at getting her actually. +Res/-Spd, bit of a shame.), 5* LAlm (THAT'S IT! YES! +Atk/-Spd, Great Boon, Bad Bane.), 4* Niles (Can't win them all. +Def/-Res), 4* Odin (If that had been Nailah.... +Atk/-Def), 3* Olivia (Oh, a dancer. +Res/-Spd)

So, I got Alm. I might pull here again, will save up first. I even have enough for another circle. Not yet.

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Had about thirty orbs after going for Kliff so decided to use them to try and get Alm. Predictably, all colourless orbs immediately hid.

That being said, I've been pulling red as secondary and got myself a Marth, who is someone else I also wanted, but not enough to pull directly for. Happy to have him :)

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Yada yada, trash pulls while going for Lugh with all I had, yada yada, nothing on full circle legendary banner with LHB orbs, yada yada, trash tickets, yada yada, all the Silases in the world and not a single Shigure, yada yada, all tickets gone, nothing of interest, nothing I aimed for, yada yada, random B!Lucina I have no real use for. Fun.

2019 5* count: 50


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Free pull and ticket on CYL 1 is a 4* Subaki and 3* Soren. Free pull on the CYL 2 banner is a Veronica (+hp -def) and on the same circle a neutral Tana.  Meanwhile on Alm's banner the freebie is Gwendolyn.

@Etrurian emperor I see we are part of the same club today.

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The two Hero Fest Banners caught me off guard. At least we got some Tickets, which were very useful!

Screenshot-20190427-071448.png I got two Brave Fodders! One from a Ticket, and the other one with orbs.

Also I got a Winter Eirika from the Legendary Banner, and she is the only one I will get this time, because I don't plan to summon on that banner anymore. I would like to get at least a Brave Veronica for Astra Season...

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The hero fest banners/summoning tickets were a nice surprise! Got my second ever Brave Ike (STEADY BREATH) as my free pull on the first AND I FREE PULLED LEANNE ON THE LEGENDARY BANNER!!! After using all my orbs on the last legendary banner and failing to get Yune and failing to get Leanne on her first banner I could be happier. She’s +def -hp so she’s not even cursed with a bad bane like I expected she would be. Leanne’s all I wanted, so I’m done with the legendary banner. 

Edited by kirauza343

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Wasn’t expecting both CYLs to be rerun for Golden Week, nor did I expect it to come with a bunch of Tickets for both of them. I’ve used 1 Ticket each and 15 Orbs on Legendary Alm’s banner, and so far I’ve pulled:

Brave Lucina [+RES/-HP] The only CYL1 Hero I hadn’t pulled yet, got her on the free pull.

5-Star Reyson [+DEF/-ATK] CYL2 Ticket pull, not gonna complain since I have a second one that’s +SPD and has been waiting for a merge.

Winter Eirika [+HP/-SPD] Got the Colorless I wanted most, since Alm will come back on future Legendary banners when I (hopefully) have more Orbs.

Definitely gonna summon on the CYLs again since I haven’t exhausted the Tickets for those. May try for Alm/Red/Green on the Legendary banner again, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

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Wow, lots of free pulls, maybe I'll get something good from one of them!

I want colorless on CYL2 because of Veronica's FTP useful--

No colorless.

CYL1 I want green because Ike.

...No green.

Legendary banner I want colorless because Alm...

...No colorless again.

Are you fucking serious, game.

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After a horrid two months of getting nothing I want, my luck has finally turning around a bit.

Got a free Veronica from one of the tickets!!! :D Of course I say a bit only cause of course she's -spd lol. Will still take it, can finally do all F2P guides again now.

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I got a Brave Veronica for free!

Except she's minus -Attack...

@Rezzy I like you but I hate your curse.

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Picked up a bunch of tickets from the Allegiance battles, so here we go again. 2 shots on Banner 1 for Lyn.

  1. 4* Virion: Worthless.
  2. 4* Odin: Moonbow fodder.

And now Banner 2, with a free pull and 3 tickets. Going to aim for Veronica since she's so useful.

  1. 4* Jeorge: Meh.
  2. 4* Frederick: Bleh.
  3. 5* Leanne: Seriously? She's +Atk/-Spd, so I think I'll merge her into the +Res/-Def copy I just got from the legendary banner.
  4. 4* Legault: This is the fourth time today, man. Go away.

That went pretty well, although getting a second Leanne for whatever reason probably just murdered whatever luck I still had.

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I have zero desire to summon on this legendary banner, so the fact that my free summon was a +Attack Hector was exciting. Got Brave Lucina and Roy from those tickets that never give me a 5 star was also exciting. I now have all the CYL 1 units (all -attack except for Lyn, my free choice).

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And the game is still refusing to give me any of the colors I want on these banners when I use the summon tickets.

When I finally do get a colorless free pull on CYL2, it gives me a shitty trash Nina. Double trash here, in fact, because not only is she about as weirdly creepy as her creepy ass dad, her IVs are shit too. Definitely going to my combat manual hoard.

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Well the good news is my free pulls today were brave celica and leanne, the bad news is i continued on the legendary banner and got nothing after 100+ orbs but i guess i cant be too mad given my free pull and good luck lately

Edited by nirvanafan

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