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Was saving the last CYL2 ticket for today in case there were some extra orbs arriving unexpectedly. There weren't any, so I was stuck at an unsatisfactory 6 orbs. In spite of previous plans, I ended up doing a couple Hard story maps so I could get a two extra summons in if required. Was sort of tempted to go for a full 15, but that'd mean using up more banked potential orbs than I'm comfortable with.

2 greens, 3 greys. Turns out 4 orbs would have been enough then. Good news, the first one is Brave Ephraim, who is new to me. Bad news, he's +Res -Atk, which is pretty much worst-case scenario. Oh well, he'll turn up again sometime. I think I'm better off fielding someone else in my armour team for the time being, maybe I'll be bold enough to sack Amelia for my LHector+1 who's only been in mixed teams so far due to his armour-incompatible C-skill. It's either him or the free Winter Cecilia, not sure if she has enough oomph to be a core team member.

The other green was 4* Fae which is okay. Opened one of the greys because why not, but it was only a 3* Sakura.

All in all, the CYL2 Hero Fest was most certainly the most productive banner for me amongst the various Golden Week 8% banners. The Legendary was shocking with a return of just a Leanne from 150+ orbs. CYL1 was okay with a return of Brave Ike for the modest investment of around 20 orbs. CYL2 ended up pretty good, giving one each of Braves Veronica, Hector and Ephraim for a moderate investment of perhaps 50-70 orbs.

May's Legendary lineup looks like a shocker and June's is going to be too close to July's very promising one, so I'll see if I can't save up for the upcoming 2.5 months to have a real crack at finally getting Legendary Azura. I'll just have to close my eyes when the parade of scantily-clad summer heroes walks by.

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11 hours ago, Humanoid said:

 Good news, the first one is Brave Ephraim, who is new to me. Bad news, he's +Res -Atk, which is pretty much worst-case scenario. 

Mine is the same IV and he's actually pretty workable. +Res means he can tank Dragons on a Def Tile in AA and his Atk is sky high anyway, pretty sure it's still 54 at Lv40 with -Atk, which is not that bad~

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11 hours ago, JSND Alter Dragon Boner said:

sniping red fucking sucks

Ouch, I'm sorry for you. This banner seemed just perfect to finish a CYL merge project. Good luck next time (in autumn?)! 


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11 hours ago, JSND Alter Dragon Boner said:

sniping red fucking sucks

Ouch, I'm sorry for you. This banner seemed just perfect to finish a CYL merge project. Good luck next time (in autumn?)! 


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No sudden splurging for me on this banner. Gonna take it nice and slow...

...I mean, I'll buy orbs once now, from the May deal and the usual 75 orbs, but I'll try for one foci now and save the rest for when I get the tick-oh hey Fallen Tiki +HP -Res.

Well that's a start. Neutral woulda been better, but at least her direct offense isn't affected...

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New banner of evil. Not really sure why, but I think I'm going to pull here even though the legendary banner just finished. No greens obviously. 57 orbs to start.

  1. 4* Sothe: Feathers.
  2. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder.
  3. 4* Eliwood: Meh.
  4. 4* Sophia: +Def/-Spd, so I might make use of you now that you have your special tome.

Some decent units there. Since I quickly ground three of the tickets (totally the right time to do that...), another set. 45 orbs left.

  1. 4* Seliph: Feathers.
  2. 4* Olivia: Ugh.
  3. 3* Draug: Eh.
  4. 4* Mordecai: You're new, but +Res/-Def is really bad.
  5. 4* Tailtiu: Drive Spd fodder.

More decent units, but no 5* yet. 30 orbs left.

  1. 3* Fir: No use for you.
  2. 4* Femui: You're supposed to be evil!
  3. 3* Shanna: Desperation fodder.
  4. 4* Clarine: Worthless.
  5. 3* Klein: DB fodder.

Still nothing. 1 ticket and 15 orbs left. 

  1. 4* Leon: Meh.
  2. 4* Raigh: Nope.
  3. 4* Eliwood: Again?

All in all, some good SI fodder but not much else interesting. Going to get the last ticket and finish the new story missions before trying again.

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Thank Christ, now I can leave this banner for dead. This sweetheart got +Res......but -Atk. Oh well, I mostly just wanted to get her at all. On the plus side, that Reyson got +Spd. I also happened to get a +Atk Adrift F!Corrin before Felicia, so now I have a +1 +Atk Corrin instead of a +0 -Atk one.



Meanwhile on the new banner, I did get one of the focus units after a little bit of doing....unfortunately for me it happened to be:



this asshole. Yeah, I should've seen this coming when I decided against avoiding blues on this banner. He got +HP/-Res (so not even a good combo), and I don't know what I want to do with this guy. I suppose I'll sleep on it a bit.


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Went nuts on Red color for Mareeta with 4 tickets, free summon and approx. 250 orbs.

All I got was a 5.75% pityrate, and then:

5* Horse Chrom

250 ORBS FOR A PITYBREAKER?? (one I already had I might add)

I need to take a break.

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I had some major luck with three F!Corn and two F!Tiki after four tickets and some 200 orbs. 

I'll merge one Corrin (best boon was +Def) and give the remaining one to my Veronica, but I'm a bit more unsure of F!Tiki. I got one +Atk and one +Spd; with Special Fighter, I reckon +Spd is more valuable, no?

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Spent 79 orbs with some pretty wicked results. Pulled F!Corrin in ~20, Berkut was two pulls after her. Decided to pursue some more to fic Corrin's -Atk and Berkut's -Def. in the remaining 40 or so orbs, I got two 5* Thea (who was completely new) and a second F!Corrin! So, at least one goal was complete. I'll just use my tickets and the story orbson blue to hope for a second Berkut.

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...actually a lot easier than I thought it'd be. Had to buy orbs again though, because happy tapping makes an unhappy me and another session to summon from...

Mareeta is +Spd -Def, which couldn't be more perfect. Shame her Defense took a nasty hit like that... but who cares.

Two Berkuts. The first +Spd -Def, which... and then the second was -Atk +Res, which is better considering the first.

And Corrin wound up the same as Tiki, +HP -Res.

So in the end, Mareeta and Berkut wound up absolutely perfect, Berkut with a little help from a merge, while Corrin and Tiki wound up with more HP than Resistance... think I know what future orbs will be used on for a while... think I might be okay with Corrin's shot Res though, if it means she can inflict Sudden Panic on more units...

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Plan is to just open greys, red secondary, hoping to spend maybe 20 orbs total during the course of the event, i.e. one extra summon per circle. Ambushed by two reds from the start and had to open both because OCD.

4* M Corrin
4* Olivia

One ticket for now by draining the rest of my stamina bar after doing the lunatic quests. And landed in the same scenario as the first.

3* Stahl
4* Henry

Not going to risk a triple grey circle with 5 orbs in reserve, so I'm out for now. The daily FB orbs plus the regular weekly stuff should be enough to let me leave my inbox alone.

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I did well enough out of Golden week that I still had plenty of orbs out of it.

Then this banner had to come along. 200 + 5 free pulls, here we go I guess.

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless

4* Lissa (Haven't pulled in a long while. +Res/-Spd)

3 Red, 1 each Green, Colourless

4* Jeorge (Meh. +HP/-Def)

2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Green

3* Jeorge (Please don't. +Res/-Def), 4* Nanna (I'm okay with pulling these. +Res/-Spd, never +Atk though)

2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green

4* Gaius (Delete... Please. +Def/-HP), 4* Virion (Also would like to see gone. +Atk/-HP)


3 Red, 1 each Blue, Colourless

3* Cordelia (Cordelinah. +HP/-Spd)

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Green

4* Effie (I mean, would Wary be good for someone? +Spd/-Atk)

3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue

3* Felicia (Please be good. +Def/-Spd, That's terrible.), 4* Lissa (This is going to suck huh? Neutral), 5* Fane!Tiki (YAS! That's good. +Atk/-Spd, OH NO! I guess I might pull again.), 4* Peri (Worst cav. +Spd/-Def), 3* Draug (I was hoping for luck, but I guess not. +HP/-Atk)

I spent 33 orbs to get Tiki. I could have done worse.

I'll see what the event calendar holds before pulling again. Tiki and Corrin could both show up on a legendary banner as well, which would be perfect.

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All tickets spend and 12 orbs on blue orbs along the way for a possible Berkut.
Now I have 455 orbs and will save further. I guess next month I can easily hit 600 orbs if I keep this up. Sounds nice for my future wanted units.

Edited by Stroud
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@SatsumaFSoysoy Bit late but congrats on your haul, that's a lot of Celicas, too bad she didn't visit this time.

@mampfoid Thanks for the wishes...I'm finally feeling better after so many days of having a high fever, hence the late reply.

@daisy jane @Landmaster

Speaking of, I tried to make myself feel better when I was sick by doing more YOLO pulls.

In my main, I wanted at least 1 red hero because all reds were legendary, but I got the one I wanted the least since I already had him. +Res/-Spd L!Ike but oh well, I have Warding Breath fodder now, and can't complain with a quick YOLO 5 star.

As for the Hero Fests, I tried again for Bector with what little orbs I had left, sadly none. Only had enough orbs to do a second summon on a roll, so I picked colourless and got my 4th Brave Veronica (+Res/-Spd) which...I'll take actually since I can finally give Halloween Mia Wrathful Staff, so it worked out in the end.

Then in the tickets today from FB, I wanted Berkut to finish a themed team I had in mind and in my 3rd ticket, I got a +Spd/-Def Fallen Berkut! Just getting him like that so fast was unbelievable, I can look past the strange boon/bane (32 Def is still good). I think this is the gacha saying sorry after the irony that was me promoting regular Berkut days before Fallen Berkut was announced lol, and a good way to dispel overtime frustrations.

Nothing on my second account though. Orb saving mode so not gonna touch the banner again soon.

So yeah, I sorta squeezed out the last of my sick summoning luck. Don't want to be this sick anytime soon though lol


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In my attempt to get evil Tiki with about 270 orbs and tickets my highlights are 

  • ffCorrin +res -atk
  • ffCorrin +res -atk
  • flyOlivia +spd -atk
  • Mareeta +spd -def

Sadly I didn't get Tiki, and felt the full force of the mediocre gray gang. This is going to hurt getting bride Tharja merges later this month. At least I got some decent fodder.

Edited by Jingle Jangle
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My free pull is a +Atk Oscar! I can finally use this guy with a good asset. It's actually been so long since I last pulled him that I forgot I was looking for better IVs for him. I've had a 5 star with +Res for awhile. I actually want +Spd because I run a Firesweep build on him, but +Atk is still better than what I currently have.

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well, after the first circle with a free pull resulted in a third Lugh that I don’t care about, the second full circle starting from, fittingly enough, a ticket from Tiki herself, I got her. +HP, -Res.

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