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[FE14] Conquest Generic Units Draft: Softer, Worser, Slower, Weaker

Carmine Sword

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I saw that there was one draft about a year ago where you drafted various generic units that you could capture, and I thought it was an interesting idea. I haven't really used captured units for the most part (Rallyman and Pass!Falcon Knight aside), so this seemed like a good excuse to try them out.  

Das Rules:

1. MU,Niles and Azura are free the entire game.

2. Corrin may have any talent.

3. Kana and Nina's paralogues are free up to 10 turns.

4. Mozu's paralogue is optional, but will count towards your total turncount if you do attempt it.

5a. You may only have one unit of any given promoted class. (Example: No getting two Heroes)

5b. However, you may capture a generic, and then later on capture a different generic of the same class to replace the previous one if you so wish.

      For example, you can capture a Ninja in Chapter 11, but you can replace it with a different Ninja from Chapter 17 if you wish. The first Ninja would no longer be used in maps after being replaced.

5c. Capturing a prepromoted version of the class you drafted is fine.

6. Each participant drafts 8 scrubs, in snake drafting order. (1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1,1,etc.)

7. The difficulty will be on Hard Normal, cause apparently generics have even shittier growths than I realized.

8. No Wifi or route bonus items may be used.

9. Because you will have to go to other people's castles to obtain the items needed to recruit your generics, the Mess Hall and Smithy, which are normally banned in drafts, will be allowed to slightly make up for the likely shittiness of your generics. Thus, the allowed buildings are : Lilith's Shine, Staff Shop, Armory, Prison, Mess Hall, and Smithy. So basically everything relevant except the Lottery and the Private Quarters is allowed.

10. You may not buy weapons/staves/items from online castles. You may only obtain food/gems from them. No +2 speed from Shurikens for you!


1. Using any unit besides Corrin, Niles, Azura, or your drafted generics after Chapter 10 will result in a 5 turn penalty per unit per chapter.

1. Everyone is free up through Chapter 10, after which only Corrin, Niles, Azura, and your drafted generics may be used.

The Scrubs:



Archer > Sniper

Knight > Great Knight



Carmine Sword: Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight, Spear Fighter > Basara, Ninja > Master Ninja, Outlaw > Adventurer, Archer > Kinshi Knight, Fighter > Berserker, Mercenary > Bow Knight, Knight > General

TempestStorm: Spear Fighter > Spear Master, Cavalier > Paladin, Samurai > Swordmaster, Shrine Maiden > Priestess, Dank Mage > Dank Knight, Onichan > Oni Chieftain, Maid, Fighter > Hero

NaOH: Wyvern Rider < Malig Knight, Pegasus Knight > Kinshi Knight, Cavalier > Great Knight, Outlaw > Bow Knight, Diviner > Onmyoji, Apothecary > Mechanist, Strategist, Dank Mage > Sorcerer

Eclipse: Shrine Maiden > Onmyoji, Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord, Apothecary > Merchant, Onichan > Blacksmith, Ninja > Mechanist, Samurai > Master of Arms, Diviner > Basara, Mercenary > Hero

Also, if there are any issues or contradictions with the rules, tell me. Also tell me if there are any suggestions for rule changes that you think would make more sense than what is already posted. 

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So, since I participated in that draft (which was really fun, BTW):

- Put the difficulty on Normal.  Generics have much worse growths, and even with a ton of levels, they'll quickly fall behind.  Unless you want to do Corrinsolo or something, which is equally painful.

- There were no rules for handling prepromotes, which is why I was able to recruit an Onmyoji, even though I was "supposed" to get it from the Diviner line.  I don't know how you want to handle this.

- Is there a forge limit on weapons?

I'm in Heroesland, so I'd rather not draft, unless no one else signs up.

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1. Ok. I just selected Hard as the difficulty by default. I haven't even started and generics are already disappointing me.  

2. Prepromotes are fine.

3. I don't think a forge limit is necessary. You're kind of limited in how much you can forge by your funds, which will be lower than usual due to many of the chests with money in them costing turns to obtain. I don't really think there will be many forges above +2, maybe one +3 or +4 bronze weapon later on, but anything higher than that is likely way too expensive to practically consider.

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Cool, thanks for joining!


EDIT: I realized that having a list of chapters in which you can capture a certain class might be helpful for people, so here you go:


Spear Fighter: Chapters 9, 10, 12

Spear Master: Chapters 20, 23

Basara: Chapter 23

Samurai: Chapters 9, 11, 12, 14, 17

Swordmaster: Chapters 17, 25

Master of Arms: Chapters 23, 25

Archer: Chapters 9, 10, 11, 14

Sniper: Chapter 23

Kinshi Knight: Chapters 14, 20, 24

Onichan: Chapters 10, 11, 14

Oni Cheiftain: Chapters 14, 22, 24

Blacksmith: Chapter 22

Pegasus Knight: Chapters 10, 11, 14

Falcon Knight: Chapters 20, 22, 24

Ninja: Chapters 10, 11, 12, 17 

Master Ninja: Chapters 17, 25

Mechanist: Chapters 17, 22

Diviner: Chapters 11, 13

Onmyoji: Chapters 20, 22, 24

Shrine Maiden: Chapters 11, 12, 14, 17

Priestess: Chapter 20

Apothecary: Chapter 12

Merchant: None

Knight: Chapter 13

General: Chapters 18, 26

Great Knight: None

Cavalier: Chapter 13

Paladin: Chapter 18

Wyvern Rider: Chapter 13

Wyvern Lord: None

Malig Knight: None

Outlaw: Chapters 13, 16

Adventurer: Chapter 16

Bow Knight: Chapter 18

Fighter: Chapter 16

Berserker: Chapters 16, 26

Mercenary: Chapter 16

Hero: Chapters 16, 18, 26

Dank Mage: Chapter 16 

Sorcerer: Chapters 16, 18, 26

Dank Knight: None

Maid: Chapters 18, 26

Strategist: Chapter 18


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The drafting order is as follows:


Generics Draft.JPG

So uh, it somehow ended up being exactly the same as the order we joined in. shrugs

I'll take Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight then.

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I'll allow bosses actually. I don't see them being super broken, and they have the cost of being chosen over a mounted unit or a staff user that likely saves more turns than the bosses slightly higher stat growths. Some of them also probably cost turns to obtain.

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Spear Fighter > Basara and Ninja > Master Ninja.

I have a plan, really!

Also I forgot to mention that there will be 2 classes leftover if I counted correctly. No one is allowed to use the leftover classes.

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