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Create-A-Hero Thread

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Time for more characters!




Name: Conrad

Title: Masked Savior

Unit: Lance Cavalry

Rarity: 3*-5*

Description: A masked knight that saves Celica. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes.

Weapon: Blessed Lance+ (Restores 7 hp each turn)

Special: Luna

A: Steady Strike

C: Ward Cavalry




Name: Kent

Title: Serious Knight

Unit: Lance Cavalry

Summonable: 3*-5*

Description: Sain's more serious partner and a knight of Lycia. Appears in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

Weapon: Sapphire Lance

Special: Chilling Wind- Iceberg

A: Defense +3
C: Guidance 3



Name: Rath

Title: Wolf of Sacae

Unit: Bow Cavalier

Summoning: 4*-5*

Description: A nomad of the Kutolah tribe now working as a mercenary. Appears in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

Weapon: Rienfleche (Can attack twice)

B: Kutolah Blessing (All Ranged Weapons cannot counter attack against him. Can't be inherited

C: Speed Smoke (-7 speed on all foes within 2 spaces through their next actions)



Name: Ricken

Title: Mage Prodigy

Unit Type: Green Mage

Summoning: 3*-4*

Description: A member of the Shepards and an up and coming mage. Appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Weapon: Gronnowl+

Special: Growing Wind

B: Wind Sweep 3

C: Panic Ploy 3

And a preview of my next big project for this, the lord of bbq


Name: Arvis

Title: Emperor of the Flame

Unit: Armored Mage (Red)

Summoning: 5*/GHB

Description: The Duke of Velthomer who has good intentions. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Weapon: Valflame (+5 attack and deals 5 damage to foes within 2 spaces after combat)

Special: Growing Flame

A: Death Blow

B: Wary Fighter 


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Some Random Characters I've Made:

Luthier: Awkward Mage (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 35/37/25/20/30

Weapon: Saggitae+: 12 Might. Allows unit to attack up to three spaces away. Special cooldown +1

Assist Skill: Rally Attack

Passive Skills: Triangle Adept, Seal Speed/Resistance


Tatiana: Lovestruck Saint (Infantry, Staff)

Stats: 32/30/32/17/35

Weapon: Absorb

Assist Skill: Physic

Special Skill: Heavenly Light

Passive Skills: Drive Resistance


Ethlyn: Paladin’s Sister (Cavalry, Staff)

Stats: 30/30/34/20/30

Weapon: Pain

Assist Skill: Recover

Special Skill: Cool Ice Balm: Grants +3 Defense/Resistance To All Allies.

Passive Skill: Calming Staff: Erase All Stat Bonuses (Rally, Fortify, Etc.) On The Unit You Attacked.


Lex: Lordling Of Dozel (Cavalry, Axe)

Stats: 40/38/25/35/16

Weapon: Brave Axe+

Special Skill: Ignis

Passive Skills: Sturdy Blow, Brash Assault


Azelle: Fire Of Youth (Cavalry, Red Tome)

Stats: 32/32/35/20/27

Weapon: Raudrraven+

Special Skill: Growing Flame

Passive Skills: Desperation, Red Tome Valor


Tailtiu: Child Of Thunder (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 30/29/37/19/32

Weapon: Blarraven+

Special Skill: Blazing Thunder

Passive Skills: Wrath: When unit is under 50% HP, Grants -1 To Special Cooldown When Attacked, Or When Attacking, Blue Tome Valor


Lewyn: Bard Of Gales (Infantry, Green Tome)

Stats: 32/31/38/17/31

Weapon: Forseti: 14 Might. Grants +3 To Speed. Unit Automatically Makes A Follow Up When Below 50% HP.   

Assist Skill: Play

Passive Skills: Desperation, Hone Speed


Bors: Wall Of Ostia (Armored, Lance)

Stats: 45/32/35/38/19

Weapon: Brave Lance+

Assist Skill: Rally Defense

Passive Skills: Steady Blow, Spur Speed/Defense


Wolt: Arrow Of Bonds (Infantry, Bow)

Stats: 38/33/33/22/22

Weapon: Firesweep Bow+

Special Skill: Luna

Passive Skills: Seal Speed/Defense, Speed Smoke


Legault: The Hurricane

Stats: 34/27/38/18/30

Weapon: Hurricane Dagger: 11 Might. Inflicts Defense/Resistance -5 on foe after combat. After combat, all units within two spaces take 4 damage.

Special Skill: Iceberg

Passive Skills: Poison Strike, Defense Smoke

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This is a great thread! I do have a few ideas for characters. I have an idea for Azura as a Green Tome user, she appears in my unwritten fanfiction (everything is just a fragment in my head right now) and she is the leader of a Resistance group.


Here are some kits for the Sonic characters that I came up with.




Title: Knight of the Wind

Type: Red Sword/Infantry


Caliburn Mt:16 Spd+5, Effective against dragons. Accelerates special trigger (Cool countdown -1); if foe with sword, axe, or lance initiates
combat unit can counterattack first.


Special Skill: Hurricane: Boosts damage dealt by 70% of unit's Spd.

A Passive

Wind Boost 3

B Passive

Speed of Light:

Unit can pass through foes, inflict Spd-7.

C Slot:

Sonic Speed: Grants Spd+10 to adjacent allies through their next actions.

HP: Average

Atk: High

Spd: High

Def: Good

Res: Average





HP: Low

Atk: Good

Spd: High

Def: Average

Res: High

Type: Blue Tome/Flier

Title: Genius Fox Child

Special Skill: Blazing Thunder

Weapon: Mjölnir Mt:14 Spd-5 attack twice when initiating combat. Accelerates special trigger (Cool countdown -1) inflicts Res-6 on foe
after combat.

A Slot:

Shard Strike 

Enemy cannot counterattack when unit is attacked at HP ≤ 75%.

B Slot:

Star Shield:

Disables skills that inflict unit with Special cooldown charge-1.

C Slot: 

Flier Pulse:

Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn 1 for any Flying allies with at least 1 fewer HP than unit. (Effects will stack with similar skills.)


Type: Green Axe/Infantry

HP: High

Atk: Average

Def: High

Spd: Low

Res: Low

Title: Warrior of Love

Special: Bonfire


Piko Piko Hammer Mt:16: Effective against armored, if unit is near Sonic unit is granted Atk+7 for one turn. If foe initiates combat,
unit is granted Atk/Def+6.

A Slot:

Ring Boost:

If unit has 3 more HP than enemy at the start of combat, unit is granted Atk/Res/Spd+4

B Slot:

Love Strike:

If unit is two spaces away from Sonic and initiates combat, foe cannot counterattack.

C Slot:

Infantry March :

If unit has an adjacent infantry ally at the start of turn, unit and any such allies can move 1 extra space. (That turn only; does not stack.)    


Type: Neutral Dagger/Infantry

Title: Emerald Guardian




HP: High

Atk: High

Def: Average

Spd: Average

Res: Low


Emerald Dagger: Mt 12 Inflict Atk/Res-7 after combat, effective against armored and infantry units. 

A Slot:

Emerald Shard:

Neutralizes ''effective against'' bonuses, grants Atk/Res/Spd/Def+4 if unit initiates combat.

B Slot:


Enables unit to pass through boxes, walls etc. (Cancels out attack option on said obstacles)

C Slot:

Thief March:

If unit has an adjacent dagger ally at the start of turn, unit and any such allies can move 1 extra space. (That turn only; does not stack.)



HP: Average

Atk: High

Spd: High

Def: Average

Res: High


Title: The Ultimate Life Form

Type: Green Tome/Infantry

Weapon: Green Chaos Emerald Mt:14 Effective against infantry and armored, if unit initiates combat foe is inflicted with Spd-8 during combat.

A Slot:


If unit initiates combat against foe with Res 1 or more lower than unit, unit is granted Atk/Spd+8

B Slot:


If unit initiates attack, no follow-up occurs. Against foe with Axe, Green Tome, or Green Breath if unit’s Def - foe’s Def= 1, foe can’t counterattack. 

C Slot:

Dark Phantom Def

When any skill compares this unit's Def to another, unit's Def is treated as +10 over actual value, inflict Def-7 after combat.



Title: Leader of the Resistance

HP: Average

Atk: High

Spd: Average

Def: Low

Res: High


Type: Green Tome

Weapon: Fimbultver (Delta) Mt 14

Effect: Grants Res+4. In unit's HP is HP ≤ 25% at the start of combat, foe cannot move for one turn and that turn only.


Special: Glacies

A Slot:

Warding Breath:

Grants Res+4 if unit is attacked; also gains Special cooldown charge +1. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)

B Slot:

Dazzling Tome:

Enemy cannot counterattack.

C Slot:

The Blue Coat:

Adjacent Resistance members are granted Atk/Res+5 through their next actions.


What do you guys think of these kits? This thread is amazing, I'm a person who enjoys sharing my creativity and seeing what people have to say :D 













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Name: Panne
Title: Curious Taguel
Orb Affinity: Green Claw (think of it as a physical Breath)
Character Description: The last Taguel of her tribe, she joined the Shepherds after she assisted in protecting Chrom's sister Emmeryn from an assassination attempt. She is naive of human customs, but is eager to learn. Appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Appearance: Look at Panne's appearance from FE: Awakening.
HP: ***** Excellent
Attack: *** Average
Spd: **** Good
Def: *** Average
Res: ** Poor
Mov: 2 (Infantry)
5* Weapon: Gale Claw+
Weapon Description: A pair of sharp claws strike at the target with a flurry of swipes as fast and deadly as a tornado.
Weapon Statistics: 13 Might. Grants allies in cardinal directions within 2 spaces Def/Res +3 after any combat this unit initiates. (Essentially a Drive form of Light Breath+, with the limitation that the affected allies cannot be diagonal to her.)
Support: None
Special: Lethality
Special Charge: 5
Special Description: -5 Def/Res when initiating any combat. Kills target upon activation.
A Passive: Even Rhythm 1/2/3
Passive Statistics: Grants user +3/4/5 Spd during even-numbered turns.
B Passive: Lancebreaker
C Passive: None

Tried my hand at making Panne a Heroes character, while also trying to add Taguels as a race in Heroes as well. I'd say, essentially...think of them as physical Dragons with the same weaknesses as Cavalry units. Like explained, her claw is a Drive version of Light Breath in cardinal directions.
Her Support, Lethality, is something I tried to make balanced from its other appearances. For the ability to kill any unit she initiates combat with on activation, she suffers a permanent Def/Res attack initiation debuff and has to wait a long time to activate it (as it's a 5-charge special). This makes it so she can even combat Red units if she is patient enough to wait on activating it, but it makes her need to be careful against units that can counter-attack her.
Her A, Even Rhythm, is pretty much a more powerful self-applied Hone Spd that only activates on even-numbered turns. It's a reference to her Taguel race. Her B, Lancebreaker, is a tribute to the fact that one of the few classes she can reclass to, Griffon Rider, is known for having the skill.

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On 05.09.2017 at 3:25 AM, Titamon said:

Sonia: Perfect Beauty (Infantry, Red Tome)

Weapon: Bolganone

Either her or Limstella should, no, must have Fimbulvetr. I need Fimbulvetr in my life, and I need it badly.

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I really like making these

Sain: Emerald Spear (Cavalry, Lance)

Stats: 37/38/31/28/20

Weapon: Slaying Lance+

Special Skill: Escutcheon

Passive Skills: Darting Blow, Hone Attack


Kent: Crimson Shield (Cavalry, Sword)

Stats: 38/32/34/25/25

Weapon: Slaying Edge+

Special Skill: Holy Vestments

Passive Skills: Death Blow, Hone Speed


Alen: Reckless Knight (Cavalry, Sword)

Stats: 40/35/30/30/19

Weapon: Firesweep Sword+

Assist Skill: Shove

Passive Skills: Fire Boost, Seal Defense


Lance: Calm Knight (Cavalry, Lance)

Stats: 40/30/36/28/20

Weapon: Firesweep Lance+

Assist Skill: Swap

Passive Skills: Wind Boost, Seal Attack


Lugh: Child Of Anima (Infantry, Green Tome)

Stats: 35/30/35/18/30

Weapon: Gronnwolf+

Assist Skill: Rally Speed

Passive Skills: Warding Blow, Red Tomebreaker


Chad: Lycian Lynx (Infantry, Dagger)

Stats: 35/30/37/25/22

Weapon: Poison Dagger+

Special Skill: Vengeance

Passive Skills: Pass, Savage Blow


Lute: Prodigious Mage (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 30/35/30/18/35

Weapon: Excalibur

Special Skill: Iceberg

Passive Skills: Speed +3, Threaten Resistance


Garcia: Warrior Reborn (Infantry, Axe)

Stats: 45/39/28/28/18

Weapon: Garm: 16 Might. Speed +3. Unit is immune to movement based skills (Knock Back, Drag Back, Lunge, etc.)

Special Skill: Blazing Flame

Passive Skills: Fury, Threaten Speed


Joshua: Tempest King (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 38/31/37/22/28

Weapon: Audhulma: 16 Might. Grants Resistance +3. Unit takes 7 less damage from ranged attacks (Bows, Staves, Daggers, Tomes).

Special Skill: Glacies

Passive Skills: Desperation, Threaten Defense


L’Arachel: Light Of Rausten: (Cavalry, Staff)

Stats: 33/29/32/17/32

Weapon: Latona: 12 Might. Grants +3 HP. Damage dealt by this unit is calculated the same as other weapons.

Assist Skill: Rehabilitate

Special Skills: Heavenly Light

Passive Skills: Live To Serve


Oscar: Agile Horseman: (Cavalry, Lance)

Stats: 38/30/35/28/23

Weapon: Ridersbane+

Assist Skill: Rally Speed

Passive Skills: Vantage, Ward Cavalry


Kieran: Veteran Knight: (Cavalry, Axe)

Stats: 40/35/28/33/18

Weapon: Poleaxe+

Assist Skill: Rally Strength

Passive Skills: Brash Assault, Goad Cavalry


Boyd: Mighty Soldier (Infantry, Axe)

Stats: 42/38/30/32/15

Weapon: Slaying Axe+

Assist Skill: Smite

Passive Skills: Brash Assault, Drive Attack


Rolf: Faithful Student (Infantry, Bow)

Stats: 35/33/36/28/22

Weapon: Hunter's Bow+: 12 Might, Effective against cavalry units and flying units.

Special Skill: Cutting Breeze: 3 Charge. Increases damage dealt by 30% of unit's speed

Passive Skills: Darting Blow, Seal Defense/Resistance


Shinon: Deadly Adept (Infantry, Bow)

Stats: 35/35/35/25/17

Weapon: Silencer: 14 Might. Effective Against Fliers. Grants Speed/Attack +3

Special Skill: Raging Tempest: 4 charge. Increases damage dealt by 50% of unit's speed. 

Passive Skills: Death Blow, Savage Blow

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Here is just some random things I came up with for more Echoes characters:

Kliff: Cynical Mage (Infantry, Red Tome)

Stats: 36/36/22/29/25

Weapon: Sagittae+ (14 MT, Foe suffers -7 RES through its next action)

Special: Luna

Skills: Triangle Adept, Quick Riposte


Fernand: Prestigious Noble (Cavalry, Lance)

Stats: 38/34/32/31/20

Weapon: Fernand's Lance+ (14 MT, Grants weapon advantage vs. colorless foes)

Assist: Shove

Skills: Fury, Guard


Kamui: Easygoing Mercenary (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 31/30/38/23/28

Weapon: Dragonslayer+ (12 MT, Effective against dragons)

Assist: Draw Back

Skills: Steady Stance, Live for Bounty


Forsyth: Scholarly Soldier (Armored, Lance)

Stats: 40/25/20/30/30

Weapon: Silver Lance+

Special: Bonfire

New A Skill: Triangle Reversal (Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle disadvantage, Atk-20% if advantage)

Other Skill: Def Ploy

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I'm bored, so I might as well do some more...

Silas: Loyal Comrade (Calvary, Lance)

Stats: 41/31/26/20/32

Weapon: Brave Lance+

Special: Moonbow

Skills: Mirror Strike, Escape Route


Kaze: Swift Shuriken (Infantry, Dagger)

Stats: 30/30/42/16/32

Weapon: Wind Shuriken+ (12 MT, If unit initiates combat, unit is granted Atk/Spd+2 during battle)

Special: Galeforce

Skills: Distant Def, Poison Strike


Charlotte: Beautiful Brute (Infantry, Axe)

Stats: 45/42/28/20/15

Weapon: Killer Axe+

Assist: Reposition

Skills: Brash Assault, Hone Atk


Flora: Frozen Elegance (Infantry, Dagger)

Stats: 35/35/30/25/25

Weapon: Cold-Cut Dagger (11 MT, Units can pass through foes if its own HP ≥ 50%)

Special: Iceberg

Skills: Distant Def, Guidance


Scarlet: Flying Warrior (Flier, Axe)

Stats: 33/36/18/39/24

Weapon: Brave Axe+

Special: Sacred Cowl

Skills: Life and Death, Hone Fliers


And now for some of the children...

Kana (Female): Nohrian Child (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 32/34/36/23/25

Weapon: Levin Sword (14 MT, Deals magical damage instead of physical)

Special: Draconic Aura

Skills: Distant Counter, Infantry Pulse


Kana (Male): Hoshidian Child (Infantry, Red Tome)

Stats: 32/36/32/25/23

Weapon: Calamity Gate (14 MT, Accelerates Special trigger (Special Cooldown -1))

Special: Draconic Aura

Skills: Close Counter, Drive Atk


Shigure: Voice of the Revelation (Flier, Lance)

Stats: 37/35/28/27/23

Weapon: Blessed Lance (14 MT, Grants +4 Def/Res)

Assist: Rally Atk

Skills: Vantage, Breath of Life


Kiragi: Lighthearted Archer (Infantry, Archer)

Stats: 30/39/28/30/25

Weapon: Dual Yumi (12 MT, Hits Twice)

Special: Sol

Skills: Defiant Spd, Drag Back


Ophelia: Outgoing Aplomb (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 35/40/25/25/25

Weapon: Lightning (8 MT, Hits 3 Times but cannot make followup attacks)

Assist: Rally Res

Skills: G Tomebreaker, Atk Ploy





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11 minutes ago, BoringBoi said:

Ophelia: Outgoing Aplomb (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 35/40/25/25/25

Weapon: Lightning (8 MT, Hits 3 Times but cannot make followup attacks)

Assist: Rally Res

Skills: G Tomebreaker, Atk Ploy


I'd think that Lightning would be a weaker Dire Thunder for everyone

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Name: Chrom
Title: Brave King
Orb Affinity: Blue Lance
Character Description: The king of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Dons his family armor with pride. Appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Appearance: Chrom, but he's wearing his Great Lord armor.
HP: ***** Excellent
Attack: *** Average
Spd: * Terrible
Def: **** Good
Res: ** Poor
Mov: 2 (Infantry)
5* Weapon: Skögul
Weapon Description: A twin to the weapon Geirskögul.
Weapon Statistics: 16 Might. Grants Def +3. Grants allies with sword, lance, axe, bow, or dagger within 2 spaces Def/Res +3 during combat.
Support: None
Special: Aether (from Luna tree)
A Passive: Rightful King 1/2/3
Passive Statistics: If HP is 100%/≥50%/Any %, opponent's Special meter does not advance when the user initiates combat.
B Passive: Naga's Blessing
Passive Statistics: If foe wields a Breath weapon, foe's bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) are added to the user during combat. (Skill cannot be inherited.)

C Passive: Dual Strike 1/2/3
Passive Statistics: Grants +2/3/4 Atk to the user during combat if an ally is adjacent to the user. Grants adjacent allies +2/3/4 Atk during combat.


Tried my hand at making a Brave Hero Chrom. I looked up Geirskögul and found that it and Skögul were two valkyries in Norse mythology. I made Skögul a defensive variant of Geirskögul, to compliment Lance!Lucina's weapon. I gave him Aether as Lucina was given Aether and both of their originals have Aether; though I gave him the Luna line because Lucina switches to the Sol line from her original's Luna line, and the original Chrom's Aether branches from Sol.
I gave him 3 abilities that I hope were balanced representations of his popular abilities in Awakening. Rightful King, in Awakening, increased his skills' activation rate by 10%. At first I thought of increasing his own Special meter, but then that'd become Heavy Blade (or, defensively, Steady Breath) so I scrapped the idea; instead, I made it so any opponent he initiates combat with cannot charge their Special in those battles. His intimidating stature in battle as the king of Ylisse would undoubtedly cause his opponents to hesitate as he charges at them.
His second Passive, Naga's Blessing, is a more powerful version of Beorc's Blessing that's only applicable to Breath users. Instead of nullifying their bonuses, however, he instead copies their bonuses. Since Naga herself is a manakete, I felt that giving Chrom the power to use the bonuses of opponent dragon units would be acceptable. Obviously, like any other Blessing skill it's uninheritable.
His third Passive, Dual Strike, is a version of the original skill balanced for Heroes. Instead of having both the user and a paired (adjacent) ally wage battle against the opponent, I instead made it a mix of normal and self-applied Spur Atk. Mainly, he and his allies gain a Spur Atk buff while he is adjacent to them. Perhaps it would be more balanced as a self-Rally and ally-Spur, but I decided on this version instead. I made it so the units have to be adjacent to each other, instead of within Driving distance (hehe) like with Lance!Lucina's Drive Spd, because I thought a doubled version of Drive would be either too powerful or too weak.

Hope you like it!

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The A Passive Skill of your  Chrom allready Exists in the form of Titanias B-Skill Guard 1-3, it does exactly the same thing and is active in Player and Enemy phase (makeing it better then the Passive you created)

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7 hours ago, Hilda said:

The A Passive Skill of your  Chrom allready Exists in the form of Titanias B-Skill Guard 1-3, it does exactly the same thing and is active in Player and Enemy phase (makeing it better then the Passive you created)

Except Guard doesn't completely prevent the opponent from charging their Special, it inflicts them with CD charge -1 and only works when their own HP is greater than or equal to 4/5 full. My skill is made for slow units that can get doubled or quad'd in retaliation on their initiation, and works in a far greater HP threshold than Guard does.
It also was put into A because of skills like Heavy Blade/Steady Breath. You use Rightful King with Guard, and the worst that'd happen is you'd force your opponent back 1 cooldown charge with no charge forwards. If RK were a B skill, though, and you used it with Heavy Blade, it'd end up giving you a large Special charge with your opponent getting nothing; if it was Steady Breath, you could initiate with your opponent gaining nothing, and if your opponent crashed into you without killing you you'd end up gaining a large cooldown. Combine this with a Brave weapon, and you can put your opponents in a bad place while you get free damage. That'd end up being game-breaking to the point where Rightful King would be a Staple on every team.
Guard, like I said, inflicts opponents with cooldown charge -1. Rightful King is essentially weaker...if the opponent you're facing is only inflicting one amount of damage. If you're facing an opponent that can double or quad you, though, the charge -1 doesn't mean that much. That's also why I only made the "opponent can't charge" effect only on initiation, because it gives the opponent a chance to retaliate but it is meant to slow them down.
Tl;dr: Rightful King punishes opponents the more attacks they do, while Guard punishes them the less attacks they do.

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Decided to make a Ballistician unit. Probably broken, probably crap, who knows.

Name: Markus
Title: Stubborn Ballistician
Orb Affinity: Gray Bow
Character Description: An elder veteran of many battles, he was known in folklore for his unrivaled handling and maintenance of the ballistae. His stance on his opinions mirrors his perseverance. First appears in Fire Emblem as a self-insert.
***** Excellent **** Good *** Average ** Poor * Terrible
HP: ***
Atk: *****
Spd: *
Def: *****
Res: *
Mov: 1 (Armor)
5* Weapon: Poison Arch (exclusive)
Weapon Description: A deadly, poisonous bow only capable of being used by a ballistician.
Weapon Statistics: 9 Might. Inflicts 7 damage to enemies 2 spaces from target after any combat the user initiates, doubling against Infantry units.
Support: None
Support Statistics: None
Special: Moonbow
Special Statistics: Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res -30%.
A Passive: Rifted Barrel 1/2/3
Passive Statistics: If user's HP is 100%/75%/50%, and the user has not been moved from their space this turn, attack range becomes 2-3. User cannot move until the next turn. (Only applies once per turn. Only inheritable by Armor units with a Bow weapon.)
B Passive: Surefooted
Passive Statistics: User can traverse on Mountain terrain. (Inheritable to Armor units only.)
C Passive: None
Passive Statistics: None


I think I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, except perhaps for the weapon. I wanted to make it more effective against Fliers, but I realized that as a bow it already deals enough damage...and as Kagero has Poison Dagger+ which is effective against Infantry, I thought that the doubled Savage Blow effect should be against Infantry (especially since they're so common). As the damage is outside of combat, it won't kill...mainly, it can be seen more as a direct nerf to Guidance and teams that abuse it.
I gave him Moonbow as his Spd is already low as hell (which is what Ballisticians are known for in the Fire Emblem titles.) As someone who weilds a huge bow-like weapon, I thought the piercing effect would do nicely for him.
I gave him passives that reference Ballistician skills. His A, Rifted Barrel, gives him the ability to attack a target that would only be attackable if he did move, but only if he hasn't been moved during this turn and his HP is at least above 50%. This is probably a game-breaker, to be honest, but as Ballistae are most-known in the games for having insane attack range I thought this would work. I tried to balance it by making it so he can't be moved until your next turn — meaning no Reposition or Draw Back — and that it can only be used once per turn (so that Dancers can't abuse it). I also made it so it can't inheritable by any units except Armor units with a Bow, mimicking the inability of non-Ballisticians to use the class' skills. His B, Surefooted, pretty much helps turn Armor units into pseudo-Fliers. By giving him (or any unit inheriting the skill) the ability to go on Mountain terrain, it potentially increases the amount of places they can appear...and the choke points that were previously unavailable to them are exploitable by them, turning laughing Cavalry units into mincemeat when they realize the terrain between them didn't stop their Armored opponent.

Hopefully you guys like it :)

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This is the last of the Echoes characters:


Silque: Purely Blessed (Infantry, Staff)

Stats: 35/29/30/22/27

Weapon: White Light (7 MT, Heals 5 health to all allies within 2 spaces of foe)

Assist: Martyr

Special: Imbue

Skill: Breath of Life


Python: Happily Lazed (Calvary, Bow)

Stats: 36/37/32/22/18

Weapon: Slaying Bow+

Special: Astra

New B Skill - Effort Strike: If unit is about to suffer a fatal blow, they will immediately counterattack no matter the range.

Other Skill: Panic Ploy


Luthier: Stern Sorcerer (Infantry, Red Tome)

Stats: 37/41/21/25/26

Weapon: Flame Bolt (11 MT, Neutralizes "effective against" bonuses)

Assist: Reposition

Skills: Fire Boost, Desperation


Tatiana: Eternal Bliss (Infantry, Staff)

Stats: 35/30/37/14/22

Weapon: Panic

Assist: Martyr

Special: Radiant Aura (Gives all allies a +2 in every stat when an allied is healed)

Skill: Darting Blow


Mycen: Knight of Legacy (Calvary, Lance)

Stats: 41/37/22/29/21

Weapon: Silver Lance+

Assist: Reposition

Skills: Fortify Def, Cancel Affinity


Valbar: Tough Stuff (Armored, Lance)

Stats: 37/31/15/50/17

Weapon: Ridersbane+

Special: Ignis

Skills: Earth Boost, Brash Assault


Jesse: Haughty Warrior (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 36/36/20/35/23

Weapon: Ruby Sword+

Assist: Noontime

Skills: Close Def, Lunge


Atlas: Heroic Villager (Calvary, Sword)

Stats: 36/34/30/27/23

Weapon: Zanbato+

Special: Luna

Skills: Obstruct, Savage Blow


Deen: Dead-Set Assassin (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 33/40/35/18/24

Weapon: Shadow Sword+ (15 MT, Grants Atk/Spd +2, Inflicts Def/Res -2)

Special: Blazing Flame

Skills: Seal Atk, Threaten Spd


Conrad: Masked Mystery (Calvary, Lance)

Stats: 34/33/40/25/18

Weapon: Weapon: Blessed Lance (14 MT, Grants +4 Def/Res)

New Special: Moonlit Assist - Allies within 2 spaces of unit are healed by 30% of damage dealt.

Skills: Triangle Adept, Lance Valor


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Time to finish the Fates characters and most of the children.


Mozu: Meek Villager (Infantry, Lance)

Stats: 32/33/30/18/27

Weapon: Killer Lance+

Special: Sol

Skills: Fortress Res, Escape Route


Shura: Reassured Rogue (Infantry, Bow)

Stats: 40/33/22/30/20

Weapon: Assassin's Bow+

Assist: Rally Atk

Skills: HP Def, Hit and Run


Hayato: Maturely Adept (Infantry, Green Tome)

Stats: 32/34/28/22/29

Weapon: Tiger Spirit+ (13 MT, Effective against cavalry units)

Special: Growing Wind

Skills: Steady Blow, Windsweep


Orochi: Mystical Foreseer (Infantry, Blue Tome)

Stats: 40/39/24/20/24

Weapon: Bird Spirit+ (10 MT, Effective against infantry units)

Assist: Reposition

Skills: Wings of Mercy, Hone Spd


Reina: Soaring Sharpshooter (Flier, Archer)

Stats: 39/40/21/18/28

Weapon: Silver Bow+

Special: Moonbow

New A Skill: Movement Immunity - Ignores advantages/disadvantages of weapons that are effective against a certain movement type (EX: Ridersbane, Bows)

Other Skill: Ward Fliers


Rinkah: Flaming Tribeswoman (Infantry, Axe)

Stats: 31/33/29/28/25

Weapon: Rinkah's Club+ (14 MT, Grants +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res when at 100% health. If at 100% health at the start of combat, unit takes 2 damage)

Special: Blazing Flame

Skills: Sturdy Blow, Obstruct


Nyx: Ancient Youth (Infantry, Red Tome)

Stats: 31/40/32/17/20

Weapon: Fumbulvetr+ (11 MT, If unit initiates combat, they receive +3 Res afterwards)

Special: Luna

Skills: Swift Sparrow, Knock Back


Benny: Wild Warrior (Armored, Lance)

Stats: 40/27/13/48/20

Weapon: Killer Lance+

Special: Ignis

Skills: Fortress Def, Wary Fighter


Now for some of the children...


Siegbert: Studious Heir (Cavalry, Sword)

Stats: 33/38/31/24/20

Weapon: Brave Sword+

Special: Luna

New B Skill: Conquest Assault - If enemy initiates combat and deals damage that is at least equal to 50% or more of unit's maximum health, unit counterattacks and enemy cannot make a followup attack.

Other Skill: Drive Atk


Forrest: Bravely Bold (Cavalry, Red Tome)

Stats: 34/36/23/21/33

Weapon: Mjolnir+ (13 MT, Hits twice when unit initiates combat)

Special: Glacies

Skills: Defiant Atk, Cancel Affinity


Hisame: Levelheaded Swordsman (Infantry, Sword)

Stats: 31/38/33/23/25

Weapon: Silver Sword+

Special: Astra

New A Skill: Rebellious Stride - If unit is attacked by an enemy that has a weapon advantage, unit's special countdown is accelerated +1 after attack.

Other Skill: Vantage


Nina: Sly Shooter (Infantry, Bow)

Stats: 37/33/30/22/21

Weapon: Mini Bow+ (12 MT, Can attack at 1-range, Effective against fliers)

Assist: Draw Back

Skills: Distant Def, Hit and Run

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Mareeta: Star Swordsman

Game: Thracia 776

Orb Affinity: Red Sword

Movement Type: Infantry

Weapons: Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Brave Sword

Weapon at 5★: Mareeta's Sword (9 mt -5 speed. Attack twice consecutively when initiating an attack. Unique, cannot be inherited.)

Special Skill: Astra (can replace this with Luna)

B Passive: Guard 3 (If unit's HP is ≥ 80% at start of combat, enemy is inflicted with Special cooldown charge-1.)

C Passive: Sword Valor 3 (If unit survives, all sword users on team get 2x SP. (If similar skill effects also used, only highest multiplier applied.)

Stats at Level 40

HP: 37

ATK: 36

SPD: 35

DEF: 24

RES: 25

(Copied Hana's stats and slightly modified them)

Since Mareeta is one of those units who arrives later in the game starting out weak but having sky high potential, I decided to use her growth rates as inspiration for her stats in FE Heroes.

Mareeta is a prime offensive force who hits hard and doubles often but cannot take much hits magical or physical.

Guard is B passive since in the original game of Thracia 776, Mareeta's Sword has Nihil built into it.

Sword Valor is simply there since Mareeta is a low leveled, high growth rate unit who comes later in the game.

So in Mareeta's original game, Mareeta breaks enemies with her unique sword until said unique sword breaks. So there's that.

As for Skill Inheritance, Life and Death 3 can be an expensive but fitting A passive for the Star Swordsman. A C passive like Threaten Speed for more quads or Threaten Defense for more crucial KO's. Desperation for B slot can be an alternative to Nihil for potential quads before retaliation.

As for preferred natures, you all know the drill. Take your pick between the usual +ATK and +SPD boons.



Edited by thetiger39
Guard is Nihil basically

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2 hours ago, thetiger39 said:

Weapon at 5★: Mareeta's Sword (9 mt -5 speed. Attack twice consecutively when initiating an attack. Unique, cannot be inherited.)

B Passive: Nihil 1/2/3 (If unit's HP 100%/>90%/>80% at the start of combat, opponent's B passive is negated)

Nihil is B passive since in the original game of Thracia 776, Mareeta's Sword has Nihil built into it.

Why don't you just build it into her weapon then? You're literally just giving her a +1 Mt Brave Sword+.
And we already have the Hardy Bearing Seal, which negates skills that change the unit's and opponent's priority. Why not just build that into her weapon, or if you really don't want to do so why not just make her B Hardy Bearing?

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24 minutes ago, MilodicMellodi said:

Why don't you just build it into her weapon then? You're literally just giving her a +1 Mt Brave Sword+.
And we already have the Hardy Bearing Seal, which negates skills that change the unit's and opponent's priority. Why not just build that into her weapon, or if you really don't want to do so why not just make her B Hardy Bearing?

Rules state that unless you are a CYL hero, you can only have 1 passive skill or special ability maximum from what I know on a unique weapon. Dire Thunder does the exactly the same thing as Mareeta's Sword.

Also someone on reddit made a post on new skills where Nihil skill in Heroes changed the priority of skills before hardy bearing came out.

Guess I'll change Nihil's effect then. View the original post on Mareeta for for info

Edited by thetiger39
Dire Thunder and Mareeta's Sword

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Maybe she is a bit OP, but here's Ishtar.



Title: Goddess of Thunder

Name: Ishtar



Description: She is the descendant of legendary magicians, and inherits the ability to wield the mighty tome, Mjolnir. She cares deeply for those she loves, especially Julius. With her amazing prowess in magic she becomes infamous as the Goddess of Thunder. (Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War)

Lvl 40 5* Stats: HP/37-40-43 33-36-40 Atk/30-33-36 Spd/33-36-39 Def/11-14-18 Res/26-30-34

BST: 153 149





Mjölnir: Mt:14 Rng:Eff: Spd +3. If unit initiates combat with HP ≥ 70%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack. 



- Darting Blow 1: If unit initiates combat granted Spd+2 during battle.

- Swift Strike 1: If unit initiates combat, unit granted Spd/Res+2 during battle.

- Swift Strike 2: If unit initiates combat, unit granted Spd/Res+4 during battle.


- Vantage 1: Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 25%.

- Vantage 2: Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 50%.

- Vantage 3: Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 75%.

Screw in game abilities let me add the Special that she without doubt will have.



Support Skill

- Accelerate: Accelerates adjacent ally's Special Trigger (target's cooldown count-1). Slows unit's Special trigger (cooldown count+1) upon use. SP: 300 

Special Skills

- Rising Thunder

- Blazing Thunder



Image result for nephenee fire emblem path of radiance

Title: Daring Flier

Name: Nephenee



Lvl 40 5* Stats: HP/41 Atk/32 Spd/37 Def/31 Res/19

BST: 162


Iron Lance

Steel Lance

Silver Lance

Silver Lance+

Slaying Lance: Mt:10 Eff: Accelerates special trigger (cooldown count -1).

Slaying Lance+: Mt:14 Eff: Accelerates special trigger (cooldown count -1).

(Now after PoR banner trailer)



- Spd+1

- Spd+2

- Spd+3


- Spd+1


- Atk/Spd+2


- Seal Spd 1

- Seal Spd 2

- Seal Spd 3

Some Wrath skill.

- Wrath 1: If unit's HP ≤ 25%, Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn if Special triggers by attacking. If Special triggers, +10 damage from Special.

- Wrath 2: If unit's HP ≤ 50%, Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn if Special triggers by attacking. If Special triggers, +10 damage from Special.

- Wrath 3: If unit's HP ≤ 75%, Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn if Special triggers by attacking. If Special triggers, +10 damage from Special.



Support Skill


Special Skills

- New Moon

- Luna

- Moonbow

My own characters that I thought of when I was bored


Tags: Anime, Tsukikanade, Fate/stay night, Assassin (Fate/stay night), PNG Conversion

Title: Unquiet Swordsman

Name: Seijuro

Description: Once a teacher of the mighty Nero Lionheart, Seijuro is a cunning master swordsman banished from a foreign nation for refusing to follow societal principles. Leads his own band of students, all of whom are professional fighters with varying fighting styles. He follows his own principles, and his own desires, and believes people should not waste their lives under the command of other men they don't care for.



Lvl 40 5* Stats: HP/45-48-51 Atk/29-30-35 Spd/35-39-43 Def/22-25-28 Res/18-21-25

Total BST: (158+5) 163


Iron Sword

Steel Sword

Killer Sword

Devil's Fang: Mt:16 Rng:Eff:  After combat, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-2 and Special cooldown charge -2 on foe and enemies within 2 spaces of foe with through their next actions.



Life and Death 1

Life and Death 2

Life and Death 3


Devil Scroll: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 90% (Skill can not be inherited).



Support Skill


Special Skills

New Moon





Title: King of the Hunt

Name: Tanuse



Description: Tanuse is the leader of a band of nomadic warriors called the Spiritmen, who enjoy hunting, and fighting as a game. They have channeled the power of the animal gods, and each Spiritmen has his own spirit animal. Tanuse's animal spirit is the wolf, and he prays to the wolf god, Waya, who imbues him with great power. Tanuse is considered the strongest of the Spiritmen, and that's why he leads them, and as a result his Wolf clan is also considered the strongest of all the clans within the Spiritmen band. The Spiritmen have trouble with the new animal kingdom of shapeshifters, also known as Laguz or Taguel. They view shapeshifters as an abomination in nature, but don't go attacking them unless the Laguz/Taguel enter their territory. Tanuse eventually helps Ellisa Lionheart reclaim her kingdom after it has been overtaken by the traitorous son of the former king regent, Lloyrell, and his new found banner men. Tanuse is very strict, and holds on to his traditions strongly, he only seeks to help Ellisa to help his people thrive even further on to a new frontier, and he cares deeply for his people, especially his sister Tsula.

Lvl 40 5 Star Stats: HP/32-36-39 Atk/31-34-38 Spd/29-32-35 Def/20-23-26 Res/25-28-32

Base Stat Total: 153


Iron Bow

Steel Bow

Killer Bow

Wayatsusgo: Mt:14 Eff: Grants all stats +2. Unit takes 2 damage after combat. Effective against flying and cavalry units.



- Fury 1

- Fury 2

- Fury 3


Waya's Blessing: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit Special triggers, +10 damage from Special. (Skill can not be inherited.) SP: 300



Support Skill(s)


Special Skills

Chilling Wind




Edited by Logos
Thank you PoR banner video. Added Tanuse.

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(♫ Guess who's, back, back again, trashboi's back, tell a friend ♫)

New unit concept

How do I start these!


im sorry

read the spoiler u dingus


Unit: Lute, Conceited Genius

Help Description: A brilliant student and magical progidy from Serafew. Self-centered and quite eccentric, but a normal girl at heart. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Summoned Quote: 

"Aha! It seems you too, fell victim to my enticing genius. I'm Lute, the most brilliant mage you've ever met. You should be honored to have me in your service."

Status Screen Quotes:

[3S]: "Sometimes I really miss Serafew..."
[3S]: "Oh? Is this some kind of poke projection magic?" 
[3S]: "I'm just too brilliant for my own good."
[3S]: "Hmmmm..."
[4S]: "Self-centered? Pah! I'm the most modest person I know."
[4S]: "I've always wanted to travel, but this is a bit overkill, no?"
[5S]: "My favorite hobby is monk-watching. You should try it sometime if you summon one."
[5S]: "All these tomes! So much to learn, this place is great!"

Home Screen Quotes:

"You should take a break once in a while. After all, I'm the best at spotting mental and physical fatigue!"
"Do you have a list of all the different realms you've summoned heroes from? I'd like to speak with some of my own allies sometime."
"What's your name again? "
[Player], summoner for the Order of Heroes and wielder of Breidablik?" Alright then, [Player]-summoneer-for-the-Order-of-Heroes-and-wielder-of-Breidablik."
"Hypothetically speaking, if there was a monk you were hypothetically interested in, how would you approach him? Ah-hypothetically, of course."

"I've been told that I'm... less educated in areas outside of academics and magic."


"You know, [Player], I've never been much for people. They always think that all I care about is myself, that all I'm good for is magic. But you, you aren't like that at all. Yes, you are one of two people I've met who are deserving of my praise! If you believe your path to be right, even if others would say otherwise, you should keep following your own instinct instead. Everyone has his or her own talent. I figure the path you are taking now is appropriate for you - no, for all of us."

Levelling Up:

"This never happened." (+0, +1 Points)
"Go me!" (+2, +3 Points)
"I am the best, after all." (+4, +5 Points)

Turn Action:

"Of course."
"Right away!"

Critical/Special Trigger Quotes:

"When all else fails, extreme violence prevails!"
"How does THIS feel?"
"I am the BEST!"

Death Quote:

"I don't want to die..."


Movement Type: Infantary (Green Mage)

5S Level 1 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]

5S Level 40 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]

5S Skills:

Weapon: Gronnsteed+ : ///New Weapon/// (Mt:11, Rng:2, Gain Atk/Spd+1 for every 20% of unit's max health not missing)
Assist: N/A
Special: Bonfire (Charge: 3, Deal damage equal to 50% of unit's Def

A: Armored Blow 3: (Unit gains +6 Def when initiating an attack.)
B: Green Tomebreaker 3: (If Unit's HP > 50% in combat against a green tome user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.)
C: N/A


Comments: wowo lookie who came back to make another unit concept™. Lute's kit revolves around her above-average Def stat for a mage in conjunction with Bonfire, Armored Blow, and Gronnsteed. Her HP stat is slightly off because I figured a multiple of 5 would be best for simplicity's sake here. Please leave your comments and suggestions below, and thanks for looking at this concept! next one coming soon™.


Edited by CtrlAltSandwich

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Time to build the Best Party!



Hero - Captain of the Guard

 HP/ Atk/ Spd/ Def/ Res
 40/  32/  35/  26/  22

Weapon: Dragovian Sword Mt 14 Rng 1 - Grants Spd +3. Effective against Dragons. 

Special: Draconic Aura

A - Dragovian Blood - Grants immunity to status effects. Cannot be inherited.



Yangus - Former Bandit

 HP/ Atk/ Spd/ Def/ Res
 45/  36/  22/  35/  24

Weapon: Executioner's Axe Mt 14 Rng 1 - Grants Def +3. If enemy initiates attack and is using a bow, tome, staff, or dagger damage is reduced by 20%.

Assist: Rally Def/Res

B - Guard 3



Jessica - Lady of Alexandria

 HP/ Atk/ Spd/ Def/ Res
 32/  36/  34/  20/  30

Weapon: Kacrackle Mt 14 Rng 2 - Res +3. If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 5 damage after combat.

- Mirror Strike 2

C - Fortify Res 3



Angelo - Noble Templar

 HP/ Atk/ Spd/ Def/ Res
 40/  36/  34/  20/  24

Weapon: Odin's Bow Mt 14 Rng 2 - Atk +3. Effective against Fliers. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).

Special - Astra

B - Renewal 3


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More Characters!

Valbar: Reliable Shield (Lance, Armored)

Stats: 50/38/27/38/15

Weapon: Silver Lance+

Special Skill: Pavise

Passive Skills: Armored Blow, Gravity Ploy


Kamui: Aimless Drifter (Sword, Infantry)

Stats: 36/36/36/30/20

Weapon: Wyrmslayer+: 12 Might, Effective Against Dragons

Assist Skill: Swap

Passive Skills: Steady Blow, Live For Bounty


Kliff: Studious Peer (Blue Tome, Infantry)

Stats: 32/30/39/26/26

Weapon: Thoron+

Special Skill: Holy Vestments

Passive Skills: Swift Strike, Seal Resistance


Julian: Noble Thief (Dagger, Infantry)

Stats: 32/36/38/25/16

Weapon: Brave Dagger+: 6 Might, Speed -5, Allows Consecutive Attacks.

Special Skill: Raging Tempest: 4 Cooldown. Damage Is Increased By 50% Of Unit's Speed.

Passive Skills: Life And Death, Gentilhomme: All Female Allies Within Two Spaces Receive +3 Defense/Resistance During Combat.


Lena: Macedon's Angel (Staff, Infantry)

Stats: 31/30/35/20/33

Weapon: Sleep: 5 Might. Afflicted Units Cannot Attack Or Move For One Turn.

Assist Skill: Physic

Special Skill: Serene Mist Balm: All Allies Gain +2 Attack/Resistance For One Turn

Passive Skills: Demoiselle: All Male Allies Within Two Spaces Receive +3 Strength/Speed During Combat.


Wolf: Aurelian Hero (Bow, Cavalry)

Stats: 32/35/32/25/21

Weapon: Slaying Bow+

Special Skill: Dragon Fang

Passive Skills: Fury, Hone Speed


Sedgar: Aurelian Star (Bow, Cavalry)

Stats: 32/32/35/21/25

Weapon: Slaying Bow+

Special Skill: Cutting Breeze: 3 Cooldown. Damage Is Increased By 30% Of Unit's Speed.

Passive Skills: Attack/Speed+, Hone Attack


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hey remember my legault concept

well i tried to make it not awful blease n thanks




Unit: Legault, The Hurricane

Help Description: Prominent member of the original Black Fang. Sly and sarcastic, but caring at heart. Hates the corrupt. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Summoned Quote: 

"Well, this doesn't seem like a Dragon's Gate to me... I suppose you summoned me here? Can't say you know how to pick em', but since you asked, the name's Legault. Guess I'll fight for you now."

Status Screen Quotes:

[3S]: "I'm called the Hurricane, y'know, cause I'm fast."
[3S]: "I miss the old Fang..." 
[3S]: "Don't know why you chose me of all people, but I won't complain."
[3S]: "Pfffffft."
[4S]: "In the Black Fang, I was the *ahem* House Cleaner. Awful job."
[4S]: "I'm not the strongest or the smartest, but I fight the dirtiest."
[5S]: "Lloyd, Linus, Uhai, and poor little Nino..."
[5S]: "My oh my... Fools aplenty. That includes me, too."

Home Screen Quotes:

"What's on your mind? As the de facto leader of this merry band, I can't have you going and working yourself to death, now can I?"
"Don't worry, as long as I'm on your side, I won't rob this castle blind. Probably."
"I've heard disturbing rumors that our enemy is being controlled by a greater force. I only hope these are false, otherwise, I don't know if I could do my job."
"Back in my world, I used to be a member of a band of mercenaries called the Black Fang. Until a sorceror named Nergal tainted the group beyond repair."
"Have you seen a little girl about this tall, with bright green hair recently? She's sorta like a niece to me, since her 'mother' was an insufferable witch."


"Ah, (Player), just the summoner I wanted to see. You've made quite the effort in giving me a good time here, and for that, I'm thankful. You know, I've been called a number of things over the span of my career, including, but not limited to... Ah, what's the point. I came to say thank you. Not many people would go out of their way to help a vagabond like me, but you're different. As long as you stay on the path you're on, I'll keep serving you without any hesitation. But if an old man with a strange hat and an eyepatch is wandering around, do tell me before anyone else."

Leveling Up:

"Please stop laughing." (+0, +1 Points)
"Not sure what you expected." (+2, +3 Points)
"Let's see them outrun me now!" (+4, +5 Points)

Turn Action:

"On it."
"Why not?"

Critical/Special Trigger Quotes:

"And a one, and a two, and a-"
"Looks like you slipped up."
"Time to clean house."
"No use running."

Death Quote:



Movement Type: Infantary (Dagger)

5S Level 1 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]

5S Level 40 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]

5S Skills:

Weapon: Hurricane Dagger ///Exclusive/// [Mt: 11, Rng: 2, After combat, all enemies within 3 spaces of unit recieve Def/Res/Spd -2 through their next actions. Unit gains Spd +2 for each enemy affected.
Assist: N/A
Special: Windrunner ///New Special/// [Deal bonus damage equal to: 0.75{Unit's Spd (Including (de)buffs) - Foe's Spd (Including (de)buffs)}, Charge: 3] |Footnote: If the enemy has a higher speed stat, then the special WILL NOT trigger. Base form: Sharpened Winds (Same as Windrunner but with a 4 charge CD). Ignis/Glacies/Dragon Fang form: Windblade (Same as Sharpened Winds but with a multiplier of 1.5).

A: N/A
B: Seal Spd 3 [After combat, foe suffers Spd-7 through its next action]
C: Hone Spies 3 ///New Skill/// {Inherit Restriction: Units with daggers only.} [Grants adjacent allies with daggers Atk/Spd +6 through their next actions at the start of each turn]


Comments: Since there are so many units that utilise one stat over their others in conjunction with skill such as Bonfire, Iceberg, and Draconic Aura, I felt that speed was quite left out of the equation. So, I decided to rework my previous Legault concept with a greater emphasis on being able to outspeed your enemy, and then being rewarded for doing just that. Please leave your comments and suggestions below, and thank you for looking at this hero concept!



read the spoiler u dingus

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With the Choose your Legends Banner ending, I thought it would be appropriate to put my mock up of CYL Caeda. So if Caeda was on the Brave Heroes Roster of *insert year here*, what would it look like? Here is the base kit for Brave Caeda




Caeda- Brave Heart


Orb Affinity: Blue Lance

Movement Class: Flying



Iron Lance

Steel Lance


Wing Spear 5★ (16 MT, Effective against armored/cavalry units. Unique, Cannot be inherited.)


Special Skills

Ventus (cooldown count 4. Boosts unit’s damage by 50% of unit’s speed. Learns by default at 4 ★. Unlocks at 3 ★)

Hurricane (cooldown count 3. Boosts unit’s damage by 50% of unit’s speed. Unlocks at 4 ★)



A Passive: Dancing Blade 3 (If unit's Spd - foe's Spd ≥ 1, unit gains Special cooldown charge +1 attack. If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)

B Passive: Wings of Mercy


Stats at Level 40 5

HP: 36

ATK: 32

SPD: 36

DEF: 29

RES: 25

Total BST: 158




In Fire Emblem for the NES and SNES, Pegasus Knights did not keep their Pegasi after promotion. That is right. They promote into Dragon knights, gaining lots of Strength and Defense and losing their Speed and Resistance. They trade in their pegasi for a Dragon as their choice of steed. This CYL edition of Caeda will ride atop a Dragon into battle as well as simulating the promotion stat changes from Pegasus to Dragon as you can see in the stats.


Brave Caeda has only lost 1 point of speed from her original iteration. That is because Caeda has a 90% speed growth in Marth's NES/SNES games meaning that the lost speed from her Dragon Knight promotion is easily regained in a couple of levels. If there were no caps, Caeda would be by far the fastest unit of her game.


The Ventus/Hurricane Special Skills allows Caeda to be a true speedy killer as the description implies. Speed kills.


Dancing Blade is there to make her special charge faster. Hurricane and Dancing blade form a deadly speedy combo. If you cannot catch up with Caeda, you will be left behind in the dust….. Horribly!


Wings of Mercy is there to simulate the Shadow Dragon meta of warping Caeda to kill bosses with that awesome Wing Spear of hers.


As for IVs, +SPD is the best. It allows Caeda to have more opportunities to have Dancing Blade activate.



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