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Buying Orbs Analysis

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Hello all, I just joined the forums and decided to post my first thread after taking some notes and crunching some math on purchasing orbs.  I did a bit of searching and didn't see any other topics like it so apologies if someone has already done it.

The options you get in the shop are confusing as all hell.  Why is there an option to purchase just 3 orbs?  Why is there an option that costs 27 dollars when there is already an option for 20?  Trying to make sense of it all I decided convert their offers into something that makes more sense, at least to me.  The following are my results;


First column is the options the store gives you.  Second is how each offer converts into monetary value per orb, in cents(US currency, sorry other countries).  Third column is where things get a bit more complicated as I try to establish how many characters can be obtained per purchase.  The lesser numbers represent summoning characters one at a time using 5 orbs each time(In case you're hunting a specific color or character) and the greater numbers represent summoning up to 5 characters at once(in case you want as many pulls as possible).  The number following the "r"s is how many remaining orbs you'll have after using the rest to summon.  Lastly the fourth column shows how many US dollars you're spending for each character that you're getting(more apologies to the other nice countries).  Once again this is split depending how you're summoning, but remaining orbs are not taken intro consideration as you cannot summon partial characters.

Phew.  Ok, now we can get a better picture of what's going on with all the weird options the store gives you.  As you might expect the cheapest option is the least efficient considering how many orbs you're getting for your dollar.  Oddly enough though the second most expensive is the most efficient in this regard, squeezing ahead of the $75 offer by a few fractions of a penny.  Spending $20 is also less efficient than $13.  Moving on to characters the 75$ option gives you the most even cut, leaving no orbs left over if you stick to summoning one way or the other.  Other than that it's largely based on your summoning needs.  Lastly, dollar value for your character.  If you're summoning the way the game wants you to spending 20 orbs at a time you can see that the more you spend the better value you're getting.  Strangely though the people hunting for specific characters will be getting different values depending on their purchase.  The $13 option is actually more expensive than the $6, which is tied with the $27.  Once again the $40 just slightly beats the $75 so at least there's some logic to this chaos.

Oh and if anything looks off (a lot of it does to me) make sure to double check my math.  Remember, I'm just some hooligan on the internet who's not to be trusted.  All in all though the results of these calculations surprised me and have given me a lot to think about before putting some money down on this crazy little game.  Thoughts?  Questions?  Corrections?  Lay it on.

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