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PoR Fun Fact(and kinda important tip for those going to play the game for the first time)!


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While a fun fact, this is something I feel like will be more valuable to those playing PoR for the first time.

In the menu where your characters are shown in a line, scroll 6 pages over to the conversations page. This will let you know who can have a conversation with who. This goes for just normal chit-chat, but it also goes for characters that can recruit a new character!

Not too sure who can recruit a certain character, open up the menu, scroll over to the "Conversation" page and you'll have your answers! No guide needed! (It's helpful since not everyone can be recruited via Ike).

...although, it doesn't help you much on Chapter 18, which requires you to speak with said recruitable character with a specific person first(here's a hint for who that is...Rolf) , and then you MUST defeat said recruit with Ike afterwards(it has to be Ike), and you get them after the battle is over...it makes sense why afterwards, but I don't know how they imagined first time players figuring this crap out seeing how killing/defeating recruits is usually a BAD thing! 

It's a bit of an issue. Not too bad, but it can screw you over a bit(and I think in the JPN version of Maniac mode, you'll be screwed 1 out of 3 good characters in a Prison chapter, since they won't escape if you don't talk to them with a specific character...which, unlike the other modes where you just need to open their cell doors and end the chapter, it is REQUIRED in that mode to get them to escape first)! 



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yee that is a thing. Since i know who can speak with whom, i forget all about this thing existing, but yep. Its a thing. Im not sure if it helps on that particular chapter in the desert where you have to literally do things that seem counter productive to the goal at hand to acquire a character with one of two Gallian characters, but...yeah. 

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