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Offset Questions with Tiled Inserter

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, so I'm trying to insert my chapter 2 map into the game, I made the offset the free space after my chapter 1 events end, switched the map tileset in nightmare to the proper set I used in Tiled, but when I loaded the map, the screen was black. I used Event assembler to add the OOBB, but it was still black, did I mess up the offset number or something, or did I write the events to the wrong offset? I attached screenshots of the two applications with the same data I used when importing

Screenshot (459).png

Screenshot (461).png

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Wooooaahh that is very wrong. I'm sorry for being so abrupt, but yeah... you're doing it wrong. What you're doing here is basically writing two things over each other. 0xD8035D and 0xD8035E are 1 offset (byte) apart. Basically anything you insert into a game is larger than 1 byte of data. If it doesn't tell you how far it wrote, then you actually have to go to that offset in a Hex Editor to see where the data wrote to. You can distinguish your data from the free data if you notice there is a jumble of letters/numbers rather than a pattern of letters/numbers.

Also, Event Assembler does tell you to which offset it writes to, so you should take note, and then insert things after that.Or you can do the opposite, insert your map first, then insert your events. There's no correct order. 

There's something else you should know. When your ROM is open in more than one program, whatever changes you make in one program it will erase the previous changes in the other. For example (kinda what you did here): you insert your map, then you make adjustments in nightmare without saving your ROM. What will happen is that Nightmare will erase the map you inserted from the game because the ROM's data is still "fragile" whilst making adjustments/inserting other data. What you can do is close your ROM out of the programs after you're done making your adjustments (without actually closing the program itself) to make sure that the SAVED CHANGES you made are sealed, they cannot be erased. OR (what I do) is simply copy and paste your ROM: not only are you making a backup, you don't have to close the ROM you're editing out of any programs and you can test your copy-and-pasted ROM and make adjustments on the original to your liking. Also even if you don't to the copy-and-paste method, still make backups, all of the time. You don't wanna try hacking in one fell swoop, that is quite possibly the stupidest thing you could ever do if you plan on making a full-fledged hack.  

Basically what I'm trying to say here is ALWAYS check your data in a Hex Editor (HxD, preferably). Also, the file you make your events in, change the offset there. There's a spot (if you're looking at a template) that says "ORG 0xD00000" or something like that. There you can put the desired offset you want. I don't recommend doing it in the actual program...just because I don't think it's any more effective than just doing it in the .txt file (I actually haven't tried it, so I don't know if it works). You usually fill out the offset thing in EA if you're disassembling events from an existing chapter, but other than that you should have no reason to actually be using it. 

So try inserting your map, figuring out where the data has been written, then copy-and-paste your ROM, then change the offset in your events.txt file to whatever is AFTER THE END of the offset that the map wrote to (i.e., don't overwrite any data of the map) and write your events data to the ROM. Should work just fine.

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