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[RELEASE] Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Canonization Project v2.0

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For the sake of not copy pasting a shit ton of information, everything you need to know can be found here, pairings wise:

For those of you who saw the first release, welcome to version 2.0! Major changes I've made since the last update are:


  • All characters names have been changed to reflect the Choose Your Legends event name localization. This is included with the patch.
  • Jaffar is now the father of Lugh and Raigh. However, to prevent their growths from being completely screwed over, I increased all of Jaffar's growths by 5%, as if he was the recipient of Afa's Drops in the Blazing Blade. This leaves both of their magic growths the same as before, which I'm fine with. Lugh no longer starts with a goddess icon. Statwise, Jaffar really beefed the both of them up, so have fun with that
  • Minor text fixes
  • You can now patch this on a clean rom rather than a pretranslated one, the issue with the last release was my mistake.
  • UPDATE V2.1: Thite is now Thea in accordance with Shanna from FE Heroes.
  • UPDATE V2.2: Bartre now has the base stats of a legitimately promoted FE7 Bartre, at the minimum level required to unlock the Karla event. This was done by generating 7 columns of randomly sequenced numbers, and applying a set of those to Bartre's FE7 growth rates 25 times, simulating 25 in-game level ups. 25 level ups (or Level 5 Warrior) is required to recruit Karla, making this a canon thing to do, unless you can argue that Bartre somehow lost his FE7 stats over the generational gap (if you can, discussion's open) The new base stats are:  HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res/Con/Mov | 50/23/15/14/14/12/4/14/6                     

Well that's it! I really hope you enjoy this release, as I put lots of time and effort into it. Let me know of any changes you would like to see in version 2.2 (the manga sword and staff are still open for changes)!



Canonization v2.2.zip

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It's been a long time since I've played fire emblem 6 so forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't Rebecca and Wil already good friends in the story even without taking support conversations into account? That said, Rebecca can die in fire emblem 7, and Wolt will still be born. Yet all the other canon parents just retreat. As long as that wasn't just an oversight, it means she had her kid before her death. I'd say that alone is more than enough to choose Wil over Lowen. 


Not to mention Wil is already wearing an outfit nearly identical to Wolts.

Edit: Wrong thread whoops. 

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7 hours ago, Armyman12345 said:

So how does this work? How do I use this? 

Get a clean ROM of FE6, download NUPS, open NUPS, click Apply UPS Patch, collect all the needed files (including my patch file linked above), and click the button that says apply patch or something.

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It says you used Harken x Isadora as one of the 'canon' pairings, but how is this implemented in the patch?

Good work, but I probably won't use it due to not agreeing with the 'canon' of the pairings, and I suspect many others won't as well. Thank goodness you changed Nino's pairing to Jaffar rather than Erk.

In general, it looks like IS tries to push: the highest support growth for a paired ending is the most canon. There's precedence for this in the first GBA FE, Binding Blade, where Roy's support growth with Lilina is +4 while with every other girl it is +1 (besides Cecelia, who is +2, and knew him from before/is his teacher). As for Blazing Sword, Eliwood and Ninian, have a +5 support growth while he only has +2 with Lyn and Fiora. Lyn's highest support growths are with Florina and Rath, at +4 (base support levels are 76 and 15, respectively). Nino has +3 with both Erk and Jaffar, but she has a higher base support level (25 with Jaffar, 0 with Erk), while Erk has had the chance to support other people with his early join time, and Nino joins roughly the same time as Jaffar. I could use FE8 to further the argument that higher support growth correlates greatly with how canon (or how implied) a pairing is; Eirika's highest growth is with Seth, etc.


I see no convincing argument that Hector and Farina canon. Lyn aside, I would argue that Florina is far more canon than Farina for Hector. On Farina's end, she has 3 love interests: Dart, Kent, and Hector, and the growth between her and Kent/Hector is +1 while it's +2 for Dart---considering how late she comes in the game, if IS really wanted to push her as the canon love interest, they would have given her a faster support growth with Hector. In addition to the +0 growth, she has a 0 base starting support level with Hector, and she joins on Chapter 25 . . . it will take 240 turns to get the A support, and you need 310 turns to get an A rank in the game.

She may be exclusively on Hector's Route, but Karla is also exclusively on Hector's Route, and Farina doesn't even have a special 'Talk' conversation with him; only her sisters. We know Lyn has one in the Final with Hector, but Florina gets one in Chapter 15 where she re-joins the group, and I would say that it is implied that she has a crush on Hector despite her general aversion to men. Her growth with Hector is +2 with a base of 5, and she joins early enough where an A support is extremely doable in a casual playthrough. As the only male option for Florina, and the other paired option besides Lyn, Lyn aside, Florina is the strongest contender to be Lilina's mother. Plus, Lilina's sweet temperament reflects Florina more than Farina.

Also with regards to Wil and Rebecca, I agree that Sain is probably never pushed to be the canon father, and while I like Lowen enough I think Wil is more likely to be the father, though I can see the other side of the argument. Wil and Rebecca have the highest support growth (+3 while Sain and Rebecca and Lowen and Rebecca are only +2) as well as the highest support base level (at 30, while Lowen starts at 5, and Sain at 0). Plus, their support complements Dart/Rebecca B, and is a good end to that subplot. I don't think that her ending with Lowen is much more descriptive than hers with Wil--- they are roughly the same length, and they wanted to mention that Wil joined the Pherae army as well. The only argument that I would make for Lowen is that he joins at the start with Rebecca, but Wil's join time (4 chapters later, assuming EM), isn't an incredible difference, and chances are, the C support might not even have been achieved by then.


What I would love to see from a FE6 patch is adding more paired endings (difficult!) and changing the support growths to be a bit more balanced like in FE7 and FE8 (most of them stand at +1 between characters that don't know each other).

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