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How would I make a non-stave weapon into a 1-2 range stave?

Tactician Aria

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So I wanted to add bloom festals to my hack and I thought I had set it up correctly. I made sure I set min-max range to 0x12, I set the weapon type and weapon ability 1 to "Staff", I set the staff/ use effect to heal and copied the weapon stats from the heal staff. Is there something i'm missing? If you're wondering what i'm replacing to add the festal, i'm replacing the emblem sword.

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10 minutes ago, CT075 said:

staff ranges are weird and hardcoded (the actual range byte is irrelevant iirc); you'd have to do some magic to make it work nicely


Is it possible you could give me a basic rundown of how to perform this magic? If you can't, that's fine. They also don't want to heal either so that's another thing.

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