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Help with Boosting Items

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So, I am doing a challenge run in FE7 (Blazing Blade). I am only allowed to use the following characters: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector. 

I am in chapter 17 at the moment with 2 secret books 1 goddess icon and 1 Dragonshield, any tips in who to use each item? 

(PS: sorry for Grammar mistakes, english is not my primary language xD) 

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Give the Secret Books to Hector, as axes have the worst HIT and his SKL isn't that great as is. Goddess Icon goes to whoever has poorest LCK. Dragonshield goes to a character with both poor DEF and AVO.

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