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[FE8] Fire Emblem Terraform

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im ultra and here im going to put down come concepts for a around 10 chapter hack which i call "Fire emblem Terraform"

now this is the first hack im working on in over 4 years and thus i am incredibly rusty with just about anything regarding hacks, let alone fire emblem hacks so please bare with me and i will take all Criticism.

This is a hack of Fe8 Specifically for the monster classes and world map


in the continent known as Terran Humans and Monsters Co-existed as Equals and lived in peace for thousands of years, however due to the Monstrous appearance of the Monsters the Humans attacked them after a great battle to decided the war both sides came to an agreement. Terran would be Divided into 6 Kingdoms Separating the humans and monsters into 3 kingdoms each. the human kingdoms Vitcoln, Colay, and Luno and the monster kingdoms Sullioe, Embol, and Terraleo. Peace Reigned once again. one day the human kingdom of Vitcoln launches an attack on the Neighboring Monster kingdom of Embol. the Vitcoln Prince Mike Learns about his fathers intentions to attack Embol and Flees the Vitcoln Castle with childhood friend Rix, and Monster guardian Yevelt. they flee to form an Alliance to stop the inevitable War. this is their story


Dialogue for the prologue has been Written

the Lords

Hp: 70 Str: 80 Skl: 80 Spd: 60 Lck: 10 Def: 40 Res: 40

(Light magic)Lord
Hp: 70 Mag: 60 Skl: 100 Spd: 50 Lck: 40 Def: 10 Res: 50

here is what is planned:
- a ton of new classes with new animations
- updated Animations for old classes 
- Making bow users actually good
- some sub par at best map design
- around 10 chapters
- around(hopefully) 18 playable characters
- uhhh Moral Grey plot???
i will Cross out the ones that are done

i will be sure to update this when more progress is done on this Tragic story, Tragically im sure

Edited by Ultrawing
Making the plot segment have the actual plot

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...But why would monsters and humans be able to get along if this isn't a new setting (which you haven't said it is)? Every FE game to feature monsters depicts them as generic beasts, it might be helpful for you to explain how your world and monsters are different.

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right i new i forgot something thank you for that. looking at the plot area... what was i thinking when typing that in? now i gotta change that so it makes more sense and fleshing out this world

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