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Who is the most powerful dragon boss (lore-wise)?

Most Powerful Dragon Boss (Lore-Wise)  

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  1. 1. Who is the most powerful dragon boss (lore-wise)?

    • Dheginsea
    • Medeus
    • Idenn
    • Grima
    • Morva
    • Loptyr
    • Mannu
    • Anankos
    • Jahn
    • Garon
    • Khozen
    • Ein
    • Ena
    • Gareth
    • Nasir
    • Kurthnaga

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2 hours ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

"Barely put a dent" might be understating it. Assuming the BK had the same quality of blessed armor as that he gave to Ashnard, and that the BK and Ashnard are of comparable strength (we never find out who is stronger), then we have a little line from Chapter 7 PoR.

Black Knight:
“You will not continue? Then I will finish…”

Black Knight:
“…So close.Now is not the time for me to deal with him. Hmph. You get to keep your head today, boy.”

What the script here on SF doesn't indicate is that there was a roar between these two lines. Said roar is later admitted by Caineghis to have been his. So rather than kill Ike and Greil, the BK fled from Caineghis. He suggests Caineghis would have been a nuisance he could have killed easily, but let us be honest, if Caine was only that, the BK would have stayed there. He left because the Red Lion King most likely was strong enough to threaten his life.

The whole reason the BK later waits to capture Leanne, is because he doesn't want to fight Tibarn. Well partly this is because of the warp powder strength drain, but I'd also think Tibarn even if the BK was at full power would be too much his equal to try a kidnapping with him present.

Getting back to comparing dragons, the one issue with Dheginsea is that unlike Naga, Grima, and Anankos, he displays no magical powers beyond that little AoE attack. Naga can bless and craft weaponry and travel through time, Grima can make undead legions, Anankos can defecate new abilities with every passing day. Dheg has just raw strength, which both Grima and Anankos have as well. Naga... well we never actually see her in battle mode, the closest we get is the incomplete resurrection that is Nagi (who statistically if Tiki is trained ends up being inferior, for whatever this is worth in lore) and the Naga tome.

Also, thing about Grima is that his influence has been known to be able to defile sacred lands. Mount Prism is said to be a holy ground where Naga's power runs strongest. However, in the future and even in Future Past, the Risen eventually invaded it and defiled the land, corrupting it. 

There's always been the case of how blessings are considered to be purity and such. Such things could very well be defiled and thus lose its power. Grima could very well defile the blessings of the being he fights, thus rendering their "immunity" null and void. So he could end up tainting the blessing of the goddess on Dheginsea.


One more thing I just realized. Though the population of Goldoa is very small, we should also remember that in their dragon form, they take up a huge space. I mean, we saw Kurthnaga's dragon form, and that was very large. 

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