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Starting Path Of Radiance

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-Ike is legit good

-Fliers are powerful

-Most of your starting guys are the best in their class

-Magic is separated into 3 Anima types but all Mages can use them just nice

-Don't feed kills to Laguz too much

-Ike must be LV 20 before chapter 19, same applies to Volke on chapter 21 IIRC

Bonus EXP, use it and try to grab as much as possible. There are several guides that help

-Remember to build supports

-Spare coins for Radiant Dawn

-Forge weapons occasionally

-Occult scrolls give a class skill, don't use them on more than 1 unit from the same class (Oscar and Kieran for example). Spare 1 for Ike

-Don't remove skills, unlike RD they don't become scrolls

-Have some fun (that's important), hope you enjoy my favorite FE game.

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