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Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

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I made a chat topic in the RP chat board. Character art goes there too if you guys care to make it.

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Would it be fine for my next character for arc 2 to be a competitor for the next ruler of Phoenicis?  Nothing official yet like Skrimir in FE10, but I'd assume it would be a hotly contested position and would take time to be chosen

Edit:  Got my hawk


Name: Lashay
Gender: Agender (assigned female at birth)
Age: 51 (late 20s in beorc)
Height: 6' 3"
Weight:  106 lbs.
Race (Beorc or Laguz): Laguz
Arc: 2
Role: Competitor for next Ruler of Phoenicis
Class (no third tier pre-promotes): Hawk
Weapons (you may have a personal weapon): Talon
Level: 9 (subject to change)
HP- 120%
Str- 75%
Mag- 10%
Skl- 55%
Spd- 55%
Lck- 25%
Def- 55%
Res- 25%



Total- 420%
BaseHawk (FE9)- 430%

HP- 36
Str- 18
Mag- 3
Skl- 15
Spd- 17
Lck- 11
Def- 16
Res- 8
Mov- 8
Con- 20
Wt- 18



Stats increased via random.org generator
Base stats: 
HP- 26
Str- 12
Mag- 2
Skl- 11
Spd- 11
Lck- 9
Def- 9
Res- 5

Level Ups:
2- HP, Str, Skl, Def, Res
3- HP, Str, Skl, Spd
4- HP, Spd, Def
5- 2HP, Str, Spd, Def, Res
6- HP, Spd, Def, Res
7- HP, Str, Mag, Skl, Lck, Def
8- HP, Str, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def
9- 2HP, Str, Spd, Def
Total: HP+10, Str+6, Mag+1, Skl+4, Spd+6, Lck+2, Def+7, Res+3

Skills: Shove, Canto, Maelstrom

Appearance:  In human form, has short dark brown hair and small, piercing eyes, with alarge wingspan.  Feathers are the same color as their hair.  Wears bandages to bind their chest, which appear in their hawk form which rivals Tibarn's in size.

Backstory:  One of many young warriors aiming for the throne of Phoenicis, Lashay is all about power.  Strength is almost everything to them, and proving it by becoming the next Ruler is how they plan to show they're much more than their peers.  After hearing rumors of trouble in Gallia, Lashay took to wing to find out for themself, perhaps finding favor with them and/or proving their superiority over the other hawks vying for the throne.

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hawk, formatting

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13 hours ago, Skri43 said:

shrug just popped into my head while making them

It's unique, I'll give you that, but what happens if they do get the throne? Would they be called the hawk queen or what? Does everyone know they were born female, and they're just gender questioning or something? If you don't think you can answer those questions properly then maybe it would be less confusing just to make them female...

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I was just thinking Hawk Ruler or something along those lines.  They won't be blabbing their birth sex to people, that's counter-intuitive lol.  At worst they'll correct a pronoun once for someone.  I could just have them be female, but the story of "woman is as good as men if not better" is just a trite and tired cliche, so I added a twist.

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haha np, it happens.
there's been a chat topic made in the other part of the rp forum seeing as sign-ups got closed.

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Oh that sucks! I remember when I still lived at my parents that happened quite a bit and it was literally the worst thing ever. 

But yes, chat topic in the RP chat board.

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Name: Dante(as enemy), Ignis(when recruited)
Gender male at birth,although is implied to be trans
Age 25
Height 5'4"
Weight 119lbs
Race (Beorc or Laguz): Branded
Arc: 3
Role: boss,Defects after defeat if a condition is met
Class (no third tier pre-promotes) Darksage (or fire sage/mage if it has to be)
Weapons (you may have a personal weapon): Inferno: Mt:14 , hit: 80%, crit: 0, avo: 0%, weight: 2. Dark magic, Generic thunder spell( boss only)
Growths: tbd
Stats: tbd
Skills: shove, nihil

Backstory: Born to a family of scholars in Crimea, young Dante grew up to be a reader and a prodigy in magic. Amongst her favourite things to do as a kid where to read, practice magic, and play with the other kids. His parents encouraged to play with other boys but he always found himself being with the girls. He soon came to think that he should of been born a girl and started to hate himself. His teenage years he spent mostly reading alone, taking an interest in the heros of old, specifically Soren and Einhenjar . This helped revitalise his love of magic and gave him the strength needed to function. He however did come to terms of what he was and told his mother. She rejected him for what he was and forced him to leave. This caused her to think of what she was as wrong, turning to magic to repress it. Her powers as a Dark Mage grew, letting her create Inferno. She frequently calls her life a divine comedy as only gods could laugh at her life. Turning to a military life she joined the rebellion that was responsible for this Arc, having a direct role in the king's death, she currently stands now as a commander.


A average sized person who looks feminine. If not the fact that until she joins the party she has her hood up and using a masculine voice she looks female.

She wears a grey cloak with a white vest under it. She wears a skirt going down to her knees.

(Just wanted to post this so it is up, I'll ad stats in a bit)

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