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When to level up healers (Challenge Run)

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OK to summarise the run - I can only use the following units: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector.

I am on chapter 20 with the following team (I didn't really use Raven :/)

Eliwood L16 | Hector L17 | Lyn L20 | Lowen L19 | Oswin L20 | Guy L18 | Serra L11 | Priscilla L 7 | Kent L20 | Florina L19

However I have no clue if Serra and Priscilla should be higher levels (Since I am not abusing bosses or arena), and if I should promote them early to compensate this. Any opinions? 

Extra: I have only 1 knight crest at the moment, who should get it? Oswin Lowen or Kent? (Lowen got better lvl ups than kent :/ )


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Staff XP is pretty limited in FE7, considering that they can get around 11 or 12 XP a turn if they heal at best - and FE7's generally easy enough to not require huge amounts of healing. They're also in direct competition with each other for XP, so unless they both healing every turn, you're stretching the XP that's available to them. I wouldn't worry too much, promotion doesn't really let them do much more than fight badly so they're more than happy to just stay as they are. Promoted staff XP is also worse.

Promote whoever you feel would benefit from it most. If they're both functional, pick whoever, but if Kent's struggling, promotion might make him more useful.

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What you can do to Level them up is to spam Torch and Barrier staves until they reach Lv. 20. If you're on HHM the desert chapter is perfect for this, as Priscilla can't do anything good anyways. Another thing is to use restore staves the right way. If someone get poisoned you can essentially maximize the EXP gain by healing around three times. then using restore and then healing another time. Also use unlock staves if you can. That's pretty much everthing I can think of.

As for promoting... I'd suggest you promote Oswin first, and then either Lowen or Kent. A tanky unit can become really useful in the late midgame, and Oswin is beefy. Especially if he has a support with Hector.

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