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Your favorite minor antagonists/bosses in the series and why?

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1 hour ago, Extrasolar said:

Oh, I'm definitely not saying there's anything noble about Jarod, but I would say he's brave, considering he claims he'll kill the Black Knight when he's got absolutely no chance to beat him in the first place. The guy's the strongest mortal on Tellius barring Dheginsea, Ike and Sephiran, and massacred Jarod's unit during the night he tried to set his trap, and was untouchable by the men under Jarod's command during his last stand. I mean, bravery isn't just a trait of heroes, after all.

The guy was an asshole to be sure, and a racist (do Daeins count as a race? should I just say "nationalistic"?) one at that, but he was a brave guy just the same.

Pretty much that. I'll also add that Micaiah quote (from the boss fight with Numida): "General Jarod was a scoundrel and a fiend, but at least he had a soldier’s honesty in his villainy. You black-hearted senators nauseate me, weaving a dense tapestry of lies that you yourselves believe!"


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I couldn't understand what the games talked about when I was a kid (my main language is french and my game was in english). But the only character that I really remembered was Valter.So yeah, basically i liked him because i thought he looked cool.

In the end when I finally understood the dialogues I saw that he was a sick bastard... and I thought that was double cool.

Througout the series his fight was the only I genuinly waited for (aside from the black knight, but I think he's too much of a rival to be considered minor).

So yeah Valter's my bae

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