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it's 4 am and I have to be on campus at 8

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hello friends, I have like 5 names but you can call me Rubin. My pronouns are he/him, and Im a dweeb.

so Im not actually new?? I made this account a while ago, but life started happening, and I lost touch with my goal of delving into this fandom.

basically, I've only played Awakening and Fates, and I want to play the rest IMMEDIATELY. But I may have to wait a week because I have two midterm projects. Anyway.

feel free to talk to me, tell me which games to play in what order, rant at me for being uncultured, or literally anything

i love humans, so please, love me


(edit:// it wasn't 4 am when i made this. i dont know where i got that. maybe Im really tired? but gauntlet)

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Welcome back to the Forest, Rubin!

Well, I highly recommend you the GBA titles, FE7, 6 and 8. I suggest you do them in this order since FE7 is a prequel to FE6. Though, you may do them in whatever order (it's not that much of a deal).

Anyway, have a nice day and keep enjoying your stay!

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hey thanks! sorry I never replied TT^TT i hate how life always gets in the way of fire emblem... anyway Im downloading FE7 right now! thanks for your recommendation

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