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[FE:F Hacking] Better Supports Hack!

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Ever wanted better supports? Like, I dunno...


Non-rushed marriage proposals?

Mozu not talking about food all the time?

Camilla not talking about Corrin all the time?

Effie not being obsessed about her strength?


Well I got news for YOU!


I'm here to make a hack about better support conversations! With this hack, we can remove all those things and MORE!

I'm taking suggestions, bug testers, video showcase providers and writers!


What I won't do:

-Add New Supports-

-Added Compatibility with Gay-Fates or other hacks-


What Is Needed:

A Home-brewed 3DS

FE: Fates

Optional: Extra Knowledge About 3DS Hacking



Coming soon!


Have a bug? Tell me and I'll be sure to fix it!

This project is closed due to time management.

Edited by Anna-FTW

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Can you also rewrite the story too? Fates was such a missed opportunity...

Jokes aside, I think this is a really cool project, though im sad to say i dont have any means to play it or anythinng (no access to homebrew hacks or anything)

Still, writing a support or two might be fun. In any case, I wish you luck! Even just watching vids of a better fates sounds really exciting!

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Darn I was actually looking forward to a better version of fates supports, lol. Any chance you'll reopen it if your time is opened up Please reply soon.

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