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FE6 Tierlist 2017

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16 hours ago, General Horace said:

Dorothy - Wolt with better stats that joins a few maps later, i'll give her a little better of a score since her growths are a lot better if you use her for some reason, 1/10

Saul - His base magic is by no means good, and his growth is average, but competition in both areas is nonexistant, so he wins the staffbot award by default.  Starting staff rank is very good.  8/10

Zealot - Very useful with his extra point of movement, weapon ranks and bulk.  Once the isles hit it basically turns into and extra movement point, and post Isles all he does is goon something with a Silver Lance or ferry Roy around.  6.5/10

Sue - oops broke order but w/e.  Actually think she's reletively decent, her really high speed lets her double pretty quickly, and can use the killer bow too to augment her bad strength.  Good in Ilia, but using her puts you towards Sacae.  Her low strenght hurts her against promoted enemies, but she shoud at least be about to take out annoying wyvern lords lategame. 6/10.

Treck - bad weapon ranks and kinda iffy growths (mainly in speed) hurt him, along with being worse than every other cavalier statistically, but he could be worse.  Not much different than Alan statistically, but Alan will have a pretty significant level and weapon rank lead, and will beat him in speed by a few points, which makes a difference when both boarderline double some enemies.  Even when not used as a combat unit can still contribute by ferrying Roy to get exp in the Isles.  4.5/10

I'm kind of just going to go "same" on this one for these scores. Because I agree with pretty much everything Horace said here.

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Bases + Growths
Level 7 Cavalier
HP: 27 (75)
Strength: 8 (30)
Skill: 7 (45)
Speed: 9 (30)

Luck: 6 (40)
Defense: 7 (30)
Resistance: 1 (10)
Another cavalier with solid bases but a poor strength and speed growth. His growths are actually worse than Treck’s but therefore Noah’s bases are slightly better and needs less levels for his promotion. Since mounted units are good in this game he’s still a decent choice.

Bases + Growths

Level 10 Thief
HP: 25 (90)
Strength: 7 (35)
Skill: 8 (40)
Speed: 15 (50)
Luck: 11 (15)
Defense: 7 (20)
Resistance: 3 (20)
Unquestionable the easiest thief to use in this game. He has solid bases and growths. Unlike Chad you don’t have to worry about him that he’ll get oneshotted. He’s not only good in thievery but also decent in combat against axe users at least.

Bases + Growths
Level 3 Mercenary
HP: 24 (80)
Strength: 7 (40)
Skill: 10 (30)
Speed: 9 (45)
Luck: 6 (55)
Defense: 4 (20)
Resistance: 0 (15)
Definitely the best of three in the cage but still no great unit. He’s a sworduser what is very nice at first sight. However he’s totally outlclassed by Dieck due to his lower bases and con (5 points lower than Dieck’s). He will have speed reduction with each axe except for iron axes. Since you have Rutger, Dieck, Roy and some cavs. in your team already there’s normally no free place for him in the team anymore.

Bases + Growths

Level 9 Knight
HP: 25 (100)
Strength: 10 (60)
Skill: 6 (25)
Speed: 5 (20)
Luck: 2 (20)
Defense: 14 (40)
Resistance: 1 (2)
Worst class in this game with a ridiculous bad speed and resistance growth. However with his nice base defense he can tank the reinforcements who’ll appear later in the prison cell.
Edit: He can't even tank the reinforcements well because the steel bow archers have >20 attack and the he has heavy hit issues with the javelin.


Bases + Growths
Level 1 Knight
HP: 19 (85)
Strength: 4 (40)
Skill: 3 (40)
Speed: 3 (40)
Luck: 6 (45)
Defense: 8 (30)
Resistance: 1 (10)
Wendy better shouldn’t exist. She joins at level 1 in the worst class in the game. She can’t see any action, and if she should be in combat, she’ll get onerounded by anyone who’s not a mage, soldier or knight  a / o will even miss for the most part in the game.

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Noah - He's pretty great for a while if you give him the first knight crest, he basically becomes another Zealot/Marcus.  Good sword rank is useful in the Isles.  Not much longterm potential though due to lame growths.  6/10

Astohl - Joins after chest keys are buyable which sucks for him.  Not totally deadweight since his combat is okay until the end of the isles and still makes some steals like Narshen's stuff that is pretty handy.  5/10.

Oujay - He's bad.  Starts off weak, and doesn't quite have the speed to double very much for a while.  Lame con sucks too.  His growths are okay so when he promotes he'll eventually dig himself out of his rut, but his offence isn't good enough to take on the tough lategame enemies like wyvern lords anyway.  1/10

Barth - If you get him one level and then have him steal the knight crest from all the cavaliers he's okay in the isles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
His bases are actually pretty bad for his level and his growths suck, and he has huge con.  0.5/10

Wendy - Totally garbage 0/10

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Roy- His combat at base isn't very good and never really gets better until the Sword of Seals. Rapier can be useful and he's force deployed I guess. 4/10

Marcus- Has the stats/class/weapon ranks to be very useful in the first 7 chapters and usable in the Western Isles. Falls off later, but earlygame would be extremely difficult without him. 9/10

Wolt- Wolt's base combat is terrible and never gets better really (enemy defense actually outclasses him pretty quickly). He can do weak chip for his forced chapters. 2/10

Lance- Lance is in a good class and has the whole game to contribute. Strength can be a little low and can get 2HKOd early in the game. Wants the early promotion item. 8/10

Alan- Similar to Lance, trading in some strength issues for possible speed issues but contributes a lot over the course of the game. 8/10

Bors- Lances are a pretty bad weaponlock early in the game and Bors also has Mov and severe speed issues. Forced deployment so he probably visits a village or chips or whatever. 1/10

Ellen- She staffs when we have no other staffers. Outclassed by every other staffer due to her low Mag and lack of horse, but for those early chapters she puts in work. 6/10

Dieck- Can actually double things with high accuracy at base which is very useful early in the game. Falls off later due to meh growths and lack of mount. 7/10

Lot- Doesn't double most enemy types, doesn;t have enough Atk to ORKO even when doubling and has an inaacurate weapon type. He's kinda bulky and is your best Halberd user? 4/10

Ward- Gets doubled by most enemies with bad Hit. He can ORKO some soldiers and dent knights I guess. 2/10

Thany- She's the only flier you get for a while so she gets a lot of credit for utility and can be useful even later in the game with no training. IMO her combat is pretty bad, lances are just not a good weapon type earlygame and her Str and durability are always lackluster. 7.5/10

Chad- Chad's durability and Str make his combat pretty much nonexistent. Outclassed by Astohl, but gets a few things before Astohl shows up and there are a few maps where a second thief is handy. 5/10

Lugh- Lugh's base combat is pretty bad due to not doubling most enemies and getting borderline ORKOd. At least he attacks at range. If he's trained he can be pretty good because of Aircalibur, but Guiding Ring competition is pretty tight. 4.5/10

Clarine- Heals and has horse utility. She needs a promo item to get combat which is kinda meh anyway, but her utility makes her a staple for most of the game. 7.5/10

Rutger- Having a very high accuracy unit that can double everything is rare in FE6 so Rutger's very useful there. His weapon type+promo bonuses are made for killing bosses who are a major pain to deal with otherwise. Falls off a bit later once Miledy/Percival can handle bosses. 9/10

Dorothy- She's probably better than Wolt when she joins. Can chip stuff in her join chapter and kill wyverns in the next with the Steel Bow- probably benched after that. 2/10

Saul- Saul is pretty great because he's your best option for an early Warp staff user- everyone else is outclassed either magic wise or doesn't have the weapon ranks. Healing/restoring status and such is also handy. Probably not worth fielding once Cecilia/Niime come along but that's pretty late. 8/10

Sue-  Her speed and accuracy are pretty good, strength can be lacking and durability is bad. Horse is good and bows are actually pretty useful in this game. Probably going to Sacae if you use her, but she's one of the best Sacae units due to being able to double and accurately counter nomads. 6/10

Zealot- Zealot is in a good class and his bases and weapon ranks allow him to be quite useful for his joining chapters and through the Western Isles- tends to fall off after that but he has some solid chapters in there. 6.5/10

Treck- Cavaliers are usually good, but Treck's bases and weapon ranks leave a lot to be desired. In a sea of other cavalier recruits, it's hard to justify giving him the Knight Crest and his combat is underwhelming. Can ferry foot units still I guess. 3.5/10

Noah- His stats and weapon ranks are OK. You can hand him the Knight Crest if Alan and Lance aren't being trained or got screwed, but he's generally outclassed by both of them. Generally bulky enough but often lacks the Str/AS to ORKO. 5.5/10

Astohl- Best thief in the game due to his bases. His combat is actually pretty decent at base and swords are good in the Western Isles- combat isn't notable after that but still gets fielded a lot for thief stuff. Can be duplicated by Chest Keys, but some extremely important items are only Stealable anyway. 7/10

Oujay- Oujay's base combat is pretty bad, gets 2HKOd by a lot of stuff and doesn't have enough Str to ORKO anything. Being footlocked also means he has no utility either- more salvagable than some characters but isn't actually useful. 2.5/10

Barth- Lance lock is bad for the Western Isles, low Mov, doubled by most things. I'm not sure what use one would have for him really. .5/10

Wendy- Like Barth or Bors, but without Str or Def. 0/10


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Noah   5.5
Astore 7
Ogier  3
Barth  0.5
Wendy  0

Noah - Pretty OK for a while, but his growths are awful. Giving him the first Knight Crest asap is probably the best thing you can do for Noah, but the opportunity cost for that is too big, imo.

Astore - good combat during the isles, steals some good stuff over the course of the game.

Ogier - Isn't that hard to salvage, being a sword unit on the isles, but it's still quite the investment to get a good, but not amazing unit.

Barth - Tinking all the attacks isn't really a thing in FE6, so Barth isn't even as bulky as he's supposed to be thanks to being doubled by everything. Gets half a point to distiguish himself from Wendy and Sophia.

Wendy - Great example that FE6 doesn't do Est-y characters.

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Noah - 6.5

Has good midgame performance with an early promotion, starts at a high level so not difficult to get him there. Falters afterwards but still fine vs most enemies.

Astol - 7

Steals good stuff and reveals in FoW, doesn't die if sneezed at. Combat is surprisingly good due to C Swords and high speed, plus 6 mov means he gets around easier.

Ogier - 2

His terrible base stats make it difficult for him to even finish off enemies if you're trying to raise him. If he had C Swords he'd at least be able to use the Light Brand like Roy can to finish things off, but D is so limiting. His growths don't even really help him out that much since they're pretty middle of the road, and training him up doesn't offer any particular benefits over the myriad of other Hero Crest users that could use the second one.

Barth - 1

Hurr. Low movement and unrescuable by everyone except Shin, and unpromoted Shanna, two units that have way better things to do than ferry around a thwomp. Technically Dayan can too but he joins so late it doesnt matter. If he promotes then nobody can so lol, not that he can instantpromote anyway. Base HP is also pretty awful for his level and class for some reason (Ogier has 1 less and is 6 levels lower in a less durable class...)

Wendy - 0.5

Durr. Not giving a 0 because no unit is truly useless. Fun fact, beamcrash used Wendy in his LTC


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O letz do this

Roy- Late promotion and weak growths 3/10

Marcus-One of the better Jeigans in the series, can hold pretty well on Hard but he is still a Jeigan 8/10

Wolt-Hate to do this but his bases are pretty terrible 3/10

Bors-The most usable Knight in the game but lances in FE6 being ech early game doesn't help him 6/10

Allen-Solid overall 8/10

Lance-Also pretty solid 8/10

Ellen- 1 BASE MAG but her growths aren't hindering her, also staves 7/10

DieckSTROYER-High bases that carry him well and decent at best growths, Ogma guy 8.5/10

Lot- He's balanced? Ech 4/10

Wade- Bord.jpg 2/10

Shanna- She has a Pegasus, that's good. But she comes earlygame with a lance, that's bad. 6/10

Chad-Thief, can steal stuff and makes a good dodgetank early on. Cobat is ech tho 7.5/10

Lugh-Fast, good magic, can use Aircalibur easily, he's alright in my book 7/10

Clarine- 2 BASE MAG character development.jpg, she has a horse however so that helps 8/10

Rutger- 9.5/10 THOSE HARD MODE BONUSES BOI, Killing Edge, good supports options

Dorothy- Heavy bow to her Con, can be better than Wolt upon arrival but she is also dead weight 3/10

Saul- Healer, access to base Mend, good bases and growths, good 7/10

Sue-SHE HAS A HORSE, buuuuuut she has lacking Str and Def, pretty fast however 7/10

Noah- He makes a good B rank cavalier but otherwise, decent I guess 5.5/10

Star Treck: boooooooring 4/10

Zealot: Marcus but slightly worse, is still good until chapter 13 6/10

Astore: Your combat thief, good bases, can steal, better than Chad especially when it comes to combat 8/10

Oujay: Lacking bases to catch up, especially when Deke came first, has better growths but he is pretty smol 3.5/10

Barth: WALL...and not much else 1/10

Wendy: You will not get the succ with those...everything really 0/10

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10 hours ago, TheAstraWolf said:

Bors-The most usable Knight in the game but lances in FE6 being ech early game doesn't help him 6/10

I don't deny he's the most usable knight... because it's not hard to be it... but really as usable as Shanna?

I mean he hasn't only hitissues in the entire game but he's also bad in chapter 1 and then he tends to get doubled by some enemies.
He's only really good against soldiers and for the most part he won't see much action due to his low movement.

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4 hours ago, Magillanica Lou Mayvin said:

I don't deny he's the most usable knight... because it's not hard to be it... but really as usable as Shanna?

I mean he hasn't only hitissues in the entire game but he's also bad in chapter 1 and then he tends to get doubled by some enemies.
He's only really good against soldiers and for the most part he won't see much action due to his low movement.

At least he can take a few hits and in the end due to the weapon triangle, lance users will get hit a bunch from axes soooo durability does help.


I am willing to increase Shanna's rank to 6.5 however, since she rides flying equestrians we know as pegasi

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Bases + Growths
Level 1 Mage
HP: 15 (45)
Magic: 5 (75)
Skill: 5 (20)
Speed: 4 (35)
Luck: 4 (50)
Defense: 2 (10)
Resistance: 7 (35)
So good magic is in this game, Lilina is pointless. She joins level 1 and is a papercut. Will get oneshotted and doubled by most enemies. Her speed growth is bad. Bringing her to Sacae is more or less death penalty for her. Sure, she’ll become a better stave user than Lugh but therefore he has the speed not to get doubled and instead double most enemies. Her quick support with Roy isn't really an argument for her since he prefers other ones (Alance).

Bases + Growths

Level 5 Nomad
HP: 29 (90)
Strength: 9 (35)
Skill: 11 (40)
Speed: 14 (50)
Luck: 8 (15)
Defense: 8 (20)
Resistance: 1 (20)
Best bow user in this game with his HM boosts. Excellent base strength and speed. Furthermore he’s mounted and his con allows him to use heavier bows. A very good unit all around.

Bases + Growths
Level 1 Myrmidon
HP: 25 (75)
Strength: 9 (25)
Skill: 12 (50)
Speed: 13 (55)
Luck: 5 (50)
Defense: 4 (15)
Resistance: 2 (20)
Seriously much better in HM because of her boosts. That she joins at level 1 it no issue because this chapter is the best place to grind her against the reinforcement pirates. Her strength and defense are worse than Rutger’s, but she’s in one of the best classes in the game.


Bases + Growths

Level 5 Bandit
HP: 43 (90)
Strength: 16 (60)
Skill: 7 (15)
Speed: 11 (50)
Luck: 6 (35)
Defense: 7 (25)
Resistance: 1 (5)
He’s the biggest victim of the heavy nerf of axes. He has terrific bases for his low level but he can’t really benefit from them due to of the low accuracy of axes. He can’t get levels because he can’t hit. You’ll be happy if you see >60% hit. Funnily he tends to have a higher crit than hirate as berserker. You must spend secret books in him and promote him early to make him seriously usable. Otherwise his great bases are for the corpse simply because he can’t hit.


Bases + Growths
Level 10 Pirate
HP: 33 (85)
Strength: 10 (50)
Skill: 9 (30)
Speed: 9 (40)
Luck: 9 (40)
Defense: 8 (20)
Resistance: 0 (10)
Another locked axe user but totally outclassed by Gonzales statwise. His brave axe is nice though.

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Roy - 4.5/10. Has a tendency to be hit-or-miss, which can be infuriating since he must be fielded, and mega late promotion doesn't help.

Marcus - 8/10.

Wolt - 2/10. Mediocre bases and uninspiring growths doom him.

Wendy - Big Fat Shiny Goose Egg/10. Horrid bases, low move, bad jointime, the whole nine yards. The end result? Someone who's completely unsalvageable. 

Gonzales - 2/10. Watched a Star Wars film? Ever seen how much the Imperial Stormtroopers miss? That's Gonzales, in a nutshell. Sure, he can do good damage if he hits - key words being "IF he hits" - but he's just too [EFF!]ing inaccurate, with low skill and being locked to axes. Hero Crest competition doesn't help, nor does it that he essentially requires you to get lucky to get anywhere, not unlike a certain Fighter from the latest FE game (or both of them, for that matter)...

I'd post more, but just don't feel like it atm.

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Lilina- Terrible durability, footlocked, doesn't double pretty much ever and we don't really need chip anymore once she joins. Admittedly she is kinda useful after promotion because she can Aircalibur and do stuff with Bolting, but not worth the effort. 2.5/10

Shin- Great bases, pretty uncontested promo item, has horse, kills wyverns, is best Murgleis user. Not countering most of the time is his only really flaw, but in Sacae he has one of the best enemy phases in the game. 8/10

FIr- Fir's HM bonuses make her bases pretty good, particularly for her level. Swordmaster promo bonuses make her one of the best bosskillers in the game, but unfortunately Rutger already exists likely with better stats and we don't need multiple bosskillers. Footlock+1 range lock+ no WTC means she tends not to add much to a lot of teams despite solid stats. 5/10

Gonzales- His bases are quite good in most areas and so are his growths. Unfortunately, the low hit of axes combined with his low Skill make him unreliable against non-lance users and his base speed is a bit low for most HM enemies. He also has some mobility issues with footlock+ huge Con making him difficult to rescue. He can pull some interesting shenanigans on chapters with mountains due to his class, which gives him a niche. 5/10

Geese- Like a higher leveled Gonzales with worse bases and growths, giving him all the same issues plus some more. He can waterwalk and his base axe rank is pretty good I guess? Really reaching here. 2/10



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Lilina   3
Shin     8
Fir      6
Gonzales 5
Geese    2.5

Lilina - her advantages over Lugh are stronger heals, stronger Boltings and that incredibly fast support with Roy. She's not as impossible to train as Wendy, since Anima can actually hit stuff (and doesn't screw her against the axe users in the incoming chapters), but she still requires very cautious play.

Shin - Basically outclasses every other bow user the moment he joins. A great bow user in a game where bows are acutally useful.

Fir - If she joined alongside with Rutger in chapter 4, Rutger would still be a bit better than her thanks to his higher base level. As is, that disadvantage has grown larger, making Fir kinda obsolete since the FE6 niche for myrms is mostly fast and reliable boss slaying. But looking on Fir on her own, she's still a very solid unit - her base stats allow her to feast on the many axe users on the islands without someone feeding them to her, and her stats will catch up quickly to the rest of the team, thanks to her low base level. Very fun unit to field, so the score might include 0.5 or 1 point of bias. ;)

Gonzales - Terribly inaccurate, but powerful and actually pretty tanky with a huge HP stat and decent (about Alance-like if he catches up) Defense and the ability to peakwalk. He gets better later in the game, thanks to a +5 skill bonus when promoting and the endgame being rather lance-heavy, but he really struggles against axe users, let alone sword fighters. All in all a spectacular, but not that great, unit.

Geese - A bit more accurate than Gonzales (but not by that much) and can Brave Axe those pesky brick walls, but worse in literally every other way. Could maybe insta-promote when you get the second Crest, but even then he's really not that great. I'm not sure if there's a big use for his water walking ability, but I guess it doesn't hurt him.

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Time for controversial opinions.

Lilina - 3

Base C anima and Roy support mean she can actually do more damage against most enemies than someone like Ogier can, and although he can take one hit, Lilina's at leisure to not take counters when chipping or finishing things off. There is no significant benefit to training her, much like Lugh, but she is considerably more salvagable than many other bad units in this game. Although it is worth noting that really, Lugh's advantage is not in his stat spread, it's the availability at critical moments. Consider the following points;

Without heavy favouritism, Lugh struggles to reach C Anima by 8x meaning he can't make use of Elfire for a while, nor will he be able to double most of the isles enemies till he's over level 10. A level 6 to 8 Lugh is usually doing less damage with Thunder than level 1 Lilina does with Elfire. Additionally, Lilina gets more speed on promotion, so there isn't really that significant a gap between them in doubling ability until more levels are obtained; at 10/1, Lugh has only about +1 or 2 of an AS lead on her, whilst she has +4 mag. He gets an extra point of a lead in speed on her every 4ish levels mind, whilst she gets 2 points of mag.

However, against promoted enemies (some of the few enemy types that Sages can be quite nice against) Lugh generally can't double and again, Lilina will outdamage him in raw hit power. Lugh also fails to double many enemy Wyverns until he's much higher level, and he doesn't oneshot them with Aircalibur either - something Lilina can do fairly easily at a lower level. There's also things like Bolting or larger heals that benefit from Lilina's higher Magic.

Lugh's slight durability lead can get him out of range of some OHKOs, but his avo is generally very similar to Lilina's anyway due to her higher luck.

Obviously, a counterpoint to much of this is that once Lugh's speed growth accumulates a significant gap after many levels, he'll be a much stronger unit than Lilina is, but the degree of investment he needs to get there is pretty suspect. Unless you are planning on heavily training him, it can be argued that Lilina is at least as good, if not better than Lugh in most long term use scenarios. However, as I stated earlier there isn't a real significant benefit to training a Sage anyway, and Lugh's clutch earlygame more than outweighs whatever possible tiny advantages Lilina may have long term.

Shin - 8

Best bow user in the game, and in a game where bows are really useful. Excellent bases, good growths, only drawback is his bad weapon rank but he doubles so much that it's not a big chore to fix. Endgame performance with Murgleis is insanely good.

Fir - 5

Basically irrelevant in any scenario but a speed screwed Rutger, and she generally runs into the same problems he has mid to late as well. However, she is self sufficient from the get go thanks to the Wo Dao she comes with, making her extremely easy to train up into a pretty powerful unit if you choose to do that. Whilst I'd rather just sell the second Hero Crest, since we're considering best case scenarios, Fir shouldn't be overlooked entirely.

Gonzalez - 2.5

I consider him significantly worse than many here do because it's impossible for him to keep up after promotion without utilising unpromoted Shanna or Shin (who as stated earlier, have better things to be doing). He can be an okay filler unit on some maps thanks to chunky bases and high offensive growths, but if you promote him to uncap his strength and improve his skill, movement and ORKO potential via the crit boost he actually gets a lot worse past the opening turns of many chapters due to not being able to do anything. Obviously not promoting has downsides, but at least he only has a chance to miss or not ORKO compared to being nearly guaranteed to not do anything. And before someone says "just slow down", man, between sandbagging every mount in the game or sandbagging two of the better mounts, 2 is definitely better than all of them, and 0 is better than 2.

Geese - 2

I've said before I think Geese is marginally better than Gonzo because of the constitution thing, but to be entirely honest, that's purely in the context of a run where you're really insistent on using a Berserker and having them significantly contribute, then evaluating them against each other. The relative contributions nearly base Gonzo can make compared to a Geese that has been given heavy favoritism are pretty similar though which skews it towards Gonzo. Geese might have a slight edge in usability because he can actually be carried around and maintain 6 mov and the crit/stat boosts from promotion unlike Gonzo, along with having a decent accuracy lead, but besides Brave Axing a wall in Chapter 11L (something you don't even really need to do) he lacks any niches that Garret doesn't offer for free, and is in a vaccum harder to train up than someone like Lilina who has some unique utility, plus he's competing for a more contested promotion item to actually be usable.

It's difficult to quantify this but basically I think that if you hard commit to using Geese then he can be around about a 3 to 3.5, but the cost associated with that hard commital brings him down a lot. Conversely, Gonzalez can't really get past 3 even in his best case scenario*, but being far more usable at base means he can immediately make slight contributions without impacting your team negatively. This means Gonzo has more possible team compositons in which he's capable of helping out than Geese does.


*if I waive the cost of having to sandbag Shin and Shanna then maybe he gets to 4 but like fuck if I'm doing that.

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Bases + Growths

Level 1 Bard
HP: 15 (80)
Magic: 1 (5)
Skill: 3 (5)
Speed: 10 (65)
Luck: 11 (65)
Defense: 4 (25)
Resistance: 1 (55)

Bases + Growths

Level 1 Dancer
HP: 14 (70)
Magic: 1 (10)
Skill: 2 (5)
Speed: 11 (70)
Luck: 9 (80)
Defense: 2 (20)
Resistance: 4 (30)
Both can give an ally an extra turn so they’re automatically fantastic. Elphin has the slightly better growths but I give both the same rating.

Bases + Growths
Level 1 Sniper
HP: 33 (60)
Strength: 16 (35)
Skill: 16 (40)
Speed: 13 (45)
Luck: 13 (50)
Defense: 9 (15)
Resistance: 7 (25)
Solid bases and the best growths of all prepromotes. Igrene has slightly better bases for being the same level but Klein therefore better growths. A good filler if you don’t have a bowuser yet.

Bases + Growths

Level 7 Pegasus Knight
HP: 28 (90)
Strength: 9 (60)
Skill: 12 (15)
Speed: 15 (50)
Luck: 6 (35)
Defense: 8 (25)
Resistance: 8 (5)
Nice bases and higher con and strength growth than her younger sister. Therefore she has less chapters to prove herself. Still a real good unit. Quick support to Shanna make them pretty great at the end.


Bases + Growths
Level 1 Hero
HP: 35 (75)
Strength: 13 (30)
Skill: 19 (25)
Speed: 18 (30)
Luck: 6 (20)
Defense: 8 (15)
Resistance: 7 (15)
Another prepromoted unit with really good bases aside of defense. She has a really good axe rank but she can’t really benefit from it due to her low con. She’s still pretty squishy but good for weaking the opponents.

Bases + Growths

Level 1 Warrior
HP: 48 (70)
Strength: 22 (40)
Skill: 11 (20)
Speed: 10 (30)
Luck: 14 (20)
Defense: 10 (20)
Resistance: 3 (5)
He has excellent base strength and is a decent bowuser if you really need one. Good for poking but no endgame material due to his bad skill and speed.

Edited by Magillanica Lou Mayvin
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I forgot to post sorry.

Dorothy is pretty much a glorified Wolt. Nothingreally great about her - she basically just chips from 2 range with a Bow which can be nice for Chapter 7 and maybe for Chapter 6. She isn't going to ever be used seriously but her small contribution is more worthwhile than Bors. 2/10

Saul is basically your go-to Staff person. Though he lacks a mount he makes up for in Warp range - which is arguably more important in later chapters. He also has decent Magic range for things like Physic when they finally pop up as well. Saul shouldn't really be used for combat, though I guess he can be tolerable under the circumstances you train him. Still - best as a staff bot. 8.5/10

Sue is a basket case. On one hand she's not necessarily a bad unit - her lower level kind of helps with her okay bases, and her access to 2 range makes it easier to scum kills. She can help against Wyverns in Chapter 7 and she's good for the push through Chapter 8. Her biggest flaw is probably her abysmal Strength at the start, but the bows definitely help her out. Eventually she can become a pretty solid unit with investment and, funnily, she could even hit Murgleis before Shin. This helps give her small edges in using bows like Killer Bows and Brave Bow a lot faster. I think, overall, I've had a better opinion of her than in the past and definitely hold less of a bias against her. Being mounted with 2 range is really what helps her case out to being used. I think she's gotten to the point where I can comfortably give her a 5.5/10. I might be slightly underselling Sue, though, so feel free to correct me on this.

Zealot is a slightly stronger yet inaccurate Marcus. He comes baked with D Axes so he can Hammertime without any training - something that does help for Chapter 8. Zealot's Speed is a blessing since it makes him a bit more RNG-proof against Fighters in the Western Isles. He probably should leave Silver Lance usage to Marcus, though. Still, very solid unit that contributes roughly the same as Marcus - though the accuracy issue is quite noticeable at times. Low Luck can also be seen as iffy too - it leaves him a little more vulnerable to crits. Thankfully, Zealot is pretty durable which helps out. 7.5/10.

Treck is one of those units I really want to call awful. His combat prowess is below average and the dude is at Level 4 by Chapter 7. I get that Sue is Level 1, but Sue at least has okay 2 range. Treck's 2 range is with Javelins, which have questionable accuracy. E Swords is godawful for Western Isles too. He just passes combat-wise for the short time you need him, and to be fair he's still another mounted unit which you can't really nick against him on. 4/10

Noah is actually not too bad since he can promote rather quickly and become really serviceable throughout Western Isles. Very good throughout Western Isles and can still be usable for mounted utility and slight filler in routes like Ilia. The only nick I have against him is that his later combat stats are pretty bad due to early promotion and his stats won't carry him all the way to endgame. Still, C Swords is great since it gives Noah access to good weaponry and still an overall solid unit. 7/10

Asthol is the primary choice for a thief for Roy's campaign. He has quite solid stats to where he's actually usable through Western Isles as a more agile combat unit (both in Speed and movement) while having sight range in fog of war. His durability is actually not too shabby for a Thief - in comparison Chad likely has a third of his Defense and a 10 HP detriment. Cath just barely passes above Chad in durability too. He's damn useful for what he has to do, and he does it well. He steals quite a bit to make his contributions worthwhile - just a shame that Chest Keys and Door Keys really outclass him in thieving a lot. 7/10

Oujay is pretty shit. He's actually worse in combat parameters in comparison to Asthol for quite a while and his growths are pretty meh. I guess if you dedicate training him he can work... if only his Con was a point higher or his Speed was a little better. 2/10

Barth is one I'll hit up from past me:


Barth Vader comes in and you can tell from the Sith Lord's suit that he's a goddamn Armor Knight. 25 HP / 14 Def with 10 Str, then 100% HP, 60% Str, and 40% Def growths? That's pretty solid.

Heh, get it?

Barth comes at a very poor time though. See, when we got Bors, we were wishing for something like Barth. Instead, we got something Grandjackal loves to hype. By this point, we need mobility in the chapter. Ironic, really, that Ostia is known for its defense and makes its rooms so fucking huge that it would take years to get from outside to the throne. His low Skill is a minor deterrent while were still in Ostia... But that changes quickly in the Western Isles.

Honestly, this is probably the one game where AKs could get Swords, as otherwise he would be decent in the Isles. Unfortunately he's either stuck at WTD or with inaccurate axes.

As for his durability, it can get questionable with his Spd; however, remember that enemies need sky high Atk to do significant damage. For example, Wyvern Lords have roughly 40 Atk, which would do 36 damage to a 20/1 Barth. Then you have Nomadic Troopers that are lucky to even dent him. Still, having little avoid and little CEV doesn't help either, and Bern's army is rather "skilled". Don't forget Mages... Who pretty much wreck his shit thanks to his 1 base Res and 2% growth. They're usually quick enough to double too. So if Barth encounters Mages, be prepared to see Barth fried more than Anakin when he fell into the lava after battling Obi...

For minor extra credit he can early promote, but why be a cockblock to Alan and Lance? Not to mention he has so much Con he can wield Devil Axe with no AS loss, which leaves... Yeah... People carrying him is a greater issue than the Great Gonzales.

Still, 4 Mov AK with a poor join time, sort of right stat output but lack of CEV makes him a terrible tank. I almost think Rutger makes a better tank than Barth sometimes... Sadly, the force is weak with this one.


Wendy... I've only met two debaters that seriously attempted to "hype" Wendy. One was Grandjackal, lover of Armor Knights. The other was Inui... which... confused the fuck out of me.

Here's a fun video to watch:

0/10 - Worst character in Fire Emblem series to date

Lilina provides meaty chip. That's... about all she has really. She's arguably a much better Lugh for a couple reasons. First, she does at least have the "lord" status where her EXP rate is slightly higher. The second is the extremely fast support with Roy - which does help a little bit. I wouldn't call her by any means amazing nor really someone that you should always use over Lugh if you train Lugh - just that there are times where her contributions are okay and tolerable. She's still a pretty shit unit. Pretty cute I guess. Weird how she's good in Heroes. 3/10

Shin is really good. Hard Mode bonuses on top of having solid bases and a mount make Shin very good. If you aren't using Shin, honestly, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. Shin's only real cons are lack of 1 range per se and that his Bow rank is very sluggish. Still, Shin is a damn good Nomadic Trooper and he can ferry some of the fatter units if necessary. He's really fucking good in my opinion, and the lack of getting to S Bows only is significant for one chapter at worst. 8.5/10

Fir is a unit that gets super overhyped. Honestly in terms of efficiency I'm with dondon - this chick is almost worth her 2/10. Though, Irysa does bring up decent points that she's an okay unit that can help contribute if trained and she's not necessarily the worst thing in Western Isles. The issues lie when Wo Dao breaks - she's stuck with pretty mediocre combat. Furthermore her status as a Swordmaster requires being babied with Lancereaver in some instances - a weapon that's highly sought by Rutger as well. I'll be honest to admit that I'm super brutal against Fir, but you have to understand that I do not value Fir very highly at all in the grand scheme of things. The argument against "RNG screwed Rutger" is super flimsy and happens maybe once in a blue moon - not to mention you're playing with the dice when using Fir since eating a hit is bad news (and though rare against Fighers and Pirates, it's still possible). Call me harsh, but I feel she deserves her ranking of a 4.5/10. I feel this is weighing her fairly without showing too much favoritism. I almost gave her a straight 4, but I would have to go back and give Lugh a 4 too and I think she's at least better than Treck in being more useful in Western Isles and later on potentially.

Gonzalez, on the other hand, is one unit I've actually changed my mind on more. Irysa and I discussed this when I saw what he ranked Gonzalez. Gonzalez is pretty accurate to describe as a "paper threat". To describe - Gonzalez looks rather intimdating on paper - he has very high Str and solid Speed, decent durability, and Berserker just makes him a threatening machine. What stops him, though? His absolute garbage accuracy and Con. Gonzalez barely hits a lot of units unless he has a triangle advantage over them. His combat uses are pretty slim - mainly killing Wyvern Knights and Wyvern Lords are his only niche while sitting on Peaks, which is Chapter 21 at best. It's kind of funny because a 10/1 Gonzalez complately shits on Wyvern Riders and can still be nimble enough to avoid hits from Wyvern Lords while eating a hit back. He's coincidentally better in Ilia where there's a bit more peaks to work with and Lances are still favored a lot, but his issues lie in needing very niche support carries.

A part of me thinks there's a hidden strategy to deploying a 10/1 Gonzalez somewhere and just having him do whatever the fuck he wants. I don't think it exists outside of Chapter 21, though. I think it's safe to give Gonzalez a 3/10. What this rating entails is that Gonzalez has a niche, but his niche has significant flaws and cost behind it. If he could hit a fucking unit or his Con was less (well, ideally, both) he would be miles better. Alas...

Geese is shit. Look at Gonzalez, but magnify every flaw that Gonzalez has onto Geese. Add more insult to injury in that Geese's low Con is actually a detriment too. It's funny because Hard Mode Gonzalez can be more accurate than Geese at times... 1/10.

Elphin and Lalum are best ranked together. The only differences are that Elphim is more durable, which helps, though Lalum is in a better route IMO. They're very solid at what they do - they allow units to perform a second action. Dancers are invaluable. Enough said honestly. 9/10

Klein is a weird unit. His A Rank in Bows is really nice because Silver Bows have a fuckton of Mt against flying units. Furthermore, he's all good to go to use Brave Bow. His high Skill and good Luck also make him accurate enough to play with LongBow too. Klein has solid enough stats after his Hard Mode bonuses to be a serviceable Sniper that has significant power behind his attack. He's even fast enough to sometimes ORKO. If he can't with Silvers, he probably can with the Brave Bow. Great unit, sometimes underrated by newer players. 6.5/10

Tate is weird in that she's a better combat unit most of the time in comparison to Thany. Thany can outperform Tate thanks to having more time to train, though, so there is that against her. Still, Tate is a good flying unit with decent combat parameters and more Falcoknights aren't a bad thing. 7.5/10

Echinda isn't too bad - C Swords means she can use Wyrmslayer at base while B Axes makes her serviceable with Killer Axes. Echinda probably won't last forever, but she can be a great help alongside Ilia routes in terms of raw combat stats and can be used for a while. It's kind of weird, but I actually dig her hairstyle too, and I can't really say I'm a huge fan of short hair for some reason. 6.5/10

Bartre is really awkward. He's incredibly strong. So strong, in fact, he can actually match damage output with Iron Bow against a lot of units. He's not too shabby with A Axes, though chances are you're not going to use much outside of Killers and maybe Iron Axes. His high base Strength is incredible and it'll help him for a while. Still, he's not really a great unit. It's funny - I wonder how much better Bartre becomes if he had B Bows. 4.5/10

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Lalum/Elphin - 9

Both get the same score because Elphin's tiny durability advantage and body ring shenanigans dont really exist in a regular playthrough. I could also argue that it cancels out because you have to go a slower and more annoying route plus get a worse prepromote, and also limit the HM bonuses of Tate and Klein.

Klein - 6.5

Solid filler unit that due to his growths can become a longer term contributor if you give him kills, but his lack of mount impedes him compared to other Bow users like Sue or Shin. Like many other prepromotes, his main advantage is being a good choice to deploy immediately without any training, which helps to compensate for his relative lack of availability and other issues. If I was breaking the .5 decimal scoring I'd give him a tiny up over Sue and Noah.

Tate - 7

I think Tate is historically rather overrated. Her strength lead isn't very significant compared to Shanna, and comparatively her speed loss and crappy weapon rank are. Shanna has a huge availability lead over her, and MIledy (who'll likely be doing most of the heavy lifting) joins right after her. Promoting her means you have to buy another crest for Zeiss or slog around in tedious C20 chapters. She's still a flier though, and is around for C14, so she still has relevant advantages, and I'd easily rather have promoted Shanna, Miledy and Tate and leave Zeiss in the cold anyway.

Echidna - 6

Again, solid filler. She's basically just on the edge of everything you need, just strong enough, just fast enough, just bulky enough, etc, to fill all the roles you'd want a second string infantry unit to do. C Swords is enough for access to most of the best utility, and B means she can Brave Axe walls along with be one of the few good users of a Killer Axe. Lacks the oomph in any area to really be a big deal though.

Bartre - 5.5

Most people haven't actually used him, I have! He's less flexible than Echidna but you'd be surprised at how well he can broadly replicate her. Still, he's definitely worse but his huge strength generally means he can hit hard enough to allow someone else to take a kill easily even if he doesnt double, and his bulk is high enough he doesn't care much about taking hits. He also has just low enough con to be easily rescued too. High luck stat and bow access helps to mitigate his somewhat mediocre skill, and his speed is high enough to not get doubled. If the Brave Axe was a better weapon he'd be a lot stronger (midgame Dagda hype).

Edited by Irysa
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Lalum/Elphin - 9
Klein - 6
Tate - 7
Echidna - 6.5
Bartre 5

Lalum/Elphin - Elphin might occasionally not be one-shot where Lalum would, but that doesn't really make enough of a difference to rate them seperately. FE6 is probably a good game to be a dancer in, despite them not having any special abilities like Ninian's buff or the herons' multi-refresh. But even just the extra mobility they provide is very helpful thanks to the rather large maps.

Klein - pretty good filler; basically as good as a trained Wolt without the heavy investment Wolt requires. Instant access to Silver Bows is really nice and gives him an advantage over Igrene, who is otherwise a bit better than him when she joins.

Tate - thank god for those HM bonuses. Without them, her combat would be pretty horrible at that point in the game, but as it turns out, +3 Str and +4 Spd is actually useful. Who would have thought? ;) I still gave Thany a slightly higher score because of her contribution as the only flyer you have for about a third of the game, but Tate is still an upgrade to her in terms of long-term usage.

Echidna - Worse Con even than Gerik. Memes aside, she's really amazing when she arrives as long as she avoids using Steel Axes. She slows down over the course of the game, thanks to her less-than-stellar growths, but she can still make good use of a tactical wyrmslayer even in the lategame.

Bartre - Actually pretty solid; I agree with Irysa on that, although I have to admit that I tend to go the Lalum route. ;) With a better Bow rank, he'd obviously even better - the +15 hit of the Killer Bow compared to Steel would be a pretty big deal, not even counting the +crit. Still, Bartre can do some powerful chip damage with a bow, even against non-fliers. And as long as you choose his targets carefully, he'll be able to make good use of an Iron or Killer Axe, as well. Not a longterm unit (even less so than Echidna), but good for a while.

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Lilina - Not totally unusable, hits very hard.  Will basically never double.  Her bad start is pretty annoying.  2.5/10

Shin - Actually a pretty great unit, good against the tougher common enemies like wyverns.  Only real drawback is lame initial bow Rank.  7.5/10

Fir - Very useable to be trained up throughout the Western Isles, but the latter third of the game isn't too kind to Swordmasters.  4/10

Gonzo - Crazy offensive potential but his massive con and lame skill hold him back.  If you want you could promote him lategame without using him all game and he could tank wyverns on a mountain or something but Garret already does that.  3/10

Geese - Lame bases, lame growths, lame unit.  1/10

Elphin/Lalum - Dancers are great.  9/10.

Klein - can hit something hard once or pick off an annoying wyvern.  Eventually could make a case for Migure to help his speed out but there are actually quite a few good bow users in this game so competition is kinda stiff.  5.5/10.

Tate - I actually think she's pretty bad.  She has flight for the desert but her combat is so bad it's only really useful for transporting other units.  Is pretty low on the food chain for whips.  Doesn't really do a whole lot other than fly other people around imo.  Shanna has earlygame and all the isles to contribute average/above average combat, Tate has the rest of the game to contribute below average combat and flight.  6/10

Echidna - Filler combat unit without a whole lot of longterm potential.  5/10

Bartre - Same as Echidna, but a bit less useful. Hilarious strength base.  4.5/10

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Elphin/Lalum- You're pretty much always going to want to deploy them because refreshing always has uses no one else can replicate. 9/10

Klein- Good at sniping wyverns who show up a lot, speed base is a little low for doubling most enemies but the Brave Bow helps with that and he has the rank for it. Better in Sacae for countering nomads. 6/10

Tate- Her base combat is passable, but she doesn't really have the durability to handle flying off on her own like Miledy or Zeiss. Having multiple fliers is helpful for a number of chapters even if you don't use her as a combat unit though. 7/10

Echidna- Good offensive bases and weapon ranks, durability is passable. Her combat's pretty good upon joining but mediocre growths and a lack of mount make her long term use questionable. 6/10

Bartre- He's bulky and has good strength. Probably better using a bow most of the time to snipe wyverns even though his axe rank is better. Manages to be pretty decent filler for a foot unit who will never double. 4.5/10

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Noah - Worse than Alan and Lance but slightly more usable than Treck. He's mounted and his stats aren't awful, but he misses out on a lot of doubling and 1RKO's that Alance can get. He functions, but he's made really obsolete by Percival, more so than Alance. 5.5/10

Astohl - Your thief for the rest of the game, he's a straight up upgrade from Chad and is tanky enough to survive a while. He'll never be a fighter since his strength will hit like 12 maybe by the time he caps level. 4.5/10

OJ - Worse than Dieck in pretty much every regard, his theoretical speed advantage occurs late and his con is worse. He has time to shine on the islands, but he's facing harsh competition to promote in any reasonable time frame. 2.5/10

Barth - His durability isn't that great because he gets doubled a lot, he also really struggles to hit and move. He's also really fat, just like Horace, and making him marginally usable sacrifices having a swag paladin. He just can't stay useful, and his stats are actually kinda lame. Did I mention he's fat like Horace? 1/10

Wendy - I once had a Wendy who ended up +5 in Str/Spd at promotion. She was still really bad. She suffers from Barth's problems except she dies almost immediately and trying to raise her is almost an active detriment to the rest of your team. If you really hate yourself she ends up better than Barth during the late game, but you've had to suffer to get there. 0.5/10

Lolina - Super awful to start with but she at least can killsteal with some accuracy. Her speed will always be an issue, but a speedwings is enough to keep most enemies from doubling her. She actually really packs a punch once she gets going, since most enemies have trashy res. Problem a worse investment than Lugh, but she at least has some use. 2.5/10

Shin - Far more handsome than Horace. Being bowlocked doens't hurt that much, and his stats are really swanky. He doesn't really have a 1-2 range option, but he'll be shooting things from the sky lategame. Also literally nobody wants his promotion item. 8.5/10, added bias for being better than Horace.

Fir - Rutger-lite. She functions but lacks his early game contributions and falls off just like he does later on. 3/10

Gonzales - Unfortunately stuck with axes and awful skill, I don't think he can ever hit 100 accuracy against not-Thwomps. Again, his promotion item is contested, but there are worse options to use. He probably ends up better than Garret, but Garret functions well enough as filler. 3.5/10

Geese - His supports are really cool, but he's generally just a lame axe dude. He doesn't stand out in anyway, and he's pretty much worse than Gonzo in HM. He functions, but you're probably better off training the likes of Lott. 2/10

Elphin/Lalum - Dancing so good. If you toss them a robe, positioning them becomes really fun. 9/10

Klein - Generally pretty good but help back by speed. He can nuke flying things, but he's going to struggle to remove anything else from the playing field. Reasonable midgame filler, but he's relegated to Wyvern clean up in the end. 4/10

Tate - I think she's pretty decent. She lacks Thany's early game and Miledy's late game, but she's a reasonably solid investment. She's able to fight to a degree and flying is always welcome. However, she doesn't really dominate as much as the other two do in their segments. 7/10

Echidna - She's pretty generic filler material, she doesn't really have the growths for longterm use and her strength falls off fairly quickly. However, there's a whole load of mooks that you'd bench before her, and some chapters like Miledy's actually let her help out a little. 4.5/10

Bartre - Other than his lovely poetry, Bartre is essentially Ward if you bothered to train him. He can do some decent damage with a Steel Bow thanks to his base strength, but he's really slow and won't be doubling anything other than Thwomps. His mustache is pretty cool though. 4/10


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^ added your votes

Also made a few changes:

  • Roy from 5 to 4
  • Lot from 5 to 4
  • Marcus from 8.5 to 9 because he's pretty much in the same area as Rutger and dancers (third best unit behind Miledy and the dancers)
  • Tate from 7.5 to 7
  • Gonzales from 4 to 3.5 because he's not the best first tier locked axe user


Bases + Growths

Level 12 Druid
HP: 23 (55)
Magic: 12 (45)
Skill: 9 (55)
Speed: 9 (40)
Luck: 6 (15)
Defense: 5 (15)
Resistance: 10 (35)
Unfortunately he's one of the few recruitable enemies without HM boosts. And without them he’s pretty bad. His bases are terrible for his level, especially his 9 speed. And his other bases aren’t impressive either. Noferatu-grinding doesn’t work for the most part due to his low speed and furthermore speed reduction. If you want a good dark magic user, then go for Niime.


Bases + Growths
Level 5 Thief
HP: 20 (80)
Strength: 3 (40)
Skill: 11 (45)
Speed: 15 (85)
Luck: 12 (50)
Defense: 2 (15)
Resistance: 3 (20)
A third thief you only need if you lost Chad and Astol. Otherwise she’s totally pointless. Joins underleveled. Her combat pretty much doesn’t exist due to her horrible strength and being a papercut. She’s only useful in the chapter she joins because of the chests and in Arcadia to find all the items faster. Easily the worst thief in FE, maybe only Dickard is worse.

Bases + Growths
Level 10 Draco Knight
HP: 38 (75)
Strength: 17 (50)
Skill: 15 (50)
Speed: 13 (45)
Luck: 8 (25)
Defense: 16 (20)
Resistance: 4 (5)
Great bases and a flier. She reminds me a lot of Jill, only with less availibility but less requirement of becoming fantastic. Give her the delphi shield and she’ll become a flying monster against physical enemies. Best unit in the game!

Bases + Growths

Level 1 Valkyrie
HP: 30 (60)
Magic: 11 (35)
Skill: 7 (45)
Speed: 10 (25)
Luck: 10 (25)
Defense: 7 (20)
Resistance: 13 (25)
Her base magic is basically the same as Clarine's when she reaches Cecilia's level. And she's a bit tankier but therefore she doesn't work as a dodgetank. Stave level C is rather unimpressive because it doesn't allow her to use any of the great staves (physics, sleep...). A good healer when you have her but there are still better stave users than her and Clarine is still the better valkyrie overall.

Bases + Growths

Level 1 Shaman
HP: 15 (60)
Magic: 6 (55)
Skill: 2 (40)
Speed: 4 (30)
Luck: 3 (20)
Defense: 1 (20)
Resistance: 8 (55)
Joins with level 1 in a super mean chapter for her (FoW, staves, flying enemies) so it’s impossible to train her here. She can chip for babydamage and find a guiding so she’s not completly useless.

Edited by Magillanica Lou Mayvin
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Ray- Well, he hits hard and has pretty uncontested access to dark magic for a while because Sophia is very bad. Nosferatu can help his low durability though it's not as accurate as one might like. His speed is too low to double most enemy types, even with an early promotion, which kinda dooms him. 3/10

Cath- She can find items in the desert. Otherwise she's worse than Astohl in pretty much every relevant way(her Str makes her combat hopeless) and fielding multiple thieves is usually a waste by the time she joins. 2.5/10

Miledy- Flight, great bases, even good growths. Given the importance of flight in this game, a flier with great combat is going to be MVP most of the time. 9.5/10

Cecilia- Cecilia usually gets a spot on my team- already promoted, mounted, staff unit (enough staff rank for Restore at least). Combat isn't great, but she can heavily dent wyverns with Aircalibur and may be your only wielder of tomes like Bolting and Forblaze. Stats do leave something to be desired, but not as important for her as for combat units. 7/10

Sophia- Terrible durability and severe hit issues, low damage and far from promotion. She can absorb status staves in her join chapter and maybe try to chip something. .5/10

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