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Why does everyone love Eirika ?

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I feel like you need a bit of a better understanding of Lyon's character and how he ties in with the Renais twins. Both routes tried to show Ephraim and Eirika's hope that they can bring their friend back somehow, but both are disappointed when they meet him at first (Ephraim) or after he destroys the stone (Eirika). Although Ephraim didn't show it as much, I suppose he still wished to believe there was a way to bring Lyon back, but not as much as Eirika. In fact he was set on killing Lyon anyways. And when he realised Lyon being possessed was just an act all along, he felt really betrayed and a bit hesitant on whether he should kill Lyon. Eirika on the other hand still believed Lyon can be saved because of how he appeared to her. His appearance was still the kind looking prince she first met at Grado. This scene would be much more effective if you put yourself in her shoes. She's a really kind character, so of course she'll trust people so easily, especially if it is her best friend. But then again, all Fire Emblem lords are too trusting in others, they accept anyone who was fighting on the opposing side, except Ike recruiting Oliver, or someone who was in a village and sort of just randomly fights for your cause (but since this is a game it's sort of fine like that, and all of those people don't like war either so yeah). But let's be completely honest here, nobody likes a war. Even Ephraim said so himself, but he fights so that Eirika doesn't have to. So for most of the fire emblem lords to have this thought process is normal. And all of those people had to fight for their country's or loved one's sake. Nothing is really wrong about a gentle, kind and naive character, but it may not be for everybody. So someone who hates a certain character, but is also trying to understand why people like them isn't going to get any answer that can change their minds. If you dislike a character I think you can just leave it at that and not try to understand why people like them. I mean, I can say the same for M!Corrin. He just doesn't seem like a likeable character to me, but I won't question why other's like him because I personally think it isn't worth my time to ask. All I need to know is that people like and dislike different characters, that's all there is to it.

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