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Who to use for Light magic?

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I'm at Chapter 4, playing strictly with no grinding allowed. Should I train Artur, Natasha, or La'Rachel? Or should I just overlook light magic and let Lute or Saleh handle it? Please note that I don't really like using Moulder unless you really think he's the best choice. 

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Artur is pretty good, use him. In a no grind run, Natasha will hardly have any time to use Light Magic unless you promote her early, and L'Arachel will need an early promotion to use it at all (unless you do a lot of Barrier/Torch Staff spam for either girl).

Light Magic isn't radically different from Anima, if anything it is a little inferior against most things, for a Sage, it will only see use when fighting Dark Magic users.

That said, if you want a Light Magic user, make them a Bishop- the tripled might against all monsters is pretty sweet for the handful of chapters they feature in. Plus, Artur gets a C Staffs on promotion to Bishop, but not Sage (D instead), which means he can Restore from the start and with a little training gets Physic access. 

Moulder is okay, his Magic is low and his only meaningful distinction is his high Con, which means heavier tomes hurt his Speed less- you can do without him.

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Here's the short answer:

Honestly if you're going light magic, Artur or Saleh is your best bet.   Many other characters could access the other forms of magic, and with Bishops having the slayer skill, there's no reason to train them in light magic over staves.  Given that every weapon type has a legendary counterpart, making your bishop proficient in light (all the way to S rank) is useless in sacred stones, and that job is better left to a sage.  Since Lute, Ewan, and even Moulder do much better with anima magic, and Ewan even has one of your two dark magic choices, the obvious way to go is to use Artur or Saleh.  (Not even going to mention how much of a pain it is to train L'Archel, especially as a Valkyrie)

Long answer, with Character By character "analysis"

For Moulder, his high con make Anima magic or staves a must for him.  He can wield Elfire with no speed penalty, and the Excalibur gives him enough speed to make up for his lower magic.  Light magic is an absolute no on him. (Unless you just want him to use Aura as a bishop)

Saleh starts with a B in light, so it takes minimal training to get him to S rank.  Plus, Saleh has a few good supports if you haven't read them all. He's my personal recommendation.

Lute is either anima or bust.

Artur is your best Bet as a light magic user, and Bishop gets him staves so he can rank much higher and use important staves much faster, but as I said, the slayer skill would be almost useless on him, as there is no point when he could use Invaldhi, the S rank light magic tome.  It's really up to you how you promote him.

Natasha was meant for staves, same with L'Archel.  Make L'Archel a mage knight if you are so inclined, and if you want natasha, make her a bishop so she can actually one-shot the monsters with minimal training.  It'll be a big pain to get either one up to S rank in light magic, and having the S rank staff in either ones' hand makes the last fight even easier, if you want to draw it out a bit for dramatic effect, or if your units just get stat screwed.

Ewan is decent if you want to train him, but with no grinding, why would you even bother with him?  I guess he can be Speedy Gonzales for a while if you have the guts to train him. 

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Artur or Saleh. Artur is the choice if you haven't been using Lute and Saleh is your choice if you haven't been using Artur. Artur can be trained for longer but Saleh starts with a B which is more than enough to catch up to the Light S-Rank.

In a route perspective, Artur fares better in Eprahim's and Saleh is better on Eirika's

Every other choice (Lute, Moulder, Natasha, Ewan and L'Arachel) were meant for something else

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Since it's no grinding, you may have trouble with L'Arachel as she comes in later than the other options (well, excepting Ewan) and at low level. I would probably go with Artur and promote him to Bishop as their class skill is nice. 

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No grinding, Artur all the way. He's easily trainable, the healers all have a tough time leveling. 

Saleh is also a reasonable choice, but if you want light magic earlier in the game, you'll be better off with Artur.

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