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MageDragon's Art Thread

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Oh my...

I'm not usually one for throwing my stuff out there. I'm much too shy. But everyone here looks friendly enough so I thought I'd give it a go.

Forgive me if I mess up a little bit. I'm very new and I'm still not used to the way things work.

I'm still working on hands and poses and a whole lot in general but I am improving very quickly. You can tell my older works from my newer ones

I usually post my art to my art tumblr and my pixiv first. I'll add links to those later maybe.




I think I played with the Lumi setting too much here haha. This is my newest one as of 19 March 2017, I went a little lazy on the little markings on Nanna's armor but eh.



These were originally two separate pieces but I used artist magic to fuse them together


Edited by MageDragon
added more art and made the sizes smaller

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16 hours ago, Dragoncat said:

Who are the two in the last image? The top looks like Micaiah kinda...

They're Julia (top) and Julius (bottom) from FE4. I've been on a bit of a FE4 drawing streak.

She does look a lot like Micaiah with the light tome and that silvery hair. 

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This is when we delve deep in my art folder, which means older art oops

These are cardfight!! vanguard based. I used to be very big into it



Tokoha! I'm not to fond of her redesign, honestly, but I drew it anyway.



I was proud of this at the time, but when I was drawing it for the first time, SAI crashed and I had to start from the line art. I almost quit art because of that.

Ahsha is super pretty but her design is so complicated.



This was my twitter icon for the longest time. I miss reverse Kai

Now the obligatory FE stuff



I was having a bad day when I drew this, but Deirdre is so pretty and makes me feel better



This is in my signature, but I figured I'd post it here.

I read Tiki's and Bantu's FE12 conversation and Bantu promised they'd meet again when she got taller. He promised! And he doesn't even say hi to her in Awakening!

That makes me mad.


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