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Questions for a future Warpskip LTC.

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1) On smaller maps where I won't be warpskipping because it won't save lots of turns, what is the best strategy? Is it storming with Armorslayer/Ridersbane/Silver weapon users with Marth running behind? Who would be a good candidate? 


It's already:

Hardin (Silver and Ridersbane) 

Jagen (Silver, Ridersbane, promoted) 

Caeda (A much better dual Armorslayer/Ridersbane, easily forged to be the best weapon in the game) 

Minerva (9 move Hammer) 

Ogma (Armorslayer and good bases for a while) 


Who else? 


2) What characters are generally worth skipping? There are the village ones, but a village also contains Excalibur (And Merric I suppose...)

Also, should stuff like Est which spawn WAY too late be recruited? For example, while casually running through the game, Est still failed to catch up with Marth and would make me lose a turn. 


Aside from Ridersbane, she is useless. 

3) What units are instantly made redundant when another joins? For example, we've got Boah using Excalibur and Warp at base, replacing Wendell who takes a turn to recruit. We've got Darros who is made useless once you learn that Barst exists. Etc... 

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