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King Marth 64

Do you guys think we might get a new continent or an another future version of the existing continent similar to like Ylisse and Valm?

What do you think the upcoming Switch title's continent might going to be like?  

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  1. 1. Thoughts?

    • Possibly be an another Future version of an existing continent taken from other previous Fire Emblem titles similar to Ylisse and Valm?
    • Might going to be an another Mytholical Kingdom and the main protagonist might trying to find their land on the map similar to like how Corrin was trying to find Hoshido and Nohr on the map in Before Awakening DLC and Chrom did recall he heard they're Mytholical?
    • Probably be a brand new continent (unless Intelligent System will figure out to add it into the entire Globe?)

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I was just thinking about it, we did seen like 8 continents + Ylisse and Valm from the previous Fire Emblem titles and we don't see much of the entire globe looks like except with a view of Ylisse and Valm with Valm being in the left side of Ylisse.

But, do you think Intelligent System might do something like either they would probably make an another future continent from one of the other Fire Emblem game similar to like how Archanea became Ylisse and Valentia became Valm since we probably think the Fire Emblem World probably has enough continents as we thought like maybe taken it from such as Judgral (incase if they might use it for the Judgral remakes as well after the Upcoming Switch title of afterwards since Gaiden got a brand new remake that is now called Echoes: Shadows of Valentia), Elibe, Margvel, Tellius, etc. (I do think a future version of Judgral would make more sense), do you think we could get a brand new continent that it's going to be involved with Considered Mythological Kingdom similar to like Hoshido, Nohr, and Valla in Fates like when Corrin asked Chrom about where is the location of Hoshido and Nohr in their map and Corrin can't seem to find it, but Chrom did recall he heard Hoshido and Nohr were Mythological Kingdoms that really did shocked Corrin what he had heard during at in the Before Awakening DLC map, or do you think they'll might add an another continent that will be not involved with Mythological Kingdoms like that unnamed continent in Fates and it will probably takes place after Awakening and Chrom (or the other Awakening characters) will probably didn't realize an another continent exists since he does seemed to have a good historical knowledge with other continents such as Archanea, Tellius, and Judgral? (I am not entirely sure about Chrom's knowledge with Hoshido and Nohr?)

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I honestly feel like they may do an entirely new continent that has little to no ties to any of the earlier games, though it might have some very slight connection to them due to the Outrealm Gate shenanigans.

That said, they might make the new continent heralded as a mythical kingdom - similar to Nohr and Hoshido, like you said - but I hope they don't. I wouldn't necessarily mind if they did that, but some people may have issue with it because they are reusing an idea from Fates (no matter how small and insignificant of a detail it may be).

But, overall, I think they're starting fresh with this next game.

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No rehashed world, even if Fates style where almost nothing has endured the same. I don't want a Masked Seliph running through a Yied Desert that has turned into a rainforest over several thousand years. Give me a fresh world, no strings attached.

As for the mythical thing- Chrom says that of every FE world not Archanea/Ylisse-Valencia/Valm. Fates takes place in a new (horribly underdeveloped) world, Chrom's comments are just his usual. To call Hoshido-Nohr mythical is meaningless when Awakening deems every world to be such.

Also, we don't always need loads of intra-series references/cameos in every game (restrict it to not-plot-important DLC please). SMT invented the millions-billions of worlds Amala Network with Nocturne, but you don't see the Demi-Fiend popping up in every game (only DDS1 and IV:A DLC I think). Though SMT does reuse hundreds of demons in every game, even if much of the time they technically aren't the same individual (Demiurge in IV is not the same Demiurge as SJ).

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