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Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 2: Of Dire Tides

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Clothes Clothes Clothes

Christina went about putting on the new shirt and some jeans, first. The sweatpants were sweats, they'd fit, she wasn't worried about that... What was worrying was the jeans were a tiny bit snug. All this sitting around piloting and eating, it was starting to take a slight toll. She sighed. "Maybe Chris is right... I should hit the gym up more. I should get a good sports bra while I'm here, then..." Anything to keep more comfortable while running on a treadmill. She poked her head out, Kim had stopped to talk to the captain and Abby for a moment. Perfect, more time to make sure everything was fitting right.


"Astin, ye sure ye ain't tryin'a butter me up? Goin' t'see somethin' like that? Ahh, well... At least it'll be nice'n cozy. Can't imagine too many military buffs are gonna go see a romance when there's the latest Morvel movie playin'. A whole theater jus' fer you an' me? Hehe. I like th'sounds o' that. Sure~ Let's head on in an' see how cheesy movies are, these days." Avery relinked Astin's arm with hers and squeezed it tighter. "Not lettin' go this time, hun~" At least the popcorn would be nice, if the movie sucked.

A Good Time

"Yeah... Good time's a word for it. Definitely not a bad one, though." After what had happened in the stall, Jess was feeling... Better. Talking with Abby about such serious things on a good day like today had hampered stuff, but progress had been made, so no harm, right? "Hey, I can try stuff on if you want me to... Just, back at the ship. I already have plenty of clothes." Jess pouted, rolling her eyes a bit. "What about you, Kim? Dragging Christina around against her will?" She was joking, but seeing Christina here out of her own free will seemed like something so unimaginable for the meek girl. Especially if she was trying stuff on for Kim... "Just take care of her."

Message Out

"Sure... Let's see... Who's probably... Well, might as well hit both of them." Olivia sent a message to both Buck and Avery, seeing if one of them would come running... Sure enough, there was Buck, making his way over. Avery must've been out. "Looks like we have a taker. See if he can get your communicator fixed, I'll wait."

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"Knowing you... I would have thought seeing her in nothing... would be better." Kim replied to Abigail's little dig at the Captain with a knowing smirk... adding on a bit more to the teasing pile couldn't hurt, right? At the very least the pair didn't seem bothered at her greeting potentially interrupting their date, though she snickered a bit at Jessica's quip.

"If I am, she hasn't... complained. I figured... it was a good time to get her... some stuff of her own."

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Talia smiled weakly, nodding her head as Thorvald dismissed his daughter's suggestion. Even if it was just a childish suggestion, it definitely made him look uncomfortable. Was even joking about something like that too disgusting for him? Did the very thought of her existing in a space near him make Thorvald back away? He was probably just as surprised by his daughter's statement as she was, she had to be overthinking this hypothetical rejection... right? Talking with children wasn't that much easier than adults, gone were the times that she could relate to them, now all she could do was try and hide her numerous shortcomings from prying eyes. Thorvald knew how much of a loser she was, Holly figuring out would be one of many nails in her psychological coffin.

Thankfully, Holly had remained blissfully ignorant of the unsettling feeling that both Talia and Thorvald seemed to share. This was her chance, if she could redirect the conversation she could put herself in a more favourable light.

"I'd agree with you normally, Holly. Boys, especially young ones can be really bad." Talia replied, giving off an air of expertise - she'd seen more than enough media to understand the male mindset. "When they get older, they're a bit more like your dad. Some of them stop being stupid and start listening instead of shouting. My older brother was never mean or took my toys, he listened and played the way I wanted to."

T-1, the thought of him was nostalgic. It was a different time and place, the world was a lot less complicated from within her cage of a home. Talia still wasn't certain if it had hindered her development or simply protected her from the outside world, there were valid cases for both. Regardless of the answer, it had been an easier existence, at least for the beginning of it. Even if she were a teenager and Holly were a child, it was a reminder of how things used to be.

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Abby was pleased with the results her cheerful attitude, and playful response had generated. Jess was cute when she pouted (and didn't really mean it), and the promise of getting to watch her model some things was one the rebel was surely going to hold against the captain. "I'll keep you to that, you know," she responded with a wink.

Kim's counterfire though, equally playful but with more of an oomph to it, caught her a little off-guard, Abigail's mouth open and closing twice before she managed to collect herself and play it off. Pointing a finger gun at the cheeky lieutenant, she clicked her tongue to simulate a trigger pull. "Bang, quite the bullseye you hit. But alas for me, that wasn't what I'd meant. Still, good to see you guys are having your own fun together." Speaking of, Kim and Christina did seem to have grown rather close. Was something budding there? Couldn't be. Christina? Hmm. Abby made a mental note to keep an eye on the pair.

"Like Papa?" Holly replied, scrunching up her eyes and nose in obvious disbelief. Thorvald was thankful her goods manner held and his daughter didn't accuse Talia of lying, while he chimed in, "Well, the good ones at least. There's always some bad apples that stay rotten even as adults, boys and girls alike."

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