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Supports and Base Conversation Compendium *Obvious Spoilers*

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I decided I would compile all the translated supports and base conversations that we have so far on here like PKThoron did over on Reddit.

All of the following are from Zigludo'sJustletmepostdamn's and Kyleenim'spastebin so credit to them. Credit to NaokiP for any unlinked supports and memory 4, and to VincentASM for memory 3 and Berkut's Despair. And also PKThoron for compiling them first.





F: Alm, Alm!
A: Hey, Faye. Are you doing alright?
F: Yep! I wasn't before, but now that I see your face, I'm perfectly fine.
A: Ahaha...good to know.
F: Hey, if I go beat up a bunch of our enemies, will that make you happy?
A: What? ...Uh, maybe not "happy" per se, but it'd help, I guess.
F: Okay! I'd better get started then, huh? Here I go!
A: Yeah, be careful out there.

F: Alm!
A: Faye. How're you doing today?
F: I'm great! You wanna know why?
A: Huh? Uh...okay, why?
F: Remember when we were eating side by side last night? I couldn't finish my bread, so you ate it for me!
A: Oh...come to think of it, yeah, I did.
F: I was so happy, I couldn't even sleep! O-Oh, but I'm okay though! Not tired at all. I'll go fight a bunch of enemies for you, Alm!
A: Geez, Faye... She gets so excited over little things. Maybe I should learn from her.

F: Alm...
A: What is it, Faye?
F: Our journey's going to be over soon, isn't it? There's something I have to say to you first... Maybe now's not the best time, but please hear me out.
A: That's fine. What do you want to say?
F: I...have a dream. When the war's over, you're going to return to Ram Village, right? And you'll live a quiet life, preparing bread, having a garden, living carefree; stuff like that. I want to live like that with you. That's my dream.
A: Faye...
F: What do you think? Wanna make it happen?
A: ...Sorry, Faye. I'm not going back to the village - I can't. There are so many things I want to do. I only found those things because of you all helping me along the way. Thank you, Faye. I'm glad we could have this journey together.
F: Well...I figured you'd say something like that. And I loved being by your side, too... When we've finished this war, farewell, Alm. But I'll still love you until that time comes. That should be fine, right?
A: Yeah...



C: Oh my, Alm. How do you do?
A: Hey Clair...ahaha.
C: What happened? It is rude suddenly laughing at someone, is it not?
A: Sorry, sorry. I just thought it was funny hearing a "what do you do" in the middle of a battlefield.
C: Oh dear, is that so? This won't do...how shall I greet you then?
A: Ahaha, it's fine. Just be yourself Clair. I like you the way you are.
C: Y-you do? I see...

C: Ah Alm! Um, how shall you be doing? 
A: Hey Clair...wasn't that greeting kinda weird?
C: I-I'm sorry. I was too self-conscious and couldn't make it sound natural.
A: Self-conscious? Is it because of what I said before?
C: N-no, you are not at fault but...well, you kind of are. I wanted to be just the way you like so I overdid it.
A: Clair, you are a bit high-handed and don't care about your surroundings. That's what I love about you.
C: Oh my, is that how you think of me? Is it not quite rude saying that to the belle of society? 
A: Haha, there it is. That's what I'm talking about.
C: Oh you..

C: How do you do Alm?
A: Hey Clair. How do you do?
C: I wonder Alm, how was I today?
A: You were so brilliant I could have mistaken you for a war goddess. I'd expect nothing less from lady Clair, the belle of society.
C: But of course. Haha...hahaha.
A: Haha, will this do?
C: Yes, well done...Hey, Alm. You said you like me the way I am but I also feel the same. I like how we can just joke around like this. I like you very much.
A: T-thanks. It's kinda embarrassing when you repeat it.
C: Hehe...



Alm: Grandpa...
Mycen: We are finally fighting together. I knew this day would come so I was prepared but...
Alm: I'm sorry grandpa. I don't really know what to say to you now...Could you give me some time?
Mycen: Yes I don't mind. It's only natural after all.

A: Grandpa.
M: Ah, Alm. Are you going to talk to me?
A: Yeah...Honestly, I thought I was deceived about my father and my birth so I was frustrated. But that's not all. I...was sad about not being your real grandchild. I just wanted you to know this.
M: Alm, I've always thought of you and Celica as my real grandchildren. I am grateful to both of you for teaching the happiness of having  a family. 
A: Yeah. You know, you'll always be my grandpa. That's fine with you isn't it?
M: But of course.

M: Alm. Your swordmanship...is so much different than it used to be back in the village. As I thought, that wouldn't make you excel in a real battle.
A: That's not true. I entered the liberation army because I wanted to prove how strong you are. It was thanks to you that I kept fighting and made it here.
M: The liberation army huh...When that young man, Lukas visited me I realized that the time had finally come. You yourself had chosen the path you had to walk on. I feel blessed knowing I was of help to you.
A: Grandpa...
M: I shall see that you fulfil your destiny to the end. That is the mission Rudolf entrusted me with. Come now, the end is in sight. Don't let your guard down. Let's go.





Oh, what is it, Luka?

How does it feel, having conceded leadership to someone else? Is it a load off your shoulders?

Hahah, you're as harsh as ever.
Nevertheless, I'm really grateful to have someone like you here.
Especially with the way Fors and Python are...
Fors is diligent, but far too enthusiastic, while Python seems to be completely devoid of any enthusiasm to begin with.
The two are more than capable on the field of battle, but...

I suppose this is something we should never let them hear, especially not Fors.
The shock of it might just be enough to bring even him down, I'm sure.

And that's exactly the problem...
But in any case, that's the reason why I consider your presence here to be invaluable.
I'm counting on you to be there to take a step back and keep looking after us.




What's the matter, Luka? Why the long face?

Well, I was just thinking about what you said the other day meant...

The other day? When I asked you to look after us?

That's right.
For as long as I can remember, I've never let my emotions get the better of me.
And I'm not like Python; I could never claim that the things going on around me are somebody else's business.
But that said, It also means that I could never possibly engage myself in them so much that I'd lose sight of myself, either.
Perhaps it's one aspect of my personality that I need to give some further thought.

Is that so?
If you ask me, your ability to retain your composure no matter the circumstances is your finest virtue.

Well... I suppose I might have been asking for too much, after all.

I'm not entirely sure I got Support B right, but what I'm assuming Luka means is that he's torn between having to worry about the others and feeling like no one's doing it for him. "Losing sight of himself" probably refers to "his troubles" rather than the usual "who he truly is", so it's like he's bearing twice the burden the others do, and Clive doesn't quite get him at first. The concept of "haragei" being mentioned in the A support makes me think I'm on the right track here, and that Luka is being a bit cryptic on purpose, but If I misinterpreted that line, I'd appreciate a correction.



Clive? What's the matter?

This conflict is drawing close to its end.
It's thanks in part to your composed advice that our Liberation Army has made it this far.
I'm no longer the leader, but allow me to offer you my gratitude.

What brought this on, all of a sudden?
Don't tell me you were worried about our prior conversation?

I suppose I always have been hopelessly bad in getting such implications across.
I'll leave such things to you from now on.

I guess that's right. You can count on me.



G: Yo, how you feeling?
T: Hm...average.
G: Why so moody? 
T: I'm not really...
T: Look here Gray.
G: Yeah?
T: ...No. Forget about it.
G: What's up with him?

G: Hey Tobin. What happened the other day?
T: Oh that...you see, lately you've been getting along well with Clair.
G: Really? She's always telling me off though.
R: Yeah sure but you know...since you aren't trying to keep appearances up you must be close right? 
G: You pick up on the weirdest things. If only you were always this sharp. 
T: Oh? If you trying to pick a fight then let's take it out.
G: We are out. This is the battlefield.
T: Hehe...
G: Haha...come on, time to get serious ok?

G: Yo Tobin. Listen to me.
T: What's it? 
G: If Clair were to get with Alm...or me or even another man, what would you do?
T: What would I do? Nothing really. I'd be shocked and all but from the start she was a noble and I'm a commoner. Maybe there's hope but just dreaming about it was more than I could ask for.
G: Hm...that was easy.
T: Anyone would get it by now man. There's some things you just can't have. But I don't want to lose the things I do have now. Like my friend.
G: ...You're right. I don't want that either. 
T: No kidding. Come on, let's try our best to survive today too. 
G: Yeah!



G: Yo Clair, how's it going?
C: How do you do Grey? I feel relatively well. However if it was Alm asking me instead then I'd be in perfect condition.
G: Rejected again huh? Won't you start taking me seriously already?
C: I will when you do. How about you stop all the flirting?
G: Flirting? What are you talking about?
C: You are not aware of it? Unbelievable...Well I have had enough. I beg your pardon.
G: He-hey! What the hell was that about?

G: Hey Clair! Clair!
C: Oh, what is it?
G: The other time...um, you said something about flirting?
C: Yes. Do you truly not understand? 
G: If I did I wouldn't be asking.
C: Very well Gray. What is it you want with me?
G: I've told you, I'm in love with you.
C: In that case try to sound like you mean it! Do you think you could move a woman's heart by saying I love you as if it were a mere greeting?
G: No no. I'm telling you I do mean it.
C: You don't. You care more about not getting hurt than winning my heart. If I turned you down you would say you were joking and run away wouldn't you?
G: Tha-that's not...
C: It seems like you cannot understand this so I shall explain for you. That kind of behaviour results in the other party getting hurt as well. Are you telling me I am not worth the effort?...Just please don't talk to me again.
G: Clair...

C: Um...Gray.
G: What's it? Didn't you say no more talking?
C: Yes, about that...I overdid it. I was feeling a little irritated after realizing how...um, how close Alm and Celica are.
C: That was merely an outburst so please do not worry about it. I am truly sorry. I wish you could forgive me although I cannot ask you to. But...I did enjoy talking with you. This isn't about whether you like me or not, I just really love how you know what to say so as not to hurt anyone. I would like it if you could at least believe that. 
G: Claire.
C: Y-yes! What is it?
G: I really love you after all.
C: Eh? Do-don't blurt it out like that!
G: I'm telling you that's what I love about you. And just so you know, I totally mean this!
C: Ah. Well um...I am at a loss how to answer that.
G: Hehe...



Tobin: Oh, is that you Kliff?
Kliff: Tobin...do you need anything? If you don't then stop talking to me all the time.
T: Kliff...give me a break. You were never friendly but lately it's just gotten worse.
K: Really? Aren't you just imagining it? And since you don't need anything I'm leaving now.
T: He-hey! Ah ah, he left.

T: Hey Kliff, how's it going?
K: Look here Tobin...
T: Ah, it's about not taking to you. Sorry, I forgot. 
K: Liar. You did it on purpose. 
T: Hehe...
K: I hate this kind of thing.
T: Hm, this is difficult...is he at a rebellious age?

T: Oh, I didn't think you'd come on your own.
K: You'd keep talking to me either way. It's all right. You must be really soft-hearted to not get angry at all after everything I've said to you.
T: You think? I don't really get it myself.
K: I can't be like that. I get angry often and there's just a lot of things I dislike. I wonder if that's why I feel so small and get angry when I see you ...
T: No way man. I dislike a lot of things too. But I don't dislike you cause you're a friend. That's all 
K: Is that so?
It is. We're not that different ok? Some people just seem better than us. I get down too when I look at Alm or Gray.
K: Isn't that how it should be though?
T: Hey!
K: Hehe, sorry.



S: Faye-san
F: Ah, Silk. Lately we keep ending up together.
S: Yes. Um...I'd like it if we could become closer. I mean, Lord Alm's party has very few girls. And there's some things you can only talk about with another girl, isn't that right?
F: Hmm...I have no need for that.
S: Eh?
F: As far as girls talk goes I want to be by Alm's side. That's it. See you later.
S: N-no way...Faye-san? 

S: There you are Faye-san!
F: Silk...it's you again.
S: I came up with a good idea. Let us talk about lord Alm together. That way you will have fun. 
E: Um...no I won't. Because Alm isn't here. Just leave it. Don't mind me.
S: Ah, Effie-san? Hm, she run away on me again.

F: Hey Silk.
S: Faye-san? For you to greet me first...What is it? 
F: Well...lately you haven't been calling out to me right? So it seems I've been feeling kinda lonely. Sorry for just doing as I please.
S: No no, it's fine. It makes me happy you feel that way.
F: Hehe...you're so kind and funny. I'm not really interested in girls talk but I'd like to talk to you. Can I call out to you again?
S: Y-yes! Anytime you want.



D: Oh, Claire! Hey! Hey!
C: My, it's Delthea. What is it?
D: Clive's your big brother, right, Claire? That's great! He's so handsome, like a city man!
C: Well... haha, of course he is. After all, he is my glorious brother. But don't you fall in love with him, alright? The only woman in his heart is Mathilda.
D: Tch... fine, then.

D: Oh, Clive...so handsome...
C: You have a brother too, don't you, Delthea? Luthier is a good man in his own unique way.
D: What!? Compared to Clive, he's like a gargoyle next to the moon!
C: D-Don't you think you're being a tad harsh? As a mage, his wisdom and intellect are astounding. 
D: I guess, but everything about him is lame. He's clueless, he has no friends, he knows nothing about the world, and he's a magic dummy... I wish I had a more normal brother.
C: ...

C: Hello, Delthea. I want to talk about Luthier.
D: Huh? My brother?
C: Yes. I think some of what you said may have been right. He is a superior mage, but with how he acts... I can understand why you'd be ashamed.
D: W-Well... yeah, that's true. But I think he's serious when he tries to help everyone. But he's nothing like Clive, of course... There's nothing  wrong with saying that, right? It's not like I hate him or anything...
C: Haha... yes, I see.
D: Huh? ...Ah! You tricked me, didn't you!?
C: My, I wonder. But that's good to hear. You love your brother, just like I love mine. So let's all try to be friendly with each other, okay?
D: Ahh...um...that'd be a little difficult. But I wouldn't mind you, at least.
C: Ahaha...I'm glad.



C: Mathilda...being able to fight side by side again is like a dream
M: I feel the same Clive. It's been so long I just can't calm down. It seems I'm gonna miss my mark.
C: Hahaha, that'd be a problem. Don't worry though, I won't leave your side again. So won't you show me what a beauty on the battlefield you can be? 
M: Oh Clive! There's nothing more reassuring that knowing you are watching over me
C: Yes. I'll be counting on you.

C: Hey, Mathilda. Once again you were fascinating with your spear today.
M: No way. Comparing someone inexperienced like me to you is positively embarrassing.
C: What are you talking about Mathilda? There's no one else in this world I'd trust with my back. So go on, use those hands of your to bring us victory.
M: Clive! Leave it to me! Anyone moves against you and I'll completely rip their heads off
C: Hahaha, sounds promising.

M: Clive...
C: What is it Mathilda? Why are you looking so gloomy? You'll ruin your beautiful face.
M: Well,this isn't easy for me to say but...the other day Claire told me "how about stepping in before Clive?" Certainly it isn't as if I have never considered this. In the battlefield there is no man or woman. We are soldiers. However as your future wife I truly want to support you. Oh...what am I supposed to do...
C: Don't be silly Mathilda. Forget about things like supporting me. I will show you I can shine on my own without relying on anyone's strength. But more importantly Mathilda, you should just be yourself. That would make me far happier.
M: Clive...!
C: Well, won't you show me again what a battle goddess you are?
M: Yes, leave it to me. If you wish it I shall even become a demon!



F: Python! 
P: Ack! Forsyth...What's it? Need something?
F: You are the one who needs something. And that something is motivation. Have you seen with what zeal Alm and his friends fight? Aren't you embarrassed about yourself?
P: Not really. I'm grateful they are in such high spirits.
F: Oh you...
P: Oops, the enemy's here! See ya~
F: He-hey! What am I going to do with him...

F: Python.
P: Wah! It's back.
F: I'm a human not a monster you know...You haven't changed at all Python.
P: You bet I haven't. I never had any motivation to begin with.
F: I know. You've always been like this. You just fulfil whatever mission you are given and have no goals of your won. I just can't understand you. Don't you feel empty?
P: Nope. And could you stop making it sound like I'm unhappy? It might not look like it but I'm having fun.
F: Y-you are?
P: Maybe...
F: Well, which is it?
P: Haha...

F: ......
P: You haven't been nagging at me lately Forsyth. Have you given up?
F: I haven't exactly but...to be honest you said some difficult stuff before and I don't really get it.
P: Yeah? I thought it was pretty simple. You've got all those people full of dreams and burning with ambition and then you've got me. I don't need that kind of staff to be satisfied. As long as tonight's meal is delicious I'll be fine. That kind of lifestyle exists too. That's what I was trying to tell you.
F: Hmmm...I find it difficult to agree but if you're all right with it then there's nothing for me to say. I'd really appreciate it though if you could put in even a little more effort.
P: Haha, I'll do what I can officer.
F: ...Yeah, I'm sure you won't.



L: Delthea!
D: Ah! What is it big brother?
L: You do know the battlefield isn't a playground right? Don't you think messing around all the time is imprudent?
D: So what! Enemies are bad people. What's wrong about beating them up?
L: That's not the problem here. There is such a thing as the dignity of human beings. Generally you...
D: Enough! Shut up! No matter what I do you won't like it! Forget it. Bleeh!*
L: He-hey! Won't you wait, Delthea!

*She's doing the eyelid pull thing here (google "akanbe" for examples)

D: ......
L: Hey, stop that. Ignoring people is rude
D: It's fine, the only one I'm ignoring is you.
L: It's not fine at all. Look here Delthea, it's not like I lecture you because I hate everything you do.
D: How about praising me once in a while then? You see, I get that I've been blessed from birth. But I'm fighting even though I can feel it's dangerous. And yet you say I can't be proud of my power because I didn't have to work hard for it? Doesn't that seem kinda weird?
L: Certainly...you are right. However that kind of attitude won't get people to like you. And I want people to like you more.
D: I don't want to hear that from someone who has no friends.
L: Ugh...
D: How about you worried about yourself first?
L: Urgh...

L: Delthea! Rejoice!
D: Eh? What?
L: I made a friend. His name is Alm. When I asked him if we were friends he said yes.
D: I feel like few people would say no at that point but well, good for you.
L: Yeah. With this I am fully equipped to teach you the right way to conduct yourself.
D: I told you, I'm not interested. You only talk if it's to preach about something. This is why you can't make any friends. Just let it go and talk normally. I want to talk with you about lots of things too.
L: I-is that so? However when you say normally...
D: It's simple! Hey hey isn't my magic amazing? I'm not only cute but strong too! So you're really proud of me right? 
L: Y-yes of course.
D: Hahaha, big brother praised me. I'm so happy! Praise me more! Look at me~! Play with me~!
L: So this is...normal?



T: Zeke!
Z: Tatiana... it fills me with pain to see even you standing on the battlefield.
T: Don't say such things, Zeke. I'm glad to be able to fight together with you. Now I don't have to wait and worry for you to come home. 
Z: Tatiana...
T: Zeke, we'll be together forever, won't we?
Z: Of course we will. No matter where we fight, I'll keep you safe.
T: Ahaha...

Z: ...
T: Zeke?
Z: Tatiana. What is it?
T: Hmm... you're staring off into the distance...
Z: Oh... I am. When I fight, sometimes I suddenly see things I've never seen before. As if the me of the past was always fighting, too.
T: ...
Z: ...I'm sorry, Tatiana. Let's leave that conversation behind.

T: Zeke! You're quite active today. Your spear techniques were very interesting.
Z: Tatiana...
T: Oh, are you hurt? If you'd like, I...
Z: Please, Tatiana. Don't pretend to be so cheerful.
T: But I'm not...
Z: Do you think you can fool me? When you're in pain, it's okay to say so. No...I'm being too harsh. Tatiana, I promise you -- even if I one day regain my memories, I will never leave you behind. 
T: Zeke...!
Z: Come, let us take today as a first, arduous step toward a life together.



M: Ah Lady Celica! How are things over there?
C: Oh hello Mae. I have it all under control
A: Good. I'm gonna do my best too!
C: Hehe, you're always full of energy. 
M: Yep! That's my strong point. I'm gonna support you again today!

M: Aah...
C: Is there something wrong Mae? You are not usually one to sigh.
M: Lady Celica, it's not really a big deal but...is it really better for girls to be more gentle and graceful?
C: Eh? I don't think so...
M: Oh, really? But wait...you are kind and all so you can't be used for reference.
C: Do-don't say that...What brought this on though?
M: Err...for example, and it's just an example ok? So, there's someone I like but they won't even notice me although we spend a lot of time together. So I thought...doesn't that mean I'm doing something wrong?
C: Well now. You shouldn't think like that Mae cause you're lovely. You're kind, bright and always encourage everyone. So don't lose confidence. You're fine the way you are.  
M: Lady Celica...Ah! But that was an example. Nothing more!
C: Ah...so it was.
M: Hehe, thank you though.

M: Lady Celica!
C: Mae. You are back to your old self. I'm glad.
M: Yep! It's best for me if I'm just myself.
C: I think so too. I'd feel lonely if I couldn't see your bright face. 
M: Lady Celica...um, thank you very much. All those things you said made me very happy. It's thanks to that I got my confidence back.
C: Hehe, I only said the truth. You are my precious friend and I am proud of you. We'll always be friends right? 
M: Oh Lady Celica...of course we will! All right, time to give it my all again and support you.



C: Atlas.
A: Lady Celica.
C: How are you feeling? Don't overdo it, all right?
A: Haha, no worries. This is a light brawl. I won't even break a sweat.
C: A brawl? I-if you say so.
A: Exactly. So hurry up and give me orders. I owe you my life so I wanna help you.
C: Thank you, Atlas.

A: ......
C: Spacing out on the battlefield Atlas? What's wrong?
A: Oh Lady Celica. I was just thinking a bit about my little brothers. I wonder if they are doing all right...
C: I see. You want to meet them don't you?
A: Yeah. But I can't go all soft now. Come on, we got enemies to beat up.
C: ......

C: Atlas! I thought something good.
A: Wah! What's it?
C: You're feeling lonely cause you can't see your brothers aren't you? I wonder if you'd like to think of me as your little sister?
A: What?
C: A sister and a brother are perhaps somewhat different but...I think it'll distract you a little.
A: No no, they are a lot more different. And you are such a refined lady you just can't stand in for my brothers.
C: I see. That's a pity. You said you'll try hard for my sake so I thought I could do something for you too but...
A: Lady Celica your feelings are more than enough for me. Thank you. You're not just kind but pretty interesting too. Not much point saying this now but I'm glad I tagged along.
C: Re-really? That's great then...I suppose.



C: How are you feeling Bishop Nomah?
N: Oh Celica. So-so.
C: I see. Please don't push yourself too much.
N: You don't need to treat me like an old man. Hmm...however, I do feel a small pain in my back.
C: That sounds terrible. I shall massage it for you then.
N: Ah, that feels good. Thank you Celica.
C: It is no problem at all. Hehe...

C: Bishop Nomah. How does your back feel?
N: Excellent, and it's all thanks to you. However my shoulder hurts now...
C: Oh my...I shall rub it for you then. 
N: Sorry for troubling you...Ah, the pain is going away.
C: Is that so? I am glad.

C: Bishop Noma.
N: Oh Celica. Hmm...what should I go with today...
C: Oh bishop, don't go looking on purpose. The truth is nothing really hurts that much, does it?
N: Hohoho, have I been found out? 
C: Good grief, you are always joking around. If you can do that then you must have enough energy to keep going. There, the enemy's coming. Let's go! 
N: Oh boy...



C: Oh my, brother.
Masked Knight: This voice...is it you my sister, Anteze?
C: Hehe...
Masked Knight: Hm? Is there something funny? 
C: I-I'm sorry. I meant to get used to it but there's quite a difference so...it kinda feels like there's two of you.
Conrad: Eeh, no way! My sister doesn't need another brother. I'm more than enough.
Celica: Haha, you are right.

Co: Anteze! Are you all right? 
C: Oh, brother. What happened to your mask?
Co: I thought I'd take it off when I'm with you...because of what you said.
C: Ah...that was just a joke. Please don't worry about it. 
Co: You might not worry but I do.
C: Brother...

Co: Anteze!
C: Brother. Is this where you were?
Co: Hehe...Meeting you unexpectedly even in a battlefield makes me happy.
C: How carefree...Everyone is fighting seriously so please try to feel the pressure too. Ah, and to think brother looked so gallant as the masked knight...
Co: Eh? Is that so? Then that what we'll do.
Masked Knight: I shall turn all insolent ruffians who dare touch my sister into rust for my sword.
C: Yes! That's the spirit brother!



M: Oh, is that you Boey? 
B: Mae. How's it going?
M: Fine I guess. I mean it's kind of shocking how one minute we're studying magic and the next we are fighting people for real...
B: Yeah but you know, this was a given when we found out Lady Celica's real identity.
M: That's true but...doesn't it sound kinda suspicious when you put it like that?
B: How should I know? Isn't this your problem? 
M: Eeh? But what about you?
B: Don't lump us together. I was always ready to fight for real.
M: Y-you were? You're all grown up huh...
B: Is that really the point here?.

B: Hey Mae.
M: Ah Boey. What is it?
B: Could it be...you hate fighting? If you're having a hard time you can tell me.
M: Oh, but I'm not. I'm happy I can put my training to the test and help Lady Celica.
B: Huh? So what was that all about before?
M: I was just saying, it's kinda shocking being in a real battle don't you think? That's all.
B: ...Oh I see. You're really something.

M: Hey Boey.
B: Hm?
M: You know, I like travelling like this and and seeing lots of things. What I truly love though is living carefree on the island, just watching the sea. What about you?
B: Isn't this too sudden? I mean if it's about going home then I wish I could just go already. My family's waiting for me too.
M: Hehe, that's right. 
B: What's with you?
M: Well, there's always the option of remaining in the castle with Lady Celica so I was wondering what you'd go with...
B: You're going back to the island aren't you?
M: Y-yeah.
B: Then I'll do the same.
M: Eh? What does that mean?
B: Shut up! Figure it out yourself! 
M: Eeeh?



G: Ah...
S: My, such a little girl.
G: H-Hi there...
S: Now now, you don't have to run away. Have I done anything wrong?
G: No, but... I'm not really good around people like you...
S: Wow, what a greeting. Why is that?
G: ...
S: ...You don't have to tell me. I'm sorry. I won't bother you again.
G: Oh, no...

G: Excuse me...Sonya?
S: My, what's the matter? You don't normally talk to me like this.
G: I wanted to apologize for being mean before.
S: You didn't have to. It doesn't bother me at all.
G: But it bothers me. When I said I had trouble with you, it was because you're like my mother.
S: Now that feels a bit more rude! I may be old, but not old enough to have a child as old as you.
G: Th-that's not what I mean! It's been so many years since I last saw her...when she brought me to the priory.
S: Oh...
G: The way she did make-up is a lot like the way you do. It's very pretty. Every time I see you, I remember her... I'm sorry.
S: Genny...

S: Genny.
G: Oh, it's Sonya...
S: Am I still a bother to you?
G: Um...a little.
S: I see. But I want to tell you something. When I was a child, I was raised in a priory. My father didn't want me.
G: Oh...
S: Whenever I see anyone like him, I want to hurt him. Though that's somewhat rare... Anyway, I'm saying you don't have to worry about it. Hate me to your heart's content.
G: N-No, I...! After hearing that, maybe you're not so bad after all.
S: My, my. How fickle you are.
G: Teehee.




Hey there, Saber.

Why, if it isn't Jesse. You need something?

Well, I just wanted to have a long talk with you someday.
I've heard stories of the Mercenary Saber here and there, you know.

Oooh...? And I'll bet the stories showered him with nothing but praise, right?

Correct! ... Is what I'd like to say.
The man's origins are a mystery, but his skills are undeniable. That's about what most said.
And a small number happened to mention the countless women he'd brought to tears...

Wooah, there. Those are always scary.



Tell me, Saber.
What are your plans for after this journey ends?

My plans? Should be obvious.
I'll just take up merc work elsewhere.

Is that it? That'd be a shame!
Don't you think Celica would want you to stay by her side?

Forget it. Working in a castle isn't my style.
Aaaand if the whole country suddenly got too peaceful, that'd be a whole different problem in itself.




Hey, Saber. I've been thinking...

What about?

Assembling a country of nothing but mercenaries like us. How does that sound?

Whaaat? What's that supposed to be?

Exactly what it sounds like.
Let's found a country of our own, one independent both from Sofia and from Rigel!
Things like royal or common birth won't matter at all, and everyone will be free to live the sort of life they wish.
And then, if someone calls upon us for help, we'll lend them our strength.

Well, it sounds like a dream come true, all right...
If it could ever come true, that is.

I know, right? Heheheh...



L: Ah, aniki? Aniki~
V: Oh, is that you Leon? Well, how you feeling?
L: Better than ever! I'm gonna do my best for you.
V: Oh, that sounds promising
V: But you know...with those strong arms and that face of yours, if you just stood still and kept quiet women would flock to you.
L: Huh? I wouldn't be happy at all to have women fawn over me. Aniki is all I need! 
V: I-is that so? Thanks.

L: Hey, Aniki
V: What's it?
L: It's kinda late fussing over this but, you lost your entire family didn't you?
V: Yeah I did.
L: And yet you are fighting for the sake of the world. That's amazing. Sure you might say you're indebted to the priestess but usually people wouldn't care about that.
V: You might be right...it's true I've suffered beyond measure. However I've also felt absolute happiness. So you can't say it was completely unfair...Anyway, I defeated my enemies so I don't intend on hating anything any more.
L: Aniki...

L: ....
V: What is it Leon? You're awfully quiet.
L: Yeah...I've been reflecting. Compared to the hardships you overcame my worries are so small.
V: Worries? You can worry?
L: How rude! Of course I can. For example I worry I won't be able to make the person I like notice me.
V: O-oh.
L: Hehe, it's all right though. Even if it won't come true I'm not gonna blame it on anyone or anything. I'm glad I fell in love with that person...



K: Oh, if it isn't Leon? 
L: Huh? Kamui? Not interested.
K: Hey now, don't be cruel. It's not like I'm completely hopeless right?
L: What's with that? Are you in love with me?
K: Why did this suddenly become about love? I'm just saying you should know I'm a great guy.
L: You? Yeah right. You can't even hold a candle to Aniki
K: I don't really get you man.

K: Hey Leon
L: What now?
K: So who's a great guy according to you?
L: Eeh? I can't just say it in one word. It's a strong but kind person. An adult who has a childish side too. A person who will listen to what I have to say but when needed he'll take charge and pull me along. Something like that.
K: Wow, that can't be a real person
L: Of course it can. It's Aniki.
K: No, I'm telling you that's definitely wrong.

K: Look here Leon
L: Oh it's you again. What is it this time?
K: It's about our talk before. What would you do if Valbar was completely different from this ideal you described?
L: Eh? That's impossible...But let's see, in that case I'd just start searching again for my ideal person. Doesn't it sound fun travelling like that from place to place?
K: Yeah. For the first time it seems like we are kindred spirits.
L: I'm sorry. I'm happy you feel that way about me but you really aren't...
K: I keep telling you, that's not what I mean.



P: How are you feeling Catria?
C: Sister! Everything's fine.
P: I see. There's no need for me to worry about you then. Est on the the other hand...
C: Well, we should be used to it by now. In any case who would have thought we'd come to Valentia and end up like this...peace is pretty hard to find isn't it?
P: You can say that again. I mean things have settled back in Akaneia either yet. I wonder how long must we keep fighting for...
C: Sister...

C: Sister.
P: Hello Catria. What is it?
C: You know, I thought about it. We didn't exactly plan on coming here but Celica and the rest are all good people. And Valentia's culture is really interesting too. Wouldn't it be all right to just enjoy this?
P: Oh my, that doesn't sound like something you'd usually say.
C: I-is that so?
P: Hehe, you were worried about me weren't you? What you said wasn't wrong though. You shouldn't forget to find joy in things no matter where you are.
C: Yes. It makes me much happier when I can see you smiling sister.
P: Oh Catria...Thank you.

C: ......
P: What is it Catria? You don't look well.
C: Sister...No, it's nothing. I was just thinking about Akaneia a little.
P: I see. That's certainly something to worry about. I wonder how lady Minerva is doing. And...
C: And...what?
P: I wonder. But isn't there someone you're thinking about too?
C: Eh? Someone? There's no such person. Don't tease me like that, sister.
P: Hehe, I'll leave it at that then. Come on, let's do our best so we can return to Akaneia.
C: Yeah!



P: How are you doing Est?
E: Sister! Yeah, everything's great!
P: I'm glad then. But don't over do it. Contrary to Catria and I you haven't fought in a while.
E: There's no problem at all. You worry too much sister.
P: Is that so?
E: It's fine, everything's fine. Leave it to me! 
P: Ah, Est! Good grief, it's because you get carried away so fast...

E: Sister...
P: What is it Est? You don't look well.
E: Yeah...It seems I got too excited and now I'm feeling tired.
P: Oh Est, didn't I warn you? This is because you keep rushing to impress everyone. 
E: Tha-that's...probably true.
P: There, you see now.
E: Oh, you know me better than myself. As expected of my sister.
P: Hehe...

E: Err, sister Palla.
P: Oh my what is it? You sound so stiff.
E: Well, um....I might be imagining things but there's something I'm a little curious about.
P:...what could that be?
E: D-do you have anyone you l-...
P: Ah!
E: Like! In this army!
P: Eh?
E: It's just that there's plenty of unique and lovely people here so I thought maaaybe there was someone who fit your tastes.
P: Oh you. We didn't come here to play you know. I haven't thought about that kind of stuff at all. You are just going on a spree cause you are so happy yourself.
E: Ehehe...I'm sorry.
P: Est, as long as I have you and Catria I am the happiest. So you shouldn't let your imagination run wild. Do you understand? 
E: ...Yeah.




Hey, hey! Catria!

... What is it, Est?

This is something I'm putting up for sale at my shop. I wanted to ask your opinion on it.

What's this supposed to be? A lucky charm?

That's right! It's a stone that a sleeping dragon has held in its clutch for three thousand years!
It'll make any wish come true!

Three thousand years...? Something sounds wrong about that.
And even if that's true, it's nothing more than a plain stone if you just look at it.

Aaaaah, I guess you're right!




Hey, sister! Catria!

What is it this time?

Aw, come on now. There's no need to be so suspicious of me.
Look at this! It's tea made from a special medicinal herb that grew on top of a fire dragon's (firedrake's) grave!

I don't see how that could possibly be true, but I'll bite...
What sort of effects does it have?

Uhhhmm, well...
... I forgot.
But hey, you'll know if you just drink it, right?

I'm not drinking this.


Why do you look so shocked...?




What might it be this time, miss merchant?

Aw, come on... I don't have anything today.

My, that's a shame. I have to admit I was looking forward to something new.

Um, listen...
I really wasn't trying to make fun of you or anything. I honestly thought you might like those things...
I'd just like you to know that...

Silly girl. You don't have to worry yourself about that.
As long as you're here with me, there's no way I could ever get bored.
So promise me you'll never change.

Huh...? Wait, what...? Huuuh???
Sister... is hearing that supposed to make me happy? (Is that supposed to be a compliment?)

Hehe... who knows?



J: Sorry...Deen, wasn't it?
D: Jesse? What'd you want?
J: I don't really want anything. I'm just wondering, don't you get tired always frowning like that?
D: That's none of your business. If you don't need anything don't talk to me.
J: And he's gone.

J: Hey there, we meet again.
D: Tch...
J: Don't make your dislike so obvious. Once in a while you could tell me something about yourself?
D: Sorry but I'm not interested in showing off my past to other people.
J: Huh...so basically you don't want to say. Well, in this day and age everyone's got their circumstances.
D: ......

D: Hey.
J: You're talking to me first. Now I've seen everything.
D: You got me a little interested. So here's my terms. Tell me about your past and I'll tell you about mine.
J: Eeh? ...I'm out then. It wouldn't be a fair trade. I'm sure my past isn't such a big deal.
D: That's not necessarily true, is it? 
J: Yeah but at least there's no deaths or murders in there.
D: ......
J: Bull's eye? Human lives are heavy. Must be rough living with that burden. It's why I run away.
D: You can't run away forever. Sooner or later you'll also look like someone carrying his own burden.
J: Wah, don't say such scary things.
D: Heh...







Hey there Alm. What do you think? Have you gotten used to fighting? I see. I expected nothing less. Even at a remote place as long as there is an excellent teacher you can acquire skill that rivals the knight's order. That sounds inspiring doesn't it? Well, I also come from a remote place unlike this one and there are people in the deliverance who make fun of rural nobles. That's why I thought I would just spend the rest of my life there. And yet here I am now, a member of the deliverance as well. You truly never know how life will turn out.

You were surprised by Fernand's attitude weren't you? You should know though that there's plenty of nobles like that. Certainly one cannot deny that they have contributed greatly to making this country what it is now. However, this has led to a one sided situation where they hold a monopoly on knowledge and privileges. I have my doubts about that. When this battle is over I just hope the world can take a turn for the better.

I have one brother but I cannot really say we get along. He comes from our father's first marriage so we have different mothers. Naturally he will be appointed as the successor but...somehow he ended up seeing me as an enemy. I suppose he felt he had to do something about his little brother who could threaten his position. So once he heard the deliverance was established he ordered me to join. The outcome doesn't matter to him. Whether Desaix or the deliverance wins my brother has nothing to lose...And that's how I ended up here. It wasn't ideal but right now I can truly say I am glad to be a part of the deliverance




Ch 1
Alm, are you getting used to all the fighting? Yeah...Alm was brave even back in the day...remember? You defeated those soldiers that were harrassing us. When you came to help...you were like a prince, Alm. Ufufufu, don't be embarraseed. It's the truth. Back then...even before back then you were always my prince.
Ch 3 
Hey Alm, I heard that you fought with Celica? It can't be heped. You two haven't seen each other in years. It makes sense Celica doesn't know how you feel. I think I know how you think, Alm. Hmmm...no, it's not about knowing. Alm's thoughts are my thoughts. I won't disobey you Alm. Just say one word (and I'll obey). So, is it okay if I continue to stay by your side, right?

Ch 5 (can access this after Ch 5 also)
Rigel is a cold place, isn't it? It's completely different from Zofia. I never thought I would come all the way here when I left Ram Village. I wonder if my mother, father, and grandmother are healthy and okay right now...I have been writing to them though. I just got a letter from them too. They keep saying all I write about is what Alm is doing and that I should write more about myself. It's really tough hearing that from them...but all I want to write about is about what you did Alm!




My mother was a cleric so it was through her influence that I became a cleric as well. As for my father...I do not even know how he looks. Ever since I was little my mother and I were always going on a pilgrimage so I got used to travelling. I can tell how the weather will be tomorrow by looking at the sky and I am great at finding edible plants. So if there's ever anything troubling you please free to consult me.

You'd like to know about Novis Island? It was a very peaceful place, far less desolate than the mainland...However we did suffer a lot of damage from pirates so everyone was troubled. The pirates would steal the provisions we received from the mainland leaving us only with fish to eat. Well, fish is delicious too, right? Everything is blessed by the Goddess Mila after all. It's just that I was worried because...if that's all you eat, won't you end growing up scales too? 

Um...remember when I told you about how I used to travel with my mother? The truth is the place of our travels was Rigel Empire. You see, my mother was a cleric in the service of Duma. However one day she suddenly crossed over to Zofia, entrusted me to the monastery and disappeared. I do not know her reasons...perhaps I had become a bother. What I do know though is that I was saved
by the goddess Mila. That is why I also want to use her teachings to save anyone who is suffering alone. This shall be my purpose in life.

Clair, Clive and Mathilda



Um, Alm...I apologize for the horrible things Fernand said to you. Please don't think all nobles feel like that. Fernand is just...he has his own circumstances but he is not a bad person. My brother and I have been friends with him since we were children. Fernand loves Clive like a real brother. He just kept following after him and in the end he even joined the order of Zofia. I hated to be left out so I joined as well. Eh? Is joining really that easy? Who knows...I couldn't tell you much about it. I got accepted after asking father about it.

Alm, I heard from Gray that Celica was your childhood friend. So that is why you seemed so close isn't it? I am glad. Ah! No, I was just talking to myself. However is that girl truly a mere priestess? I can't quite put my finger on it but she's quite graceful and...
she has a similar aura to you.

Ah, how do you do Alm? Eh? I don't seem well? That is not true, I just miss my home at Zophia a little. Mother and father, my wet nurse, my maid, the rest of the servants...I wonder what they are all doing now. If they were to learn I have been washing my hands before meals on my own and eating dried fish I'm sure they'd faint. Ah, I feel like dressing up and dancing with all my strength. How about you Alm? Oh I see. Don't worry though, I shall teach you. So um...when this battle is over won't you dance with me? I don't mind even if it's only once. 


My family and Fernand's have known each other for ages so along with Clair, the three of us grew up like siblings. However due to this famine there was an insurrection in his territory...His estate was attacked and his parents, his oldest sister and even his younger brother and sister perished. After that Fernand started being extremely hostile to commoners...He has been quite rude to all of you as well so I'd like to apologize in his place. Eh? It's like I'm really his older brother? Haha, well, this is hardly the first time I've had to clean up after him.

When the king fell to Desaix and the order of Zofia dissolved it was Mathilda who said we should try and start the deliverance. Amidst the chaos I couldn't think straight...and yet she, calm as always showed me which I path I had to take. I have met a great a number of women that dressed up beautifully and followed after me but Mathilda was the first one who stood next to me and saw things the same way. That woman is a goddess, she's wasted on me.

I have been lamenting over my choices all the way here Alm. But owing to you I can now say with confidence I did everything right. Thank you. Come now, Rigel's castle is just in front of us. Lord Alm, our leader, show us the way till the end.


What is it Alm? Need anything? ...You're curious about my way of talking? Right. Well, my father was a soldier celebrated for his military achievements and I've been training with him since I was a kid so his speech style kinda rubbed off on me. When I saw how all the other nobles' daughters speak even I thought I should change but for some reason everyone tried really hard to stop me. So it's been like this ever since.

Do you have any siblings Alm? Oh, I just got a letter from my little sisters pestering me about coming back so I thought I'd ask about other people's experiences. You see, it's not like they are children and I don't think I'm alone in saying this but...Clair is quite attached to Clive. Perhaps younger siblings really love their older ones more than the latter realize...My sisters you say? I've got 4 of them. They are cute and all but the problem is they're noisy as hell.

Clive and I got together when I entered the order of Zofia. Our families knew each other before that but...Clair wouldn't let me get close. Seeing Clive fighting in the battlefield was like seeing a hero step out of a legend. I thought there's no other person I'd rather give my heart and body to. He's pretty imposing but when we're alone he's actually quite...oops, I think I've said too much.

Luthier and Delthea



Delthea and I come from a renowned magic family. We've been blessed with great magic from birth. However, Delthea doesn't seem to understand the value of that. She possesses greater talent than me but she never trains and only plays around. If she had studied properly this might have been settled without her getting manipulated...No, forget it. There is no point in saying this now.

Oh Alm. Do you need something? Not really? In that case you don't have to talk to me. That's not true? I see. So when you are friends with someone you can talk even if there's no need to. I had no one I could call a friend so I did not know. I apologize. ...Yes, there were indeed people my age at the village but there was no one I was particularly close to. If I had to say why then...it'd be because I just didn't feel the need to. There was however a cat I was close to. You could say that was my friend. Yes of course, a cat is not a human. In that case you are my very first human friend. You have my best regards Alm. 

It is said that our ancestor was the hero Zofia's top disciple. She was a female magician so that is why Delthea's magic is stronger than mine. The potential for magic is in the blood. If you aren't born with it then no matter how ardently you train you won't be able to hear the spirits' voices. I believe my mission in life is to make the best of my talent. I cannot possibly make Delthea understand this though.


Hey hey Alm where are you from? Eh? Ram village? That's like in the sticks! Bo-ring! I wanted to know about the capital cause I'm definitely gonna leave the village when I grow up. And then I'm going to fall in love with someone wonderful and urbane. Eh? What's urbane? Well I don't really get the specifics either but...anyway, I've had enough of the countryside!

You see, our village is kind of a pain. They say stuff like magic must be kept secret. So even if you can use this amazing magic you can't show it off. Don't you think that's terrible? Well I do! I want to use it proudly! And I want to be praised for it! But hard work is a no!...anyway forget that. It just so happened we met but I'm glad I could join you guys. From now on feel free to spoil me whenever I do well ok?

You know, I'm often told I have the makings of a genius but I'm just wasting my talents. I never said I wanted any of that though. I'm not interested in magic or fighting or being a master sorcerer like big brother! That won't happen. I'm happy to help people of course but making that my sole purpose in life is kinda, you know...Oh Alm! Hurry up and end this war already! If you do then I can do whatever I want and no one will be able to complain.

Tatiana and Zeke


I was raised it an orphanage at a village in Rigel. Oh, but I never felt lonely. I had a lot of friends and the priestesses were very kind so I decided that when I grew up I'd become a priestess too. I wanted to be able to help a lot of people...Eh? You think I already have? I-I wonder...I'm quite careless you see. The other time at the church I burned the food. Everyone just laughed it off though and ate it. Perhaps I am the one being helped after all.
When I found Zeke on the beach he was so severely wounded I wasn't sure if he'd live. I desperately wanted to save him though so I did everything I could. So I was really happy when he finally opened his eyes. And then he slowly started speaking and walking...the time we spent together was very happy so I ended up falling in love with him. Zeke will say he's lacking as a person because he can't remember his past though. Bit to me just being with him now is more than enough.
Oh my Alm, what is it? I don't look well? You are right, I keep thinking about what if Zeke gets his memories back. I'm sure he has a family...no, perhaps he has an even more important person. It'd be for the best if he went back to that person wouldn't it...I know I'm terrible for saying this but I don't want him to remember. And to think I'm a holy woman...god will probably punish me for this.


Ah is that you Alm? Rigel's castle is almost here...at this rate I will be soon taking up arms against emperor Rudolph. Even though this is according to his wish I cannot say for sure whether it's right...His majesty said you are the one who will save Valentia. Perhaps I cannot yet understand the true meaning behind those words so all I can do for now is trust you. I'll be counting on you Alm.

I washed ashore Valentia seriously wounded. It was Tatiana who found me and saved my life. She worked hard nursing me back to health and encouraging me. It seemed odd to me that she could go that far for a complete stranger. However that is how I managed to regain my will to live. I am here now because of Tatiana...well, she did mistakenly smeared spices instead of medicine on my wounds sometimes.

"Where did I come from"? Who knows...I haven't thought about it. It seems people are saying I might be from Akaneia but...I don't feel I can prob into my past too much. Every time I try to remember I feel this sense of uneasiness in my head...I suppose that means there's not many good memories lying there. However there is one single...no best forget about it. I do not want to make Tatiana sad.

Mae and Boey



Lady Celica I...I'm just no good! You set out on this journey to carry an important mission didn't you? I really get that but...I just feel so excited! I mean I've never really been outside of that island! But I am being so rude to you like this and...eh? it's fine? I-is that so? In that case I will take you up on that kind offer so...please do me a favour and have some fun too. I know, your mission comes first but it doesn't mean you can't get excited about seeing new things and meeting various people. I'm sure that kind of thing is important too.

Lady Celica, well, I wanted to ask you about...about that boy we met at Zofia's castle. What kind of relationship do you two have? You see, I've never seen you get angry like that so I thought maybe he's special to you and...eh? He's just your childhood friend? Is he now? That sounds fishy~. Hehe, look at me talking with lady Celica about girls stuff like that. I'm kinda happy! Eh? It's my turn? But I don't really have anything to say. I-I mean it!
Um, Lady Celica...are you hiding something from us? Call it instinct but that's just how it feels to me. Perhaps it's because you often used to worry about things alone. Maybe I'm not that dependable but you can still talk to me about anything.

Phew...I didn't think we'd end up getting rid of the pirates. You make some bold decisions occasionally lady Celica. It really makes me realize we come from different places. I can only see what's right in front of me so...I want to use this journey to broaden my horizons.

Those people at Zofia's castle didn't really pay you any attention Lady Celica. Isn't that place technically your home though? Well, I don't really get that stuff but...as far as my home goes there's five of us so it's packed. We're poor so we have our troubles but we are all really close and it's fun.

We'll be at Duma's tower soon huh...And that's where our journey will end. It's been pretty rough but I already miss it too. You see I thought I would just live and die in that island. But I experienced so many things on our journey and it's all thanks to you lady Celica. So please allow me to accompany you till the end.

Saber and Jesse



You're surprisingly unreasonable. I didn't think you'd have me exterminating pirates immediately after hiring me. So this is just how it's gonna be from now on huh...That's not true? Well I don't believe you.

Hey little lady. Did you say you had no relatives? Hmm...oh well I won't pry. Me? I...have a sister. I haven't seen her in a long time but she's probably doing fine. Now that I think about it maybe you two are a little similar.

Who would have thought we'd come as far as Rigel. "Is there a problem?" It's not a problem but...well ok, I am from Rigel. I never thought I'd come back here again. I don't really have many good memories but...it does feel nostalgic. 


Hey there Celica! You look absolutely adorable today too. Ahaha, I'm not joking. I'm always serious you know and right now the cutest girl in the world is standing in from of me. "Are men really like that"? Who knows. I can only talk about myself so don't lump up all together.

This army's really full of girls. Truly a sight for sore eyes. It gets me almost too excited every day! ...Hey now, can you not give me that look? You got me wrong ok, I'm not some superficial guy. I just want to fully enjoy all the pleasures this world has to offer.  I mean women are god's magnificent creation so I want as much as possible to...eh? "Sorry for the interruption but that'd be enough"? 

My family? Hmm, I haven't seen them in a long time. They are kinda strict people. It's always do this, wear that and don't do this with them. I couldn't stand that so I got up and left. There are people though who just can't live differently. If you can't accept that then neither of us can be happy. So I'm also gonna find a place where I can live the way I want to.

Leon, Valbar and Kamui



Oh how I hate boat trips. All this reflection will burn my skin and dry my hair. Staying beautiful isn't an easy job is it? What's your routine priestess Celica? Eh? You don't have one? But your skin is so smooth! How frustrating~. You won't be young forever though so you can't rest in your laurels.

First a boat trip and now a desert...Are you trying to pick a fight or something? Oh dear, what are you going to do if my skin's ruined. It'll be your fault if aniki doesn't like me any more! ...What did you just say? Valbar isn't someone who judges people by their looks? W-well duh! I don't need you to tell me that! Geez, you'll just throw people off if you answer so honestly.

You know, I used to be in love with someone. I chased after them and entered into this army I didn't really want to. But they died pretty soon in battle...and I cried so much I thought my eyes would fall off. Aniki was the one who saved me. Every time he'd see me he'd encourage me to get better...And so I did. Who wouldn't after being treated with such kindness? "Sounds like love"? You're wrong! I was just saying that there's some truly wonderful people in this world. So we'll have to protect it, right?


Hey, priestess Celica. Doing well? If something's troubling you you can always talk to me. Don't hold back. I owe you my life you know. I get the shivers just thinking I could have kicked the bucket without killing those pirates. I must repay you in place of my family too.

My family lived in a small village on the coast. There was my father, my mother, my sister, my brother and me with my wife and son. I'd always been pretty strong so I thought I could even become a soldier. That way my family could live a good life...But while I was away pirates attacked the village. Ironic isn't it? Ah, don't worry yourself over it. I can't just weep forever.

Once we reach Duma's tower this trip will be over. I thought we'd just go to Mila's shrine but we've really come a long way. I am truly glad I could travel with you Lady Celica. I didn't really have any plans after defeating Daha but you gave me a new purpose. No wonder you're Zofia's princess. You and your friends are all good people so this has been pretty fun. I hope you'll let me tag along till the end.


Heya, priestess Celica! Working hard today too? Me, I don't want to work if I'm not getting paid for it. But you're going to Mila's shrine even though no one's asked you to, right? I don't really get it but priests must have it tough. I wonder, is god really that important?

My birthplace? That's gone now. I used to live with my family grazing (our animals) but then we got into a scuffle with another tribe and when we lost we settled into town. Staying in one place doing the same thing just wasn't for me though so now I'm wandering from place to place as a mercenary. It's been pretty fun travelling with you too.

I just happened to be employed by Valbar but man this trip ended up being pretty interesting. What should I do now when it's over? I feel I've had my fill of wandering around. Maybe I should try settling down somewhere...

Palla, Catria and Est



Back home, Catria and I are princess Minerva's knights. However our kidnapped sister Est is different. She's already retired from the army. And yet her she is now. How ironic thing turned out like this...

Our master is really beautiful and kind. However family matters have made her suffer greatly. You see, when you are so close with your siblings, closer than anyone in fact, there's some things you'll forgive them for but it's exactly because you're so close that there's some things you can't allow...I feel like I understand that too in a way.

Celica. Isn't there anyone you like? Hehe, you don't have to look so embarrassed. We're both girls. Isn't it fine talking about that kind of stuff sometimes? Eh? What about me? Well I...can't say there isn't. However I don't think I'll ever make my feelings known. They'd only be a burden to the people I care so much about... 


My little sister Est, who got kidnapped is a very free-spirited child. When the previous war ended she simply quit being a knight and started a shop with he beloved. If she wants to say or do something she just does it. Sometimes I think if only I could be like that too.

I was told the other time that I'm a little hard to approach. I wonder...do I seem that cold? It's true that compared to my sisters Palla and Est I'm quite reserved. But that's just how being the middle child is. Before I can say anything my sisters will have already said it. So I end up as the quiet one.

So you were a princess Celica. That was a surprise. I wonder is it all right for me to talk to you like this? I see, by your leave then. I'm sure high-born people have their own troubles too, don't they? However I think I'm still somewhat envious of them. I cannot understand their pain because I cannot look at the same things as them. Eh? Who's "them"? No one, it was just an example.


Celica, thank you very much for saving me! Aaah, I really though I was done for this time. I've been in a pinch many times on the battlefield till now but I've always had my big sisters with me so I knew everything would be just fine. This time though I was alone, right? I felt so helpless...I finally realized how much I've been depending on their kindness.

My big sister Palla is very kind. I think she scolds me a bit too much sometimes though. It seems like she still thinks of me as a little girl. As for my other big sister Catria well...I don't really know what she's thinking about. I guess she won't say if I don't ask but...I just want to talk with her more about anything really. Either way though they are both precious to me and I'm really proud of them.

I didn't really feel like fighting any more you know. I wanted to open a shop with my beloved and live like a normal girl. And yet the minute I got what I always wanted I ended up like this. My sisters will say that as the youngest child I'm good at dealing with things but what's the point of being smart if you are unlucky? I haven't always had it as good as they think. I wonder if I can make them understand this...




Hey, Anteze! You're as beautiful as always. Ahaha there's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's the truth. Even when we were in the imperial villa you were the cutest of all our siblings. You know how my mother was from Rigel, right? So the queen and the other kids gave me the cold shoulder. But you and lady Liprica alone were kind to me so I was really happy. ...You look somewhat depressed. You don't like talking about the past? I had to live hidden ever since though so I always treasured the time I spent with you.

Ah, you want to know about the day of the fire? My mother's maid took me and we escaped through an underground passage. I remember asking where's Anteze and being told you died...I couldn't stop crying while we were running away. Afterwards we crossed to Rigel and settled in an isolated village. I spent my days polishing my sword skills and studying with master Hark. I did stuff like cleaning, cooking and washing for him too. I sound like a servant but master Hark gave me shelter so it's only fair. If you're ever hungry too tell me immediately.

We'll reach Duma's tower soon. Are you scared Anteze? I see, you're strong. But wouldn't it be all right to rely more on me and everyone else? I'm not trying to say you don't trust us but...sometimes it feels a little lonely. I'm sorry, I can't really explain this well...


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Memory 1-Mycen/Celica


Child Celica: Uuh, *cough cough*...Is...anyone here? Please...someone...help!
Mycen: Princess! Princess Anteze!
CC: Who...are...you?
M: My name is Mycen and I am a knight in service of your father. I am here to save you. Come on!
CC: ...Waaaaaah!
M: Princess! You did well making it this far on your own.
CC: It hurt...when I opened my eyes there was smoke everywhere and it was hot...I kept calling for help but no one would come!
M: I did. Now that I'm here everything will be fine. So come, quickly...
Kyaaaaa [Myson attacks a hidden enemy]
CC: W-what?
M: Damn you Duma! You don't intend on leaving any survivors today. Princess, it seems things will get a little rough now. Do not leave my side.
CC: A-all right...Ah! What about my brother? Where is Conrad? You must save him too Mycen! 
M: ......I checked every room on my way here princess and found no living people. I am afraid lord Conrad is already...
CC: It can't be...brother!
Slayde: Where is the princess! Lord Desaix ordered us to come back with her head so hurry up and find her!
M: Princess, you must save your tears for later. Right now we still have to figure out a way to survive. So let's go!
CC: Y-yeah...ok!

Memory 2-Clive/Fernand


Fernand: Clive!
Clive: Fernand...you really did it.
Fernand: Yes! I am formally a member of the order or Zofia too now.
Clive: Oh boy...you are intent on making your family hate me. They already thought you always got in danger because of me.
Fernand: What was I supposed to do? I couldn't climb trees or play in the river with my older sisters. And even if I could it wouldn't be fun playing with girls...well, there's always exceptions like Clair. 
C: That Clair you are talking about has our mother tearing her hair out every day. She's saying no one will come asking for her hand like this. If Clair finds out you became a knight she'll probably follow suit. She really hates being left out. 
F: Hahaha, even Clair wouldn't go that far. She's at that age where she should be getting all modest and learning to embroider a thing or two. She will stay back and we'll take care of this country.
C: This country huh...
F: Clive?
C: Well, as a knight sworn to his majesty I don't want to be saying things like this but...I cannot tolerate Desaix's rising influence in the palace. Before soon he'll be truly in charge here.
F: Oh you mean that sly old man. He's been giving my father a hard time too, pressuring him about something.
C: That's because your father is a kind man. He wouldn't do anything to make the citizens suffer. But Zofia right now 
can't afford to incur Desaix's displeasure so we need to play our cards right.
F: That's true. I wouldn't want a repeat of Sir Mycen's folly either.  
C: I still regret that. I wondering if I had been the general could I have made his majesty see the truth. (?) But with Sir Mycen banished there's nothing that can be done about it any more.
F: Yeah but...now that everyone is dead what's going to happen to the royal family? An order of knights without a king to protect is nothing more than a bad joke. 
C: Mind your words Fernand. The king is still young. He can make another heir. And even if a knight cannot choose his king he should still do his best for the people. That is our mission as the proud nobles of Zofia. 
F: You got that right Clive. We are going to protect this country with or without a king. ...Having said I'll be counting on you senpai
C: Haha, yeah leave it to me.

Memory 3-Berkut/Rinea



Hey, what are you doing over there?



Lord Berkut...! I-I... please forgive my rudeness.

...Pay it no heed; it was I who called out for you. Since you've come to this ball, why aren't you in the main hall?

Oh... Because my family... well, they aren't what you would describe as an affluent house. I simply cannot bear to see the gaze of others... so I feel more comfortable standing out here.

Such trifle matters shouldn't be taken to heart, no? You already accepted the invitation, so you might as well put on a proper show.

Of course...

Or do you mean to tell me you dislike dancing?

Eh? No, never! I do so love dancing. Oh, the house where I live, there's a small forest nearby. There, there's a flower garden and so many small birds; oh, I love that place with all my heart... When the weather is clear and the air pristine, I always dance there... all alone... Oh dear, pardon me for going on a tangent...

Oh, it was my pleasure. Please do continue.

I beg your pardon?

What is your name?

Ah, er... my name is Rinea.

Rinea... it's a wonderful name. Well then, Rinea, would you accompany me for one dance?

I, er, ah, what?! You're asking somebody like me to dance with such an important man as yourself? That simply won't do... I am not even worthy of your presence.

Ahem, what I meant to say is I want you to dance with me! Of course, if you do not wish to venture into the main hall, we can dance here. But there are no flowers or birds here, so please do not be too disappointed.

....Ah... Lord Berkut, you're... truly... sniff...

Well now... You do remember I'm the Emperor's nephew. Isn't refusing my request far more insulting?

...You speak true. In that case, I would love to be your dance partner, milord...


Memory 4-Mycen/Rudolf


Rudolf! Where are you, Rudolf!
It's me, Mycen! I'm here just as I promised I'd be!

It's been too long, Mycen. I'm so glad you could make it.

Oh there, Rudolf...!
I never imagined I'd tread upon Rigelian soil again in my life.
...So? What business do you have with me that you had to call me out all this way?
I can't imagine it being just to reminisce about good old times.

That's right.
Mycen, of all the men I've ever met in my life, you're the one who's always been unshakably loyal and the most trustworthy.
There's a huge favor I must ask of you, and something I must entrust you with.
... I need you to take this.

Is this...
A baby? Rudolf, is it your...?

Indeed. My son, who was born mere days ago. Alm.
I'm trusting you to take him with you to Sofia, and raise him like one of your own.

Have you lost your mind, Rudolf?! What are you doing, handing away your newborn child to me...
What's the meaning of this?! I'm not agreeing to do this unless you fully confide in me!

The meaning? The meaning is...
Alm here bears the destiny of becoming a hero.


Take a look at Alm's left hand.

...Oh! This is... a Brand...! (Holy mark, stigmata)

Two fated children, with Brands upon their hands, shall be the ones to save Valentia from ruin.
As according to the prophecy, this boy, Alm was born in Rigel...
And word has reached my ears of a Sofian princess also being born with a Brand on her hand at the same time.

Hmm... So Valentia's downfall draws near...
Then it's true that Doma has fallen into madness?

It's true. He won't last much longer.

I see...

Hear me, Mycen... I must go and spark the conflict myself.
For the sake of mankind, who have lived their lives according to the whims and dogmas of the gods, to remind them now that they have within themselves the power to live on their own terms.
In due time, I'm sure that men will rise to bring me down for this.
And if upon such a battlefield, I should meet Alm...
As a father, I would feel no greater pride and joy.


Mycen, my dear friend...
I'm begging you, until the day comes. Raise my boy Alm in a manner fitting for a hero.
If he remains in Rigel, there's no question that the Doma cult will come after his life sooner or later.
I implore you to tell no one of this, and raise him to be a fine man.
It's the least I could possibly do for him as his father...

I understand. You can leave Alm in my care.
I'll devote my all to train him into becoming the finest warrior to ever grace the realm.

Yes... I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mycen.
Dear Alm, I pray that you'll become a man who will never forget kindness, no matter the time.
The next time we meet, I'm sure it will be upon the field of battle...


Memory 5-Celica/Conrad


Celica: Brother! Conrad! Just where could he have gone now...
Conrad: That voice...Anteze? Is that you Anteze?
Ce: Brother? I can't see you. Where are you? 
Co: He-hey Anteze. Good morning.
Ce: Morning? It's already noon you know. What were you even doing under the bed?
Co: Hiding. I didn't want the ghosts to get me.
Ce: Eh? What ghosts?
Co: My mother told me about it. If you do something bad then in the night while you are asleep...the ghosts of mount Fear in Rigel will come and take you away!
Ce: Hmm, how lucky. Your mother is from Rigel so she knows so many interesting stories.
Co: W-wait a minute! Aren't you scared of ghosts?
Ce: I'm not. It's not like I've done anything bad.
Co: Urgh...
Ce: What did you do brother?
Co: Sniff..I broke a vase in the reception hall...and I gathered the pieces and threw them all away before anyone saw me 
Ce: That was you? The maids have been searching for it. We must go tell them.
Co: Bu-but they'll get mad at me.
Ce: Brother...It's all right, I'll come with you. You'll apologize properly and everything will be forgiven. Otherwise the ghosts might really come for you tonight.
Co: That-that'd be bad. I mean if they took me away I wouldn't be able to play with you any more. 
Ce: I know right? I'd hate it if I couldn't see you any more too. So...
Co: Ok...
Ce: Let's hurry up then.
Co: Ah, wait Anteze! It's scary so can we hold hands?
Ce: Oh brother...

Memory 6-Jesse/Silque



Silque (running): Haah...haah...
Thieves: Haha! Don't think you can get away girl! We're gonna catch you and hand you over to lord Grieth.
S: Oh won't someone help me...Goddess Mila please protect me!
Thieves: Uwaah...
S: Huh? 
Jesse: Phew, barely made it in time. Are you ok? 
S: E...
J: E?
S: Eeeeek!
J: Ah wait, wait! I'm not a thief. I'm here to help you!
S: Oh, i-is that so? I apologize, I thought they'd surely sent in another one...
J: All right that hurt. But anyway I'm glad you are ok. 
S: Yes, I am truly grateful. I don't know how to thank you but...my name is Silque. And you are?
J: Jesse. I'm your average poor mercenary. I saw some guys tailing you when you left Zofia's port so I followed suit. Seems I was spot on.
S: Is that what happened? I never noticed anyone. Oh dear, I thought I was used to travelling by now but I can't let my guard down.
J: And where are you heading to Silque?
S: I must reach Ram village. There is something I need to deliver. 
J: Don't you have to cross the southern bridge for that? You're going the opposite way.
S: Ah, you are right. I must have gotten lost while running away from the thieves.
J: I'll see you to the port then. It'd be terrible if you got captured again.
S: Really? Thank you very much. But...why are you being so nice to me?
J: Eh? Why? Well, doesn't everyone want to look cool in front of a cute girl?
S: Oh my!
J: Well now you know I've got an ulterior motive. So don't worry and let me take care of everything.
S: I see. In that case I shall take you up on that offer.
J: Yeah that's the spirit.
S: Hehe. May Goddess Mila bless you in many many ways Jesse.
J: Huh, did you say something?
S: No, nothing.

Memory 7- Zeke/Tatiana


T: Oh! The weather is so nice today again. Morning walks feel so good. I know, maybe I'll pick some seashells before I go back. 
T: Hm? ......Kya! A p-person? What terrible wounds. Is he dead...?
Z: Ngh...
T: Ah! He's alive. Are you all right? Please hang in there! 
Z: Nyna...
T: Eh? It sounds like you were calling someone...Oh this wont' do. I must get help! Um, please a wait a little. I will definitely save you!  
Z: ......

Z: Ngh...where...am I?
T: Ah, have you come to? I'm so glad. You had collapsed on the beach with a terrible injury. 
Z: Who are you?
T: I am Tatiana and I work in this church. What is your name?
Z: My...name? ......
T: What is it?
Z: I cannot remember. Who am I? Where did I come from?
T: Eh? Whaaat? Don't tell me you don't have any memories?
Z: It seems so, doesn't it?
T: I-it does...But what are we going to do? We can't inform your family and I'm sure they'll be worried.
Z: ......
T: Ah! I apologize. I'll make you worry if I go on like this. It's all right, you haven't done anything wrong.
Z: Yeah...
T: Err...everything will be fine! Because I will protect you! 
Z: You...protect me?
T: Yes! Even when you get well you can stay here as long as you want. Well you might have to help with cleaning or carry some firewood but anyway don't worry about that now. You should focus on your recovery.
Z: You and I are complete strangers...so why are you being so kind to me? 
T: Eh? Why? Well, isn't it natural to help people in need? There's also something about you I just can't leave alone.
Z: Me?
T: Yes. It's because you look like you're in a lot of pain. And not just physical one...
Z: ......
T: Ah! Me and my big mouth again...I shouldn't say weird things when I don't know anything about you. I truly want to help you though. So um, you can count on me for everything!
Z: Yeah. Thank you...Tatiana.

Memory 8-Forsyth/Python


F: Hey Python! Can't you walk faster? 
P: Don't be absurd Forsyth. We've been walking without pause since yesterday.
F: Don't sound so miserable. We'll be joining the honorable deliverance soon so we can fight to determine the fate of our fatherland. What are you gonna do looking s
P: Yeah well...are you serious about this?
F: Of course I am. What is it? Are you really getting cold feet now?
P: Not really. I just don't know if there's any point to joining...aren't all the knights in that deliverance noble kids? They won't really see us as partners. It's just rank and file for us again.
F: That's not true! ...I think, maybe.
P: Whoa...no need to be so confident.
F: We-well certainly I cannot deny that possibility but...I hear that their leader, sir Clive is a just and upright person. Perhaps he will evaluate our work properly. In any case it'll be better than that stupid lord we served till now right?
P: You have a point there but...are you saying there's no quit everything option?
F: You want to quit being a soldier? And then what? Are you going to return home and become a carpenter too?
P: Eh? Hmm...it's kinda late for that.
F: Tell me about it. It'd just be a waste of your skills. I don't think about following my father's footsteps and becoming a scholar either. We got plenty of experience as soldiers till now. We might as well try and see just how far we can go, don't you think? 
P: Oh boy, you are always looking ahead.
F: You're wrong. I'm just scared of looking back.
P: Heh, so you can be like that too...
F: Occasional yes. Now come on! Once we get out of this forest the deliverance's hideout will be just up ahead. Let's hurry before it gets dark.
P: Yeah, yeah.

Memory 9-Desaix/Slayde


S: Lo-lord Desaix? Lord Desaix, Slayde here. I shall be with you in a moment.
D: Have you arrived Slayde?
S: Yes sir. However...what could this be about that we had to meet in such a place?
D: It is just a precaution. It would be a disaster if someone heard what I am about to say. I have a request for you and it must remain between us. Prince Conrad and princess Anteze are currently residing in the royal villa. Dispose of them.
S: Eh? You mean...assassinate the prince and the princess?
D: Succeed and come dawn you will become my right hand. How does it sound? It's a pretty good offer if I say so myself.
S: Ye-yes...I've heard the rumours but it really was you who had the other princes and princesses killed...?
D: Haha...yes indeed. There is no need for Lima IV's incompetent bloodline to continue for another generation. The only one fit to rule Zofia is me. Don't you agree Slayde?
S: Y-yes! I couldn't agree more sir. However...Lima IV is directly descended from our country's founder, Mila. Incompetent he may be but I'm afraid this could incur the wrath of the goddess...
D: Mila you say? That kind of monster has no say in this. All she's good for now is dozing off at the temple. The age of living by consulting the gods is over. From now on Zofia will move to my will!
S: I-I'd expect nothing less of you Lord Desaix! In that case your humble servant will gladly assist you. 
D: Good. The plan will be carried out tomorrow. The king will be heading to Mila's temple for the rites so the castle guards will be short on hands. Dispose everyone in that villa not just the prince and the princess. Understood?
S: Yes sir!

Memory 10-MIla/Duma


M: Oh Duma...why can't you understand? I wish to make a world where all living things can live in happiness. No hardships, no sadness...Valentia shall be like the paradise above. 
D: Fool! What happiness is there in such a world? Humans must stake their lives in pursuit of power. They must move forward in live using heir own strength...a life lived by merely accepting the gods' blessings is a futile one. 
M: That is not true. Even if you don't bestow trials upon people their lives have their own troubles. I want to save them from that. I want to take away their pain and sorrow. And isn't that exactly what our duty as gods is after all?
D: Mila, your love will only corrupt people and lead them to their doom. Humans are weak creatures. That is precisely why our duty as gods should be to remove that weakness now, shouldn't it?
M: Duma, my one and only dear brother...My dream was for us to build a paradise on Valentia together. However it seems there is no point in arguing about it any more.
D: Indeed. How long has it been I wonder since we left that place in search for our ideal land. Who can remember now...Mila, it seems we cannot live together. Let us split Valentia with me ruling the north and you the south. We shall each pursue our ideals in our own land and we shall never invade each other's. We shall pledge this. As for which choice will benefit people more...sooner or later time will tell.
M: Very well. I am too tired to keep fighting. Farewell Duma. I shall walk my own path. May your people and mine both find happiness...




All endings translated by unosarta on Reddit

They are on Google Docs so everyone should be able to view them.



By Zigludo




Alm : Damn, I was so close...I'm sorry Celica.
Atlas: Shit...how can I die here. I'm sorry I can't come back brother.
Boey: Ah...this is it for me...Lady Celica please don't give up.
Lukas: It seems...this is as far as I go. It wasn't a bad life...fighting alongside you
Gray: Ah...what a blunder. Good guys don't live long after all...
Tobin: It hurts...look like it's over. Alm, I believe in you...
Kliff: Aah, it's over. I wanted...to see more of the world
Faye: Ah, I can't see you Alm. No... I hate this
Silk: Oh goddess Mila...my soul returns to you. So please...bestow your divine protection to everyone.
Clair: Everyone, protect Alm. I have lived a happy life...
Clive: Gh...this is the end for me too. I'm sorry everyone, Mathilda...
Forsyth: It seems I cannot be of help any more...I apologize lord Clive
Python: Is this...the end? Hehe, how short. Fitting for me though...
Luthier: My magic is not required...was this is also predetermined? 
Matilda: Ah, Clive...I wanted to live  with you...in a time of peace. 
Delthea: I'm ...dying? No, there's still so many things...I want to do
Tatiana: Ah Zeke...I was happy I could meet you.
Zeke: I'm sorry Tatiana...Ah, you are...I see
Mycen: Alm, Celica...surpass me. I leave Valentia...to you.
Celica: I can't do anything after all...I am sorry Alm...
Mae: Ehehe...I'm a no good klutz...
Jenny: It hurts...Lady Celica...everyone...this is goodbye
Conrad: Haha, so I can't be a hero after all...Anteze...you hapiness is the only...
Saber: Tch, how did I mess up...but oh well...it wasn't so bad
Valbar: I'm sorry...it seems I can't fight any more. You guys go on now...
Leo:  Oh no, I messed up...I wish I'd have a more splendid death... 
Kamui: Ah, does it end here? That's fine...no matter the place we all just return to the earth...
Palla: Abel...I'm sorry I can't come back.
Catria: Ah...I wanted to return to Akaneia
Jesse: Ah...is this how far I go too? It was pretty fun...see you...
Sonia: My fate too comes to an end here. Sister...
Est: Sister...I'm sorry 
Deen: How regretful...I still...
Noma: May Mila's divine protection...be with everyone.
Berkut: Gah...I'm dying...ME?
Fernand: Ah...finally...I can join you all...

If x character dies near

Alm: This can't be...Celica!
Boey: Hey Mae...this isn't funny.
Clair: Lord brother...it can't be...no
Clive: Ah Clair...how could this happen
Clive 2: Mathilda...how am I supposed to live without you?
Conrad: Anteze! I just wanted you to be happy.
Delthea: No! Brother! You can't die! Nooo!
Est: Sister! No no no! Not this!
Fernand: Clive! What the hell are you doing.
Forsyth: Lord Clive! Oh, what am I supposed to do?
Forsyth 2: Hey Python...stop joking
Gray: What are you doing Robin? Idiot!
Catria: This can't be. We mustn't fall to anyone.
Leon: No, Aniki! What should I fight for now?
Lukas: Clive. Will we be able to fill the gap your loss has created?
Mathilda: This must be a lie...Clive...
Mycen: Celica...didn't you still have much more to live?
Mae: Boey...what do you think you are doing.
Python: Forsyth...what have you done.
Palla: Why has this happened? If only I could take your place.
Tobin: Eh? No way, Gray. Wake up!
Luthier: Delthea! It can't be. Open your eyes!
Saber: I wanted you to be happy little lady*
Tatiana: Zeke! No! Zeeeke!
Zeke: Tatiana...ah, what am I supposed to do without you...

*I'd really like to think it's for Genny but since I haven't tested it yet it's probably Celica since he refers her to the same way when they first meet.




Clive and Mathilda after she is freed


If you free Mathilda you get this small scene with Clive before Alm can recruits her. 

C: Mathilda!
M: Clive! Oh how I missed you. My Clive...
C: Forgive me Mathilda, I've let you suffer for so long...Spare me no abuse, I'll accept it all.
M: What are you talking about Clive? You merely acted as the commander of the army should. Besides I'm at fault here too for letting them capture me. So don't blame yourself any more.
C:  Mathilda...
M: I don't want to hear more apologies. You know what I want instead don't you?
C: Yes.
Gray: Wow, that's amazing.
Gray: You are blushing Alm.
Alm: Eeh? No I'm not.

Celica goes to Ram


Celica: It's so nostalgic being back. I wonder how everyone's doing. Gradnpa, grandpa Mycen!...He's not here. What could have happened...
Village woman: Celica? Is it you Celica? What a surprise. You've become so beautiful I almost didn't recognise you.
Elderly villager: Oh, is that Celica? It's been a long time. It might not seem like it but this village's changed a lot too...our young ones left once the war started. I wonder if they'll come back...

-Talk to Kliff
Kliff: You surprised me. You're Celica right? So you made it back. Long time no see. 
Lots of things happened so Alm and the rest aren't here any more. Mycen-san's gone off somewhere too. Aaah...this village never really had much to begin with but now it's even more boring. Are you going somewhere Celica? If you don't mind can you take me with you? 

What? I can come with you?
...Oh yeah? It's fine, I didn't want to go that much.

-Talk to Faye
Faye: Eh? Celica? Is that Celica? Wow, it's been so long! I missed you. Alm isn't here right now...I've been so lonely I thought about going after him many times. But there's no way I can do it alone, right? You're on a journey aren't you? Please take me with you!

I see...I'm sorry for being so unreasonable. If, if by any chance you meet Alm then tell him I'll always be waiting for him, ok?
What? You'll take me along?

Berkut's Despair


Map: Zofia's Gate (Chapter 1)

So that's the so-called Deliverance? Ha, nothing but a group of savages.

Indeed, you are not wrong. Such insects are not worth the attention of a Rigelian such as yourself, sire. Please do look forward to our soldiers' stunning performance from your seat here.

That I shall do. What say you, Rinea?

I... I cannot stand to see bloodshed... so I regrettably cannot partake, milord.

Haha, I jest.

In any case, I shall bid my leave...

Yes, show me the power of the Dragon Shield I bestowed upon you.

Of course! Leave everything to me!

....Hey, you said your name was Fernand, correct?


I hear the new leader of the Deliverance is a boy named Alm? This boy is a commoner too, is this true?

You are correct. Starting with Clive, it seems everyone has put their faith into Mycen's grandson.

Pfft, what idiocy. The nobility is the nobility. Commoners will forever be commoners. Never in a thousand years can a lamb rise to become a lion.

Ah! Indeed, indeed! Your words ring with truth, Lord Berkut, sire!

Clive of the Zofian Order, huh? If he served Rigel, he would surely be a famed general. It's hard to believe he would commit such a simple error. Hmph, no doubt the Deliverance's days are numbered. If that is the case, it won't be long before Zofia becomes a trophy of our glorious Empire... Rinea!

Yes, what is it, milord?

Just you wait, my dear Rinea. I will one day succeed Rudolf as Emperor and become the ruler of all of Valentia. And you shall become my Empress. I wager you must be excited.

...Berkut, actually I...

Aha, it looks like it's started! I do hope you'll give me a good showing, Alm.


Damn it, Desaix that dastard, he was nothing but a windbag after all.

Lord Berkut, what are our plans?

With the troops available to us, there's no way for us to hold back the rebels. We shall retreat. We can regroup with the main army back in Zofia Woods. Rinea, you will come with us as well.


Alm, was it...? I shall remember your name.

Map Forest Village (Chapter 3)

You've finally come, Deliverance, or whatever you call yourselves.

Fernand! And you...

I am Berkut. The nephew of the Rigelian Emperor, Rudolf.

Berkut... Emperor Rudolf...!

So you are the one they call Alm? The battle of Zofia Castle was a sight to behold. For a ragtag group of commoners, I applaud your efforts.

I heard the main army retreated. What are you doing here?

This is Lord Berkut's little joke. He wants to test your abilities.

It has been too long since I last entered the battlefield; my skills have grown rusty. Now is the perfect opportunity for me to witness your abilities in action!

!! Everyone, get ready; they're advancing on us!

(Vs Berkut; Alm)

That mark on your left hand...

What are you talking about? That's got nothing to do with anything!

Hmm, indeed. A lowborn like you would never have a Brand. It's just a third rate lookalike; fitting for a commoner such as yourself!

(Vs Berkut)

Hurry! I have come to play!

(Berkut falls)

Nngh...! To put me into this position... Forget it. There's no point in throwing away my life just to test my opponent's strength.

(Vs Fernand)

You should know there's no need for me to test your abilities!

(Fernand falls)

Ah...! I was too careless. Nevermind, I should pull back.

Map: North of the Woods (Chapter 3)

So you've returned, Berkut.


Is it true you challenged the Deliverance with nothing but your faithless pride and lost?

...Nngh. I am terribly sorry. I slightly underestimated their capabilities.


I would not have expected a man of Berkut's calibre to so easily lose to that group of ragtags. The glory of the Rigelian Knights is but a sham, I see.

You insolent cur.... A lowly dog like you dares to mock our glorious order? Before you spout your nonsense, take a proper look at who you're speaking to!

Sigh... You claim a faithful servant of Rigel's benevolent creator, Lord Duma, is but a dog? I think the one who should take a proper look is not I.

What are you suggesting?

Lord Rudolf. From our reports, the Deliverance is marching towards the bordering floodgates. However, the floodgates are guarded by one known as Tatara, a rather capable member of the Church. From what I've heard, he's acquired himself a new toy as well. That boy will not go any further.

Wait! My lord!

What is it? Speak, Berkut.

In the event that the Deliverance breaks through the floodgates, I would request your permission to protect the Rigelian border.


This time, I will defeat them without fail. You will see with your own eyes. So please, give me one more chance...!

...Very well. However I forbid those cretins from stepping onto Rigelian soil, do you have me clear?

Absolutely clear, sire!

Ohoho... but you're wasting your efforts... Hahahaha....




Lord Berkut, have you finished reporting to his imperial majesty?

Yes. I will be heading out again, this time to the country's borders.

Oh. But you only just returned not long ago.

It was I who requested. I asked him to give me one more chance. That goddamn Alm! It's all because of him that I've had to put up with Judah's mockery. This slight, I will be sure to return!

Oho, well if it isn't Lord Berkut?

Who goes?

It's been a long time. I am the keeper of Fear Mountain, Nuibaba, sent here by Lord Judah himself. From what I've heard, you lost to that loathsome Deliverance and came scurrying back with your tail between your legs.

You Church people are all the same, aren't you? You don't know when to shut up.

Oh, how scary. Please do not misunderstand, milord. I have come here to provide you with assistance.

Assistance? What assistance could you bring me? Why should I rely on your chaotic god when I can hone my own skills? I don't need your help or your "power".

Oh, are you sure about that? Say you somehow fail to keep the borders, even somebody of your status would be plunged into a perilous situation. Wouldn't you agree?


You claim our power is unneeded, but surely you have seen the benefits our Church has provided to the war effort? I believe even you must be aware of the potential of Lord Duma's power. You do know how Lord Judah sacrificed his daughters Mara and Heste to Lord Duma? Of course, he too has attained great sorcerous powers.

He did that to his own daughters? How terrible...

Well, what do you say, milord? Should you also desire to obtain Duma's strength, I will personally come to perform your rites. I look forward to seeing you join the fold...

Pointless blabber. No matter how strong Duma's power is, it's meaningless if I cannot defeat Alm using my own strength.

You're a stubborn little one aren't you? In that case, you should at least take this.

A... mirror?

This is a cursed mirror. Of course, I believe you will be victorious. But if worse comes to worse, all you have to do is break this mirror. Doing so will surely be of great help to you, milord.

I don't need something like...

Are you absolutely sure?


There's no harm in keeping it to be on the safe side. Well, Lord Berkut, I pray for your victory. Ohohoho....

Map: Borders (Chapter 4)

I've been waiting for you, Alm.


Heh... You've brought more than I expected. Your ragtag army of soldiers has grown into quite a sight.


But, it appears you fail to grasp the difference between heaven and earth. You dare to attack Rigel on its own soil... Who do you think you are, foolish dastard? The king of Zofia!? I would advise you to look into a mirror!

Don't speak of Alm like that!


I have been watching Alm carefully, monitoring his actions and speech. He has the makings of our king; he's a valiant yet merciful warrior. I have finally come to realise, the qualifications of a king do not merely come from birth, but arise due to his thoughts and worries for others and how he acts to solve these problems.

Clive, you fool...! Do you truly mean to abandon the pride of our Zofian nobility, all for this petty commoner? You are no longer the Clive I once knew. I shall cut you down here and now!

[Movie: Battle of Heroes]

(Vs Berkut)

You invaders who have sullied Rigel... This is my final act of mercy. You shall all die here!

(Berkut falls)

Urgh... How... could I...

(Vs Fernand)

You fools who bring shame to Zofia, to hell with you!

(Fernand falls)

Uhh...! Why? Why can't I beat these dastards...!



Berkut... I admit you are strong. Because of this, I'm sorry I have no choice but to end you now!

(Berkut uses Nuibaba's mirror)

...I can't believe I had to rely on this... thing.


Uh... uwaaaaah! Wh-what the heck is that!? Alm!!

Is everybody alright!?

Ayee! S-save me...

Gods! What is this!? Hands coming from beneath the ground... Is this some kind of sorcery?

No, I don't think so. Our Magic and attacks aren't doing anything! This is different to the magic we know about... Urgh!

Lukas! What should I do? If things continue like this, then everyone... Berkut, what are you playing at!?

...How astounding... So this is the strength of Duma.

What did you just say...?

...Nothing. You will die here, so there's no sense in explaining.

Wait, Berkut... Nngh... Am I really going to die here...!? I won't be able to see you again... Celica...?


Hey, didn't something just shine just then?

It was Celica's charm... Was that you, Celica? Thank you Celica. You saved me and the others...!

What? They lifted Duma's curse?! Dastard, what have you done?

...I don't know. But I do know I need to offer my sincerest thanks to someone.

...What are you babbling on about? A dastard like you is capable of this... The mighty Berkut will never...!

Lord Berkut! Although the curse has been broken, the enemy doesn't have the strength to purse. We should use this opportunity to pull back!

Fernand... But...!

As long as you can keep your head, you still have a chance to explain to the Emperor. Now, let us hurry!

Damn it...!

...So that was a display of Duma's might? Having to rely on this kind of power, doesn't this reek of immorality? The Rigelian Empire... or rather the Order of Duma, what on earth are they planning?

(Fast forward a little ahead)

Goddamnit!!! Why? Why can't I win against Alm!? That commoner, how has he been able to defeat the mighty Berkut, not once, but twice...!!

Lord Berkut! Please calm yourself, milord. As long as you are safe and sound, that's all tha...

Shut up! What do you know!?

...Oh, Berkut...

...Ever since I was little, I only desired one thing, to become stronger and stronger. That was the responsibility of being born a royal. Whether it was Father or Mother, that was what I was taught. Are you saying it's right that I lost to that filthy commoner!? I even had to resort to using that inhumane power... Was I simply naive...?

...Accept me...


Human seeking strength... Become my follower...

That voice...? Who's there?

Milord!? Are you alright...?

...You didn't hear a thing...? That voice just now...

Location: Rigel Castle (Chapter 5)

...That dastard Alm... So he's actually Rudolf's son...? Which makes him the rightful heir of the Rigelian Empire? So it was all a waste... everything I've worked so hard for... I don't believe it... I refuse to believe it... Everything is a goddamn lie!!

Huh!? This place... an altar? How did I arrive here...?

...Human filled with endless ambitions...

Who said that!?

Human in search of power... Become my follower... Accept all that I am...

This... voice...! Duma... You're the God Duma, aren't you...?


This is...?

Lord Berkut!


I was searching all over for you, milord. I never thought I'd find you here of all places. After all, I know how much you despise the church.

...Indeed. Having my right to the throne suddenly snatched away by that boy. Anyone would want to borrow the gods' strength.

Oh... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything...


Milord, please lift your spirits. Lord Alm is a gentle soul; he would never cause willful harm to you...

So what!?


I want to win against Alm. I want to win and become the Emperor! After that, with you as my Empress, I shall rule over the whole of Valentia! ...But look at me now. Even Rigel is forever out of my grasp. If I have to beg for that dastard's forgiveness to live, then I'd rather he execute me now!

Oh, Berkut... I beg of you, please don't say such terrible things. I... To tell the truth, I feel more relaxed now that I don't have to be Empress.

...What are you saying?

So long as I can stay by your side, my heart will be content. So even if you cannot be the Emperor, I...

Rinea... even you?!


So you've been mocking me? You're just like Rudolf and Massena. Mocking a useless fool, a fool who can never be the Emperor! You've also been laughing at me behind my back, haven't you!!?

Oh, Berkut, what are you saying?

Duma, my God... I shall accept your terms. Give me strength! Give me the strength to destroy everything! No matter the cost!


[Movie: The Price of Power]

Map: Duma's Temple (Chapter 5)

Ah! It's...

...Ha... Hahahaha... I've waited so long to see you, Alm. No... Or should I say Emperor Rudolf II of Rigel?


Tell me, how does it feel to be in control of both Zofia and Rigel? I wager you are ecstatic beyond words. Yet it is not a feeling I will ever be able to share...

Berkut, I have never once felt that way. The people of Rigel won't accept as their Emperor straight away. However, for my father's sake... no, for the sake of all of Valentia, no matter how difficult it is, I shall shoulder the responsibility of this country.


From now on, Valentia faces a long road ahead of it. So, Berkut, I wish to borrow your strength. Compared to me, you have the trust of the people. Besides, we're cousins, right? Ha, it feels like a dream to have a cousin who shares my blood! I'm certain we'll get along fine. Together, the two of us will create a Valentia that's...

Silence. Just because I had yet to say anything, you had the audacity to spew nothing but filth my way. The two of us, together? Don't make me laugh. Power is used for competing! Power is for fighting!


Huh!? Berkut, your face...!

So this is what Fernand warned us about! Alm, I fear Berkut has already accepted Duma's strength. He is no longer the Berkut we know!

How has it come to this?!

(Vs Berkut)

Well? Isn't she pretty...? My lovely Rinea...

...! What have you done!? You... you sacrificed your beloved to Duma?!


You've lost your mind... In your search for power, you've forsaken all that's holy!?

It took me a while to finally understand. Power will never betray you and it will never hurt you... It doesn't matter if it's flesh and blood or being together, all of that holds no meaning. The only thing you can trust in this world is your own power!

.....! So you think Father betrayed you!? That's not how it is! Father always cared about you. You're the one who stayed by his side all this time; how you could not understand!?

Shut up! You're annoying me! I've already grown tired of your prattering. Come, Rinea. After we've purged these fools, we shall proceed with our wedding...!


This is all... your doing! Everything I ever loved... you stole it all from me!

(Berkut falls)

Ungh... urgh...!!



Berkut... I'm sorry we couldn't save you. You were my one and only cousin, and we only just got to know one another... I can't believe things turned out like this...!

...Pah... What do you mean "cousin"? A nuisance to the end... Come, let me die a swift and painless death. Then you can become the only one in the line to the Rigelian throne.

Berkut! Still you go on about that...

...Lord Berkut...

...Huh!? Rinea... is it my sweet Rinea...?

Milord... even if you don't have a crown, or a throne or a castle... The confident and smiling Berkut will forever be my Emperor...


But... It seems here is no longer your kingdom. Please, let's go to the kingdom waiting for us on the other side. You said you would make me your Empress, did you not...?

Ah... Indeed. I did say that, Rinea... It seems in my blind pursuit for power, the Berkut you love already died inside... I'm so sorry, Rinea... Let's go; this time, we'll be together again...


...Oh, Alm... This is for you...

A... ring?

This ring was a memento from my mother... I believe it will be of use one day... Ungh...!

Berkut...! I hate this! Don't leave me all alone!! You have to come back to Rigel with us! I still need to hear stories of Father from you...!

...Honestly... How naive do you have to be? Alm... Please make Valentia... into a place beyond the reaches of the gods... a place where people can choose their own fate... A world... free from the meddling of gods. I know... you can do it.... ....

Berkut, wake up, Berkut! Why!? Why did this have to happen? I only just got to know you and Father...! I... sniff, sniff...



Edited by Azz

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When I open them it says "can't access the site" Any way to fix it?

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6 minutes ago, L9999 said:

When I open them it says "can't access the site" Any way to fix it?

Is there any in specific? They work fine for me.

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Just now, Azz said:

Is there any in specific? They work fine for me.



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Just now, L9999 said:



Oh I see. What I'll do is I'll just paste all of them here. It may take a bit  but I'll be done soon.

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Sorry for the double post but the OP has been edited to include all supports and BCs without the need to got to pastebin for those that can't access the site.

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1 hour ago, Azz said:

Currently Missing-Lukas/Clive, Forsyth/Python, Saber/Jesse, Palla/Catria, Catria/Est

Why must you hurt me this way?

Would be interesting to see Faye's base conversations. I want her to have more of a personality, but holy crap are people quick to defend her. If I read "it's intentional!" one more time I'm going to scream into a pillow.

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6 minutes ago, Thane said:

Would be interesting to see Faye's base conversations. I want her to have more of a personality, but holy crap are people quick to defend her. If I read "it's intentional!" one more time I'm going to scream into a pillow.

She's cute, so she must be defended at all costs, not unlike a waifu. It's intentional

To be honest, I'm curious at Faye too, after I read the base conversation in Ch.3 you linked in the other thread, I started to think that there might be something in her that's not totally creepy. Even if I found her, shall we say, "loyalty", kinda sweet. In a way

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1 hour ago, Thane said:

Why must you hurt me this way?

Would be interesting to see Faye's base conversations. I want her to have more of a personality, but holy crap are people quick to defend her. If I read "it's intentional!" one more time I'm going to scream into a pillow.

One of Faye's base conversations has been making the rounds, and I'm seeing even more people saying she's intentionally written as creepy and unlikable:

The localization may tone it down a bit, though (her line in the Heroes paralogue about getting better with her bow is explicitly about fighting better for Alm in the Japanese version).

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2 hours ago, Azz said:

Currently Missing-Forsyth/Python

Hopefully this one gets added soon. It's one of the ones I want to read most!

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With supports being so short, I'm glad base convos are in. They give a bit more to the character.

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1 minute ago, Jave said:

Is that really the whole amount of Supports? Some characters only have one?

Seems like it but that's not all of them. The base convos kind of help to give more to the character as well.

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man I love conrad already he seems like such a nice guy

i hope he gets more dialogue in the game though cause here all of it is just with celica

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38 minutes ago, Aera said:

I love Tatiana, omg shes so cute????

She's a very loveable clumsy person. I've never got that far in the original but I don't think clumsy was a part of her character before.

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so I just noticed something in matilda's base convo

she says about clive 


"He's pretty imposing but when we're alone he's actually quite...oops, I think I've said too much."

thinking emoji

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It's a shame that Celica doesn't actually have support convos with Alm or the village boys. It makes sense though, seeing as Ch6 would pretty much be the only time you use them together.

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Updated OP with Faye's Base Conversations by Kyleenim. Note, they are possibly a WIP since Kyleenim said they believe Faye (Along with the others from Ram Village) have more than 3 conversations, but as of now they are unsure.

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