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  •  Ok, so this is my first Fe hack and it's probably really bad, but I'll give it my best shot anyway.

Anyway, it's called Fe OP Stones because, as the name suggests, it is super op.



  • All ally characters are promoted and there are some slight class changes.
  • All maxed out stats
  • Bosses are promoted, but it doesn't help them much
  • Overpowered weapons right from the start
  • All weapons have infinite uses, including the dragonstone.
  • Short bows have 1-2 range, nidhogg has 1-3
  • Sacred weapons are SUPER OP.

Let me know if I can edit it in any way because I have very little experience in hacking :D

Patch:Fire Emblem OP Stones.ups

Have fun! :D

Edited by Yami626

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TLDR - Neat idea, here are some criticisms in case you decide to mess around with this hack some more.

So I've been playing this hack since yesterday and I've noticed a few things, so here are my objective and subjective criticisms. Obviously I know this hack is for fun so this isn't super harsh, just some notices and a few suggestions. Also note, I used the link from above, not the link you just posted, so if that's a new version that fixes any of this, ignore it. Last note is taht all of these findings are found in Ephraim's route.

First, a strange glitch. Cormag showed up and had (and still has) a weird overflowed Con. His Con is a 41 with a 94 bonus. This results in his Aid being 0, meaning he can't Rescue anybody nor can anybody rescue him. He is the only party member to have this problem.

Next, a few random things I found, but I'm not sure if they're intended or not. Gilliam comes with a Dragonstone. Also, Tethys is a Gwilgi. The biggest oddity though is with Amelia. I'm playing Ephraim's route, but I did notice the first chapter of Erika's route. In Erika's route, Amelia has a Paladin with strong weapons, which I'm guessing is her intended choice. However, in Ephraim's route, she is a Level 1 Recruit with her regular stockpile of items (all her stats are still maxed though). So again, not sure if these are intended changes, but they caught my eye.

Speaking of Amelia's class oddity, that brings me to my biggest negative opinion about this idea. I'm not a big fan of these class choices. I mean, Admittedly I'm guessing you gave the Summoner the ability to use Anima to make him a Druid-Summoner to make up for no Druids, but that still removes the lack of another Dark magic user for me to play with. And really, FOUR Paladins (five if you go Erika and get Amellia). Plus no Ranger, no ability to use the Super Pupil if I wanted, no Mage Knights, I haven't gotten to Syrene yet but if she's not a Wyvern Knight then those are gone too (I'm excluding bonus characters after all). Again I know this hack is just for fun, but that's one of my most fun things to do, play around with the multi classes.

If you ever decided to mess with this more, here's what I would recommend. With the exception of Lords (and maybe already-promoted guys like Seth), I would suggest having ever character join at Level 10 pre-promoted holding their promotion item, in addition to all their stats and weapons. So for example Franz would join as a Level 10 Cavalier holding a Knight's Crest, Ross would join as a Level 10 Journeyman with a Hero's Crest and Ocean seal. Obviously Ross and the other trainees would have to gain 10 more levels before using those items, but that's super easy to do anyway. Secondly, make sure that pre-promoted units can use their items before they could promote, meaning that Moulder for example can use Light, Anima, and Staves, but keep them all A rank so the player can decide what to S in, it's not like they need ot use Sacred Weapons right off the gate. You might be wondering (why give him A in Anima), that's in case the player wants to make him a Sage, and if they don't, the game should remove that Anima anyway (it does that when Pupil Ewan becomes a Shama for example).

All of this seems like stuff you know how to do already. You let Summoner Knoll use Anima so that shows you know how to give weapons to classes that didn't use them before. So again, I did find this a neat idea, but if you ever decide to tweak this more, those are my thoughts.

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