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So, I made another patch, almost exactly like my other patch for FE8, but this time it's for FE6 (working on Fe7)

Same general rules apply-

  • All maxed out and promoted characters
  • Roy is already a Master lord
  • Bolting, Purge, and Eclipse have 30-35 uses each
  • All other weapons, including vulneraries and elixirs, have infinite uses
  • REALLY lowered difficulty
  • Short bows have 1-2 range- don't hate me
  • The sacred weapons are incredibly overpowered, and the sealed sword is good enough to one shot zephiel with a crit(not)
  • Bosses have upgraded weapons and stats

Known Issues-

  • Occasional small glitches

Anyways, here's the patch:Improved OP Binding Blade.ups

Have fun and please let me know if I can fix it! Thanks!



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Forgot to add that

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