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So, can anyone help me with seting up an FE 7 Pick my Edits run? I have some ideas for it already.


Now a mage

Has access to the new LALALALALALALALA tome (An E rank Thunder with half the weight).

All growths buffed 10%


Replaced with Kelik from TLP with the same growths

Same class as promoted Kelik

Comes with the Arectaris

Bases are:

HP: 36

Str: 20

Skill: 21

Spd: 20

Lck: 11

Def: 13

Res: 7

Con: 11


Replaced with Mangs

Nomad Trooper (Referencing Bosswin)

Comes with a Killing Edge, Killer Bow and Pepsi Max

Has Alm's Gaiden growths doubled.

I'm pretty proud of these ideas, feel free to add on so I can pester someone to add them!.

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