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So, I recently completed Path of Radiance on Easy mode (I picked easy mode for the higher XP gains), and I wanted to transfer my file over to Radiant Dawn. However, I found out the hard way that Easy mode saves don't work well with Radiant Dawn transfers. I really want to use the level caps, supports, and coins I earned in PoR, and I already put 40+ hours into that gamesave.

To that end, is there a way to create or edit a Path of Radiance save file so that it is exactly the same as my existing PoR save (but, say, on Normal difficulty)? I was hoping to do the transfer and create the Radiant Dawn save via Dolphin so I can put the saves on an SD card and play it on my Wii.

It'd be nice if there's a GUI editor out there, but failing that, is there a hex editor reference to find where all the data is stored to edit it manually?


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